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Unconscious Worlds Overlap: A Portal Opens to a Time Before the World We Know

Eye of the Universe

This digest is the last post of this Series and serves as a bridge to the upcoming new Series: Mythical Beginnings of a World Yet To Be.

Olivia, a faerie, and Perla, a human, have entered together through a doorway in the Tree of Life.  This catapults them into their respective Faerie and Human Unconscious.  Without understanding how, they unintentionally initiate an overlap of Faerie Unconscious  with Human Unconscious.  They could not have imagined what will happen next.


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A brief summary from the past series:

In Einstein’s dream state, he creates a living vortex to connect the human and faerie realms, that have been mostly separated since ancient times. He meets Olivia, a faerie, in a Multidimensional Breezeway, and travels with her into the realm of human, where they meet Perla, a human who is undergoing a metamorphosis.

They begin an adventure together in which they enter a Thousand Petal Lotus filled with Ancient and Shining Ones. And eventually enter an Emerald Pool that will guide them into the Land of the Dead and into the Underworld where they come upon a stooped old woman who encounters and then guides them through a ‘hush’ to a magnanimous Tree of Life.  This story [that bridges this series with the next] … begins here.


Perla and Olivia are without words … without thoughts … The silence has moved them into stillness … into a hush … They close their eyes and surrender.

When they open them again, the Eye of an enormous ‘Tree of Life’ looks directly into their souls, through its Daath.

All they can do is surrender.

As they stare into the Eye … nothing else exists …Everything else becomes black …

They find themselves in the Between … in this Tree of Life … in the calmness and deep peace … in this hush. Olivia and Perla can hear melodic whispers that electrify their DNA into song and reach into the recesses of their hearts … evoking them to Remember …

“Oh soul of forgotten name,

Lost heart of desert sands,

You are not alone.

Oases of Unfathomable Womb

Conjure you to meet

Your Timeless Promise …

Come Home.

Listen to Her Music.

In grace, She sings:

‘I will always Be there for you?’

Who ARE you?”

The Whispers transport them to a Grove of Ancient Trees whose roots connect underground in a communion of beauty’s web. Perla and Olivia can hear music coming from the matrix of roots. It lifts them in silence.

A snowy star-like dew gently falls on Olivia and Perla as they float among the Trees. They feel peace and joy all at once, within a sense of timelessness and eternity … They lift into a state of ecstatic beauty … as they surrender their illusion of separateness …

The Ancient Trees have trunks wide with twists and turns of curve, yet they grow tall as if to reach into an endless Sky. The trees respond to every movement that Olivia and Perla make, adjusting their sea of roots to guide them toward their destination.

And there It Is … a Tree so Numinously Grand … It’s Name could not be uttered. As they walk closer, It’s showers them with a gentle dew of primordial hope.

This Ancient of Ancients’ Grandmother Tree shimmers and Her whispers come through Her dew.

“Do you want to remember who you are? Do you want to Come Home?”

Perla and Olivia can not respond in words. They can only move their intention of thoughts to ‘Yes’.  The liquid dew drops of light flow … through their own veins, which begin to extend from within them, out and into the veins in the branches of the Ancient of Ancients’ Grandmother Tree.

The Grandmother Tree runs Its liquid veins back into their heart and mind to show them a Crystal Ball that is waiting for them, behind Her.

Perla and Olivia walk behind the Grandmother Tree and notice that the Crystal Sphere seems much too small  for them  to enter. Yet they somehow know what to do.

The Higher Selves and Souls of Perla and Olivia, awaiting them inside this Sphere, guide each of them into their respective Domains within the Unconscious, Olivia into her Faerie Unconscious and Perla into her Human Unconscious. Perla enters a ‘Domain of Power’. She surrenders again until she becomes the essence of power. She remembers and realizes that she has the potential to create and destroy worlds with her love … that the possibilities of who she can ‘be’ and how she might want to express Herself … are infinite. It is her choice.

As she remembers this, she can move with her true power … to know who she is … and the world will respond to her. She would not need to ‘react’ to her world. She could live in dominion. Her knows that her world is waiting for her … for her Love.

Olivia enters a ‘Domain of the Archetypes’, within her Unconscious.  She finds herself walking deep in a valley. Her boundaries are expansive.  She becomes huge, shapeshifting from the FOOL to TRIUMPH … to the WORLD … to the EMPRESS … to EMPEROR …. to JUDGEMENT …  She shape shifts into the Archetypes as she surrenders her sense of separateness from them. The shape shifting is natural to her, allowing her to become One with their Essence, as her Soul and Higher Self are guiding her to the Archetype that can most help her ‘Remember’.

She knows of her connection with the FOOL and with TRIUMPH … but it is the WORLD that can best direct her into what she is about to enter.

Neither Olivia nor Perla understand what is happening.  From their respective Domains, they begin searching for one another. They use their unfamiliar senses … They begin sensing the light of the other … and the substance. They sense the warmth … and sense the other’s ‘voice’ … a voice that can not be heard with ears.  And as they sense the other’s movement, they realize that it is not the same as moving in a 3 or 4 dimensional world.

They sense the depth of their bond with one another and realize that … they are always connected. They are One … even as they continue to be within their own respective Unconscious. What they do not yet realize is that they have ‘overlapped’ the Human and Faerie Unconsciousness Realms … because of their shared choice … to continue their love forever.

A mist wraps itself around Perla and Olivia. They are floating as they move into very deep dream states. They each dream of meeting in a strange terrain …

They are floating toward one another, in a sitting position … moving with shared intention. Their will and imagination are One. Olivia knows that there is something she  wants to reveal to Perla and she whisks Perla into a breeze of her thoughts.

Olivia then creates a place to be, within Perla’s thoughts … with her own imagination and will. It is vast and wild with abandon of human mores. Perla senses Olivia’s presence and freaks out, screaming in terror. It is all too fast … too vast and untamed for what is familiar to Perla.

As she screams, she unknowingly catapults herself and Olivia into an Ocean that never begins nor ends … They are floating in the midst of this Ocean … with no sight of land.  They are no where and every where. Perla melts the boundaries between herself and this Ocean of Love … and calls Olivia to join her. Olivia howls in a frantic searing fear of the vastness of this Love, yet with the strength of her relentless perseverance, she follows.

They find themselves inside the mist floating together, looking into the other’s eyes. They realize beauty, courage, daring of soul and spirit … in the other … and within themselves.  They can sense a Love they share together … a Love Un-named …

Olivia and Perla have unknowingly created a Mandorla consisting of what is shared of all that is within the Human Unconscious of Perla and all that is within the Faerie Unconscious of Olivia … a Mandorla of Faerie and Human Unconscious.

A Tsunami-like Wave, appears out of the mist, as if out of nowhere, and catches them unexpectedly  … All they can do is surrender. They need each other … They surrender their separateness with one another … and with this Wave.

They are suspended within an endless Ocean Wave that has emerged from the overlap [the Mandorla] of Perla’s Human Unconscious with Olivia’s Faerie Unconscious.

What have they done? They sense that they may have gone too far. Will they ever be able to return to their respective worlds?

They cannot hold their consciousness in this Mammoth Wave. They become this Wave. It is who they BE.

This is true until the Wave lands on the shore of a very strange world … utterly beautiful … while strangely eerie … to say the least.

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