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Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

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What a gift it is for me to write about the adventures and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife. If you feel that my blog gives to you, I would be delighted with warm appreciation and love – to receive your donation to help support my writings.

Conversations With an Old One is a matrix of imaginative conversations where Einstein muses and adventures on the edge of the cosmos, in the between of his afterlife and the current world … He can enter worlds, past or future, including the current world … as well as other dimensions of reality.

In his early conversations he talked with other physicists who enchanted physics around the turn of the century and subsequently, with a mathematician who changed the course of mathematics, and with other innovators and enchanters who have changed the course of direction, throughout history … at the edge of the cosmos.

They explored, wondered, pondered, dreamed, and mused about new possibilities for physics, a universe that is connected and in union, and the fundamental question, “Who are you?” …  in these poignant, enchanting, and lively conversations of life and beyond.

Since these explorations, Einstein has been entering the dream states and beyond of others, such as President Barack Obama, a future female president, politicians and leaders, Nassim Haramein, Robert Lanza, MD … He has also entered futures of future innovators to help them find their way.

Einstein travels through the cosmos … into other mystical worlds and dimensions. He is looking to remember who he is. He surrenders his sense of separateness with the deeper meanings, understandings, and the unfathomable …  of life … of consciousness … of love … of the Universe and the Divine …

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