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The Earth Before We knew It

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This is the first post of the New Series: Mythical Beginnings of a World Yet To Be. 

If I just lie here, maybe this feeling will never leave. I’m not going to open my eyes. I touch the cushioned velvet of moss beneath me. I feel the breath of someone behind me … It is rhythmic and warm. Their breath seems to be moving in beat with my heart. The moss swells with my own breath. Never have I known this peace.

I open my eyes, looking up … and I see an umbrella of dew filled branches extending from the tree I am lying under. I look into the umbrella … and I know who I am. I don’t know if I can form words. I don’t know if they are used here. Not as I know them.

I look behind me … and there she is. She is huge with hair that carries the color of wind, and her eyes shimmer as an emerald caught in the sun’s glare.  She isn’t quite human.  When I see her mouth open, I wait for something to come … some communication to help me understand.  Her eyes move with her mouth as if playing an instrument … The most I can convey is that Love is singing in a language I have not known nor could imagine.

“Ah Ah”.

I hear a call from somewhere else. but I can not focus my eyes.

“Ah Ah”.

The call seems to come from far off. I listen. Everything goes black …. I am nowhere … in a cold void.  I am nothing.

As I open my eyes, I am on a hard dirt floor in a shallow cave. I know this because I can see light in its opening.  A little child-like creature is standing over me, looking intensely into my eyes. She has very hairy dark skin with huge beautiful lips and a wide forehead. Her fingers are so delicate. She looks to be a mixture of human and animal.

“Ah Ah”, she keeps saying.

I begin to shake and I grab on to the hard dirt ground to steady myself. Where am I? Who am I? I am losing my grasp. ‘Perla’. Yes, that is my name. But who am I?  What am I doing here? What did I say my name was? Now I can’t remember my name.

I look up and a grown primitive creature that is probably coming to fetch it’s offspring is entering the cave opening, and hissing at me. I try to tell her that I will not hurt her baby. But she shivers with terror as she grabs her child with one sweep and runs out of the cave faster than I can follow. I hear sounds … very distressed and guttural … not really human sounds. There is a tone of horror in them.

I run to the opening of the cave to see the sun lifting over the mountain peaks, flooding the downy green valley below.  There are caves everywhere, some shallow,  others deeper.

Animal-like humans are scurrying throughout these caves. But something is not right.  Where do the little ones play? They seem to be kept inside. Yet it is a beautiful day.

Then I see it. A torus like flying structure glides into and hovers over the valley … moving very slowly and very near the cave openings in the side of the mountains surrounding the valley. I see huge mostly reptile-like human-like beings flying out of the torus by means of some kind of metal wing like formations ….  They fly into some of the caves. They are grabbing a child or a father or mother. Across from my cave I see one open a container of snakes and pour them into the cave of these screeching beings. They are in abject terror, fearing for their lives and the lives of their little ones.

I can not stay here. This is too painful. What am I doing in this nightmare? I go back into my cave, wondering if they will come my way. Who am I? I sit very still. I go deep inside. I remember her … the Glowing One with hair that carries the color of wind. I can smell her, feel her touch.

I am falling again …

“Where did I go?”, I say to the Glowing One.

Her luminousness intensifies … “You are here to understand from where you have come … and why you are now in this earth world.  You want to help.”

Perla leans her head on her lap and surrenders to the deep sleep that calls her.


Olivia begins to find her consciousness again, as she senses an intense force … pulling her awake. Olivia leans into a huge tree and she looks around to see a gathering of faerie standing in front of her, staring at her … They are very strange … not of her time.  They seem deeply concerned.

Hovering above and around them is a cloud of mist, filled with tiny starlight beings, each of which seem to hold the intensity of a Universe.


Who are you? Where am I?

One of the faerie, a towering force of masculine energy wrapped in a living liquid stone formation, steps forward. He seems so light on his feet to carry the weight of cave rock. He calls himself Namtar.


You have come from another time, Olivia. You have come to be with us. We do not understand either.  We came here some time ago.

What we do know is that it is our destiny to do our best to help this earth. Our original home was within the Orion star system. There are planets of humans from our star system of Orion, who are not a part of who we Be.  They have lost their connection with the Source of All.

Many of these human Orions believe that the ends justify the means.  Therefore they ‘take’ whatever serves them. Their research is merciless and cruel beyond what we, who are faerie, hold within our language. We are, in deep communion with the Nature of Life. We honor life’s rhythms, life’s heartbeat … its every breath … its animals … its rocks and rivers … its oceans fertile with tender sacred life forms intimately connected to the Source of All …

There were Others who came to this earth … to respond to the horror inflicted by these human Orions. They were pure Light when they first came. And these Beings of Light sensed the Tuatha de Danann, who are the Shining Ones of our faerie. They continue to work together.

We have also been trying to protect the ‘lost ones’ who live in this land. They will only evolve positively if the torture is stopped and they feel a safer world in which they can live and learn to love. The other alternative is unacceptable.

Namtar turns to Nigba, who flows with the colors of a clear sky at the burst of full sunrise. She seems to change sizes as her emotions move her into expression …


The others who have come to help are from the star system of Sirius. At first only a few were here. As Namtar said, they were pure Light. They were huge geometric forms that filled the land and sky until they seemed to pull themselves into a form that would then be able to navigate this planet. Then in a moment they would be everywhere and nowhere … as though they were absorbing more of their awareness of the horror the Orions were inflicting on the natural human animal inhabitants of earth.

We know this from the stories given by our Kings and Queens – our ancient ones, who receive knowing from the Tuatha de Danann. To this day, as Namtar mentioned, the Tuatha de Danaan and the Shining Ones of Sirius … have a connection that is beyond our scope of knowing.

The Tuatha de Danaan have shared with us, that a secret Island of the Mist exists on this planet, earth.  It seems to have appeared out of nowhere, some ‘time’ ago.  We have a sense of the faerie that also co-exist on that Island. Their destiny has a different function. It seems to be veiled from us for now. What we do sense is that something is happening on that Island … that can change the course of this planet for all of us …. especially for the ‘lost ones’.  This is what we call those who are so badly mutilated and tortured by the Orions. Our Kings and Queens tell us that we will know more soon.

We want you to know that not all beings from the Orion star system are cruel. But many  — who have denied the fathomless power of nature … of the nature of  ‘beingness’ … of the essence of beauty in its pure form … of the true feminine … are cruel in ways that are unprecedented.

These humans from the planets of Orion — do not even flinch as they rip apart the screeching howling agony of a ‘lost one’ … in front of its family … as its children almost die from the horror of it all. And they have research containers where they undergo unforetold procedures on the lost ones.  We know of one in which they shock them more and more intensely until they finally die … simply to test how much shock they can tolerate. And some times they will bring the ‘lost one’s’ family to witness this, only to fulfill their twisted curiosity. In other research facilities they alter their DNA, so that they grow extra limbs or two heads or so that they will be prone to violence and hate. I shall not go on.

Olivia begins to tumultuously heave as her body responds to a story far more tragic that she has known in her world.

Namtar looks up to see a flying torus accelerating towards them.

Namer and Nigba, along with the gathered faerie … change their focus instantly … to stare with an intensity that could fuse the mountain range …  They do not move.

Olivia is frozen with fear.

Then the mist that is filled with hundreds of Lights, each of which hold the intensity of a universe …. fills the space between the gathered faerie and this flying torus and seems to expand into everywhere.  There is a spontaneous burst of light … an explosion … and thousands of stars fill the sky so bright that it is blinding to Olivia.  In the next moment, the stars seem to dissolve into sky again. 

Olivia feels sure from her own ability to sense at a multidimensional level … that this sky is slightly different than the other one. And there is no torus.

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