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Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

Peter, Emma, and Jordon Encounter Magnificent Worlds as They Reach Beyond the Dreadful World of their Duplicitous President

Third Chronicle for New Series: Cafe Between Worlds

(The cafe between worlds is an octagon-shaped cafe with a domed ceiling… sitting between all worlds, between time and space.)

Emma senses that her best friend, Jordon is calling for her. She turns to see Jordon entering the cafe through the doorway she had entered earlier. She gets up from the table with Peter Buttigieg, Albert Einstein, Michelle and Barack Obama, and a future female president in 2029… and runs to meet Jordon, almost knocking Soosi over.  She hugs Jordon before he realizes where he is.

Jordon looks around the cafe:

Where the hell am I? What is this? There is a spider-man the size of me, walking around.


Jordon, I’m so glad you are here. So much has happened. You have come here from your dreams. You are actually asleep right now.


I was looking for you in my dream and the next thing I knew I was moving through this weird science fiction wormhole type of opening. And then I saw you coming for me. 

You don’t know this yet, but my friend Tim got shot last night in Missouri. I know him from Snapchat. He is black like me… of course.  But luckily his grandparents aren’t also from an Arab country, like me.


 Oh, Jordon, I’m so sorry about your friend! I want to live in a world where it is safe for us.

She hugs him tenderly with a quiet stillness as he leans his head into hers.

Jordon whispers to her:

 Where are we?

Emma lifts her head to look Jordon in the eyes:

This is a cafe-between-worlds, Jordon. Beings from all over… come here. People can get here from their dreams as you and I did… And there are others who come from different places in our universe… even from other universes and other Realms. But what is also amazing- is that people from both the past and the future show up here.

Jordon shakes his head in disbelief.

Soosi carefully walks up to Emma and Jordon and hands her a tiny glass with clear gooey liquid:

Emma, give this to Jordon. It will help him adjust to this place by aligning him with his imagination and balance.

Jordon steps back a little as Soosi, a human-sized spider-like shaped being, gives Emma the tincture with one of his 4 hands which are moving together in an eerie rhythmic motion. Jordon hesitantly takes the glass from Emma and drinks it in two gulps.

A grating high-pitched sound comes from one of the tables in the shadows of the cafe. Jordon and Emma quickly turn their heads to see a dragon quietly staring at a lizard-shaped humanoid who is squealing at her. The dragon, glimmering with multi-colored light running through her body… moves her focus to a doorway in the wall behind the lizard-being and then back to the lizard-being… until the lizard-being leaves through the portal.

Einstein walks up to Emma and Jordon:

Dreaming Dragons protect this place. It is a preference, not a necessity. You will understand this later. The dragons can sense anyone who has intentions to dominate or manipulate others. They focus and then dream an environment in which they will only want to remain if they are willing to change… The resonance of the cafe will not lower to their level… so they would need to leave or allow their own resonance to lift…The cafe is a safe place for them to love… but the resonance here does not sustain domination, manipulation, or intentionally hurtful behaviors. The dragons do not force them out. If they are insistent upon being a threat to the welfare of others, they will leave and find another place that aligns with that lower resonance of being.

The cafe is a place of free will. Although it is possible that one could use that to express ill will toward another here,  it couldn’t take hold because this is a place of dominion, personal authority, compassion, and love. And as we all know… love and loving intentions are more powerful than intentions to dominate and hurt others. Sometimes on earth, it seems like it’s the other way around, but it is not.

So this cafe is a domain of safety for the diversity of visitors from other universes… and also from Realms that you can not imagine yet. There are some visitors that you will never see. Yet they are here. You can call on them to help you remember and reunite with whom you really Are… And they will be with you, in your heart and mind… 

As Einstein says this, Emma feels a presence touch her heart and tears fill her eyes. Jordon looks at her with awe as he also feels a sense of deep peace.

Einstein and Emma walk with Jordon to their table.

Peter Buttigieg stands up and asks Emma and Jordon to sit near him. As they sit down, he feels sadness in Jordon’s heart:

Jordon, I’m Peter and I’m glad you are here with us. You seem sad about something…


 Yes, a friend of mine was shot last night or I guess it was… yes… it happened before I went to bed in the evening. I know him through Snapchat and we talk most nights. A friend of his told me that he is in the hospital. It’s just another case of police violence toward blacks and people of color. He was at a party in a white neighborhood, walking alone to his car to leave. He never carries a weapon. Unfortunately, his friends were inside the party. He is an easy-going guy, always generous and caring with others…


 I just read where there are hundreds of police who are members of hate groups on Facebook. How can this be? Our government underhandedly supports this now. I remember President Obama when I was in elementary and high school. I used to be overflowing with excitement- that I could be anyone… that I could do anything.


 I read that about the police, too, Emma. Jordon, you and Emma have mostly seen a world of violence, even in your own schools. And our president supports hate groups and white supremacy groups… while he continually hurts the LBGTQ community, transgender people, and women who have any respect for their own true feminine. I understand how you have continually felt endangered. He supports the men who mow down your friends by providing them with military-style weapons. We have to vote him out of office. And to do that we need to inspire people to choose a different path…


I’m weary of always having to watch out, no matter where I am. I hardly ever rest. I’m always talking with others, mostly through social media, to stay safe and to figure out ways I can help change the direction of this country. 

Look at the mess we are as a country. We have no security from the White House nor Congress.  They continually pass bills that threaten our welfare. And my generation gets this horror handed down to us! We don’t have time to just mess around and watch TV all day. We have to be active now to save our lives, our earth, and our country.

I don’t know what I would do without you, Emma. You inspire me to believe that someday we can be part of generating a new world… and a new country where everyone has value and mattering… where the people have ‘voice’ in their own government… and where corporations, lobbyists, and rich billionaire white sexist men cannot buy our government.

Emma reaches out her hand to Jordon and he takes it into his. She and Jordon bonded in elementary school when some white kids had turned their backs on them because they each have parents from different races. Emma’s mother is white and her father was born in Mexico. He became a citizen years before Trump came into office. Jordon’s mother’s parents were from Jordon and his father’s parents were from Nigeria. HIs grandparents met in the US during the late 1960’s at college. They fell in love, got jobs in the US, and later became US citizens. 

Soosi comes up to their table.

 I’m wondering if anyone would like some tea, coffee or wine.

Everyone at the table orders red wine, except for Emma, Jordon, and Buttigieg, who order tea and coffee. Buttigieg is sitting next to Jordon who is sitting next to Emma. Pearl and Einstein are sitting across from them, next to the Obamas, who are across from the future female president in 2029. Everyone else who had been at the table earlier had slipped through their portals to return ‘home’.

Einstein to Buttigieg, Emma, and Jordon:

I want to show you all someone I discovered here. She is a Crystal Being from the star system of Sirius, who is sitting at the table across from our table… and back from you. She is sitting at the crystal table filled with iridescent blue color.  

Some chairs look as though they are empty. They may not be. And in other chairs you can see strange looking beings of human-like forms with features such as those of dolphins, feline, butterflies, crystalline, birds of prey… They are multidimensional and they live in a very different Realm of existence. Humans could never see them, even if they could travel to Sirius because they live in a dimensional realm. whereas Siriuns live in a multidimensional realm. You can see them here because we are in the between of worlds. 

Einstein moves his attention to Morla, a Crystal Being from Sirius. She turns her attention to him. And the next moment, Morla is sitting at their table, two chairs from the future female president. Morla can teleport, fly, or walk… depending on which she prefers. She is full of that same iridescent blue light that flows in her table… It moves within her in response to her emotions and her imagination. Her flowing garments of pastel blue, violet, and sea green colors with sparkling star formations scattered throughout… extend from her blue luminous body.


 I am Morla from Sirius. I believe you called, Albert.


Yes, I would like you to talk with Emma, Jordon, and Peter… about creating reality. They are in a world that has been falling apart. And a new world is awaiting them… as they awaken so they can begin a whole new life.

Morla turns toward the three of them after she smiles to acknowledge the Obamas, the future female president, and Pearl:

You can live your dreams when you realize that it is you who are creating your reality. You have beliefs and you make choices. You have feelings and thoughts and certain attitudes. These affect what you create. Yet you create with your ‘will’. You have heard of willpower but ‘will’ goes deeper than that. You also create with your imagination… and your love. What you create depends on how you use your tools, which are your desire, imagination, and your expectations. I believe you have a system where you can go online and research this.*

In this cafe, we dominate no one… even if they seek to have power over us. But those of us who understand dominion… know that we can choose at any moment where we focus and we choose what we want to give our energy to… where we want to flow our love… We know that we are not separate from a Divinity that continues infinitely beyond our imagination, trust, love, and belief… Because of our relationship and partnership with these Divine Forces… and because we know that we are not separate from… this Love… we are safe to discover and embrace the more real, transcendent beings that we can come to realize in ourselves… 

When threats occur here in the cafe, we can create an environment in which we can engage the threat with our positive intentions and behaviors. The consequences are also our choice. It is more complex than I can tell you within the linear pattern of your thoughts.


This is so inspiring. I want to help the people of our country wake up so that they can see through the president’s attempt to manipulate their perceptions through his corrupt megalomaniac tweets and actions. I want to help build a new government that will be born out of the old… where Congress has dialogue instead of recalcitrant members talking ‘at’ one another… where the Republican Congress (and some Democrat members) find the courage to make choices in their integrity and character, instead of making them out of fear, cowardice, and greed… where all viewpoints are given and received with patience and understanding, along with passionate conviction… where women and citizens of all colors with all of their diverse preferences… are of equal significance… 

El, a faerie queen, walks up to their table with her friend, Finard, who can express as either female or male. Finard is about 7 ft tall with a body that appears similar to a flexible branch of a willow tree- just a little wider… Finard has branch-like arms and legs that move in compliance with her or his body. Faerie refer to Finard as female when she is present, and her body transforms with more curves and softness… When expressing as a male presence… his curves transform to become more muscular and angular in appearance. 


Emma I want you to meet Finard. He is 150 years old, which could be equivalent in age to you and your friend who is sitting next to you.


This is Jordon, El. He is my best friend. El smiles and turns to Finard.

Finard reaches out to Emma and Jordon:

I want to show you my world. I believe that you can get there from here if you go with me. Will you come with me? 

Barack Obama leaves his conversation with the future female president and reacts:

If you were my daughter. I would not let you go without more protection.


Pearl, will you go with them to make sure the journey is safe? 

Pearl responds:

Is that OK with you, Finard?


Yes. You are part faerie. I can feel it in your energy.


Yes, I also want to find my dearest friend, who is faerie. Her name is Olivia.

Emma and Jordon respond with excitement and exuberance… As the four of them leave the table for the portal to faerie, a female faerie from El’s table screeches as loud as she can. It shakes up everyone. She lets Finard know that she does not like his idea of showing them his world. She has jumped up to stand on her chair so that Finard can’t help but see her. But Finard ignores her and walks with them to the multidimensional portal to faerie.

Just as they are about to go through, a hurricane-like force knocks them back into the cafe… A threatening horned faerie about 6-7 feet tall, with a body that has more fur than skin, enters through the doorway… 

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