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The GenZ’s and the ReGen’s are Coming

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“Generation Z is “TOO YOUNG”

you say i am too young

too young to be a feminist

too young to know my own sexuality

too young to be depressed

too young to hate

too young to protest

too young to be an activist

too young

too stupid

too naive

and you are right

i am too young

“too young to be scared of bullets ricocheting through my school, embedding themselves into my fellow classmates and having to watch as the life from my best friends once bright and hopeful eyes flickers out, knowing i will never be able to apologize for that stupid fight we were having, knowing i will never be able to laugh, smile, or talk with her again, knowing i will never be able to hug her again, knowing i will never be able to tell her i love her one last time

“too young to be scared of being raped by a man while i walk down the street in my school uniform because i can feel his eyes watching me and i should have waited for someone to walk with me, i should have waited for jacky to have finished her test so we could walk together because now if something happens to me it’s my fault but i just wanted to go home to get ahead on schoolwork

“too young to be scared of finding my friend dead in a sticky pool of her own crimson blood because slitting her wrists and watching the blood flow was better than living or finding her body cold and lifeless on the bathroom floor with candy colored pills scattered around her and stuffed down her throat because she’d rather go out in a loopy daze than try to withstand and fight the torment and i couldn’t make it in time to stop her

“too young to be scared of seeing a familiar face on the news because jordan was black and looked older than his actual age and the white middle aged cop shot in “self defense” even though jordan was unarmed and innocent or because elias was muslim and was carrying a “suspiscous” bag and was shot and later died because the police officers thought he was a “terrorist” when elias just wanted to get home to his mom and little sister with a jewelry box to give them, which now sits in pieces on the concrete floor

“too young to be scared of finding my lgbt friends killed, abandoned, or sent off to a conversion camp because all they wanted was love and acceptance but instead they found hate and rejection because they were “disgusting sinners” who were just “confused” and katy is finally back from camp but she doesn’t even remember my damn name

“too young to be sobbing with such lose and grief over people so dear to me who were killed and died too young because no one would help them because all of their cries were “fake” because they were too young to know “real” pain

too young to be scarred, bruised, bloody and beaten by a war i did not start or choose to fight in

you say i am too young

and you are not wrong

i am too young

“too young for





S E L F   H A R M


G U N   V I O L E N C E


S C H O O L   S H O O T I N G S

to be normal to me

i should not be so desensitized by this violent reality

“so yes, i am too young

but you cannot blame me

for my hyper awareness of our reality

my generation was born with information at our fingertips

and we have been told to sit still and be quiet

because the adults were talking

but you had your chance

it is now our turn to speak

and our turn to fight

because our rage is pure fire

and with every ragged breath we take

our lungs get more shredded by all of the hate and misery

that is ingrained so deeply in our society

you say we are “too sensitive”

because we are “hormonal teenagers who cannot control our emotions”

and therefore we “cannot have opinions”

but you can no longer invalidate our claims as we yell for change

because the DEATH of our classmates

and the BLOOD of our friends

has paved the path for this revolution

your generation may have won battles

but my generation will be the one to win the war

“my generation will be the one to instill change and bring peace

because we grew up in a hating world spiraling into darkness and death

and dying was never our biggest fear

watching the world burn around us was expected

but we fully intend to repair the damage you all have so carelessly done

>>we are generation z and we will be the ones to rise from the ashes”

The force of a horned faerie hit Emma and Jordon and knocked them to the ground as they were about to go through the portal with Finard… to enter the faerie realm. Pearl was with them but she had dreamed herself back at the table when she realized what was happening. 

( https://just-a-clever-cookie.tumblr.com/post/172456354800/generation-z-is-too-young ) 3/31/18

Einstein runs to Emma and Jordon. He and Pearl knew that Barack Obama had the instinct of a father, that something was not safe. But they wanted to support Emma and Jordon to find their own way… and to discover more about how to become a part of the whole- before they leap. They know that Emma and Jordon will learn to trust themselves to know who they can trust and who they need to resist.


Jordon, you have too much pain and fear inside you to go through the portal at this time. I’ve been watching you and how the cafe responds to you. When you entered, the dragons had to protect the cafe from the lizard being from Orion, and now as you try to go through the portal, the horned faerie has forced you back. You have fears, and in this place, they can come back at you. Take some time to allow yourself to acclimate to this Cafe Between Worlds. You will find in time that it will offer you opportunities you can not even imagine. And you will change your world, Jordon.

Finard to Jordon and Emma:

I’m sorry I pushed you! Morgan was yelling at me and I ignored her. She’s always calling our bravado. She will yell like crazy but she never tries to control me. She lets me make the mistake. But she was not too quiet about it as we were leaving, was she?!

The future female president of 2029 walks up to Einstein to help Emma and Jordon. She and Einstein walk them back to the table. 

Future Female President 2029:

Emma and Jordon it was you, the Gen Z’s, and the generation succeeding you, who I call the Re-Gens… who jump-started the government with your actions. You all had the courage to leap into the chaos, undaunted, which allowed for changes that your world could not believe to be possible right now. I am talking to you from my past… which is your future.

I am president in 2029 and I am a ‘millennial’. We needed your passionate motivation and your resolve for a new world… which will happen and you will help bring it in. You will help people who have been left behind… of all ages… You will be the champions for the people. You will run for offices and leap into action. And yet you are so young. 


How do we reach the people who believe a profound liar who has betrayed all ages of people in our country, in unspeakable ways? Why can’t they see the damage he is doing? Why can’t they see that he is using them… so that he can take over power to meet his own personal agendas… to dominate, rule as supreme leader, to end our democratic system, to use his position to gain more wealth which he believes will buy him more power or maybe it’s the other way around? If he succeeds, the billionaires, especially white fascist men… will rule the entire world.


Yeah, both the House and Senate are being directed by the money they receive from the corrupt lobbyists, many of whom are either his buddies or buddies with McConnell or others in the Republican Congress. I know Democrats do this too, but they were against having corporations being given the rights of individual citizens. And they are against polluting our country with more oil and coal when so many renewable solutions are available. They are aware enough to know that there is climate change which can destroy the earth if we don’t act NOW. How did this begin? And how was it ever considered ‘freedom of speech’ for corporations to be given the privilege of a private citizen? Don’t they see, it was all set up to give more power to the white billionaires?


During the Progressive Era, when I was alive, from around 1880-1920, people knew that lobbying would corrupt politics in the United States and they did everything they could to keep it out.  But it slipped in over time… and became more and more prevalent. 

It was in 2010, that the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals. This has corrupted not only politics but our government itself… and this was part of the stage set for Trump to be elected and then to assert himself to use the office of the presidency to bring more money into his corporate hotels and properties… and to be entitled to ‘rule’ instead of governing.”


He believes that money can buy him anything.

Jordon turns to the future female president:

What happens in your time?

Future Female President of 2029:

So much happens in just 10 years. You can’t even imagine. For me to be president, it means that you succeeded… beyond your expectations. I have opened up the government for the people to take part. 

After 2020, our country had a pause from the ongoing threat of crisis and the potential tragedy that we knew could happen at any moment with Trump. We had time to vent our feelings with one another after the people voted him out of office. 

The chauvinism of Trump and his fellow billionaire cronies… failed, even with all the threats from the militia that had been fed by your president’s goading.  

In my time, we stand with our individual voices and our diversity… and we come together as One Voice to speak for a new government… a government that truly represents its people… its citizens…

We connect with one another… and with the rest of the world. We are a network of conscious human beings…  In time we will join even more with other governments in our shared world… to help when we can… to inspire dignity and compassion… and we will receive their help as they offer.


My dream is also that someday, we will hold compassion and respect for all people. 


I envision we will that we will become more fully alive with vision, character, vitality and dignity… and that we will join with other governments… to help when we can… to inspire dignity and compassion… to listen not only to what matters to ourselves as an individual country… to listen to what matters to other countries, knowing we are all a part of this world. We all matter. And I expect to contribute here if, and hopefully when, I am president.


And speaking of mattering … it is just as important to respect the earth.


Yes, Jordon, our planet is at risk. We have so much to do. I think it will take magic to heal this earth in time to support us and our children. Maybe that’s why we are here.

I also want a Congress who values dialogue to inspire and promote hope and understanding, instead of propagandizing their individual ideology. What happened to ‘being’ authentic?


Well, you are at the forefront of a new world which is seeded mysteriously from the uncharted of your futures. It is only as you reach into those futures that you can ease and even transcend your concerns and your pain.

Future Female President of 2029:

In my time, we have a Congress that values dialogue… a Congress that values competition as an opportunity to become better individuals who come together to become a whole that is greater than the sum of all individuals that comprise this Congress…  to become a better Congress for the people.


Wow, it amazes me that we come that far in 10 years. I want to be a part of that.

Einstein adds:

You are moving toward a future where you will come together as One Heart and One Mind… to craft your government… in a new and evolving world… You will do this together with all of your differences and your individuality. You will bring these together by connecting to each other with your hearts. I know that feels impossible in your world now.

You will have a government you can not yet imagine. So reach for the possible before it is possible… This is how the extraordinary ones became the grand innovators of their time. 

Your country will not be asserting that it is the ‘first’ or the ‘greatest’.  You will Be… an inspiration – for more caring and compassion – for grander vision and new dreams – for brighter hope and greater understanding…

Future Female President:

Also as president in 2029, I do not offer promises I will break because I am being paid off by certain lobbyists like the NRA, the banks, the oil, gas, coal, and pharmaceutical companies… I am not paid by them. I am not owned by them. 

Morgan, a tall dark-skinned faerie, with red hair flowing down to her knees and black eyes filled with the stars of a night sky… seems to just appear at their table:

I’ve been listening to you. We want to help you. You need us and we need you.

Jordon and Emma, you were willing to go through a faerie portal before you knew what that was. You haven’t been here long enough to understand us. Some faerie want to hurt you. And they could seduce you and then keep you in faerie so that you could not return to your human realm. 

Yet your willingness to leap into the unknown is beautiful…

But if you are susceptible to being seduced like this, you are also vulnerable to being manipulated by humans savvier than you. 

How do you think that your president’s followers fell into his spell? You also have that vulnerability, you just don’t know that yet. So you need to deal with your naivety first. I’m not talking about your innocence. Never give that up. But if you can realize that when Finard asked you to go through that portal into faerie… you didn’t think about what that means. You just saw it as an opportunity for an adventure where you would be part of something bigger than you.


Oh, my god! That’s what people following Trump are reaching for… something bigger than them. It gives them hope that it will make their painful lives better – because of something ‘bigger’… that Trump is ‘offering’ them. Wow, and that is what Finard was offering us. 

I understand more now. The people following Trump are vulnerable. And I understand why those people are so attached no matter how the president uses them. They are not stupid people. They are vulnerable to being manipulated because they don’t believe that they are good enough to create a life that is fulfilling. So when someone bigger than life… offers them this… they leap without being aware of what is really going on. 


He will never give it to them. He deceives them. And even when he does, they bend the way they see things to match what he tells them is true… even when it is a lie and the news media reveal this to them. They just vilify the news media to stay connected with the man who is playing at being president… and who is playing them. I finally understand something too… It opens my heart to those people. I want to help break his spell on them.

Who was that horned faerie? I need to thank him.

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