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Travelling with Einstein in his Extraordinary Journeys…

It brings me joy to write about the adventures and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife. I love opening to worlds beyond our expectations. If you feel inspired, I would be delighted with warm appreciation and love – to receive your donation to help support my writings.

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Einstein Opens the Vortex in the Between

Einstein dreams a mystical portal while an Ancient Faerie visits Olivia and new opportunities open for both worlds.

[1st in this new series]

conversations ancient tree bridge gnome

Einstein Opens the Vortex in the Between

The trees glow with milky light in the forest mist. Einstein leans into the cushion of moss on Olivia’s tree as the mist surrounds him … and he falls asleep.

Violet, Olivia’s ancient friend, appears next to her. Her name is revealed in her luminous eyes which move in subtle union with her personal world as though the two are inside of one another.

Olivia turns to her in the silence. “ I can receive your whispers now.”

Violet whispers non words … of hidden mysteries and wonder …  The trees sing with her…. The gentle breezes move  … to carry the whispers and songs from this moment … between … to life throughout the faerie realm.  The eyes of her heart sense and feel their tears … their joy … their fear and rage …  their surrender … Olivia sobs with waves of sorrow, joy, peace … as her sense of time is suspended … Her own song then moves from the depths of her being  … a sound more beautiful than she imagines herself to be … She is no longer separate as the personal faerie Olivia. She is One with many.

Einstein continues sleeping. He is dreaming of a living portal between the realms of human and faerie. The music of his dreaming begins to play with the songs of the forest trees … with the whispers of Violet … and with Olivia’s transcendent song of Self …

It appears out of nothing. conversations vortex double spiralA beautiful living vortex … in the between – of the realm of faerie and of the human world. When Einstein opens his eyes, he is looking directly into the portal. It commands his attention in its force of passionate swirls of light emerging from the same point and then moving in two opposite intertwining and spiraling directions …

And then there is a standing wave of complete stillness … It pauses time-space … and in the hush …  the worlds of human and faerie are connected once again … as in the most ancient of times.

A shudder of chill moves down Einstein’s spine.

I see. This changes everything, Olivia, we can go through this portal into human, and appear as if we are a part of their realm. When they are ready, they can enter into your realm to explore your multidimensional world. This opens new possibilities … and new opportunities for your worlds … and for the earth itself. I can feel the cosmos stirring … Yes, this is a beginning. This is good.

Olivia looks to Violet with concern and confusion …  Violet shape-shifts into a huge thousand petal lotus floating in a glassy lake.conversations thousand-petaled-lotus_001 They are all sitting at the shore of the Lake of the Lotus, as tears of compassion flow from Einstein and Olivia … into the Lake. They close their eyes and the Lotus receives them into It’s Heart. They float in the liquid nectar of It’s inner lagoon.

The music is beautiful, wondrous of tones …  born of AllThatIs … of Goddess … of God … and lifts them beyond 

Einstein surrenders this moment as it comes to its end … and  moves his mind’s eye to the portal. Olivia calls out for Einstein … as he begins to move into that living vortex in the between of human and of faerie. He summons her to follow him … They pass through.

They realize that they staring into one another … and they turn to see the beauty of a sunrise streaming on to magnificent lake,conversations sunrise lake that glistens with the dances of morning light …


I have no idea where we are, although I do know that this is the human world.


I have not been in this world before. It feels more flat in some way.


I think that is because it is a dimensional world, not a multidimensional world … as is yours …


Why are we here?


What do you sense beyond the words?

Olivia closes her eyes and finds her stillness:

I sense a house with gardens everywhere …  crystals humming … singing … communicating at many levels … There seems to be a dome of energy around this house …

Einstein turns to see a house built into the hillside overlooking the lake.  conversations japanese garden hillJapanese gardens paint the landscape all around the sides and behind the house which follow the design of stone steps and terraced bench areas, providing a pause from the doing of life … There is an etheric and mystical presence of beauty and crystals are scattered everywhere throughout the gardens.conversations garden up gill pink blue


The crystals know that we are here, Albert. They are summoning us.

conversations crystal in stone


Yes, I feel them, Olivia. I sense the sacred of a woman’s presence …  She is going through a metamorphosis. Not so much physically, although I imagine that it has affected her body. She is moving her function to that of a more multidimensional one, beyond the dimensional of humans’ normal existence … through her experiences in the Imaginal Realm and in the between.  She senses us coming. Can you feel her?


Oh, yes.  She feels familiar. Is she part faerie?


You will need to ask her this when we meet her.

As they approach the stairs, Yoda appears at the first terraced landing. Yoda face very closeHe is a pug nosed blue-white persian with huge eyes that are filled with innocence and yearning … He revels in his yearning. He sings it into the crystals and has a very special yearning bond with most all of the flowers. They will bloom much later into the season, when Yoda is active with his yearning.

After their encounter with this entertaining creature, they continue … until they reach the arched thick wooden front door.  The windows of many different sizes are open, and it appears that you could crawl through if you wanted, but it is the door where permission is given to enter.

As they stand in front of the door, about to knock … it seems to ring itself so that the sounds of the chimes reach very long distances. 

“Yes?” says Perla as she opens the door.

“We have come to visit with you. May we talk with you in your gardens?” Asks Einstein.

“Well, come around back with me and we will have tea.” Perla smiles with only her left eye.

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