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Two Worlds Meet at the Threshold in Mueller’s Dream

It is quiet. They have returned but remain still in their seats at the kitchen dialogue table in Mueller’s Dream. 


Kavanaugh is the first to crack the silence:

I know why I am in your dream, Bob Mueller. I have lived a small life in terms of being who I could be. But now I have been touched by something more… I feel different. The future has changed me. Thank you.

In my waking state… I am also changing. I have already surprised people with my decisions in the Supreme Court.

I want to return now.


Kavanaugh evaporates his presence at the kitchen dialogue table to return fully to his waking life.


Michelle Obama turns to others at the table:

I believe we all can change, and that we have each returned with a connection to a beautiful, even unfathomable future… but I don’t think the changes will occur overnight. Mandela helped me understand more about holding hope. I learned through him that change takes time… but that the good and true will prevail. So Barack and I do what we can to plant seeds for new possibilities that will sprout over time… We know that we may never see much of what comes about… from those seeds. And this is ok with us. Mostly we want to help make our country… and our world… a better place for all of us to live and to love.

I know that this experience with you, Albert Einstein, will change our lives in ways I can not imagine. We are receiving from a future we have not imagined or even believed was possible. And now I understand that it is the future that determines our present… not our past… I don’t know how I know this. But I do. Thank you.


Teddy Roosevelt joins in:

Isn’t it amazing?! Yes, if you change your future, then your present will be different. If you go back and try to fix the past, you will keep getting stuck, because your past will always give you something else that you need to fix. That is its nature. 

But if you focus on possible futures in which you and others in your world are more compassionate… where you have a conscience based on dignity rather than duty… where you value authenticity more than learning how to manipulate… where you have dominion ‘with’ your world and recognize true power, rather than dominating, controlling, and denigrating others who do not have as much money or who will not sell their character and integrity — then — the possibilities available to you will transcend your imagination and your beliefs… It will be like taking a step off of a cliff and finding that there is an invisible bridge under each of your steps.


I think what you are saying… is that we are entering new territory. This feels right. I can sense myself being here in our dream together… as I am also in my waking life. And I am aware that Brett Kavanaugh has already surprised people with his recent vote in the supreme court, to support women’s access to planned parenthood. I guess we are on that bridge, stepping out even though the bridge does not appear until we step… I have this eerie feeling we have never been here before as a humanity…


Michelle Obama:

I have so many feelings about the current president and our country. I love the idea that we have a bridge that will appear out of nowhere… for our feet to land.

I watched a Republican congress try to destroy everything that Barack built during his presidency. Mitch McConnell even said his party’s goals were for Barack to be a one-term president. He was more devoted to Barack’s failure than governing our country with a larger sense of purpose —  helping people get jobs… or making sure people could get the healthcare they needed… or to value and have compassion for all …

I have seen so much pain and suffering in our world. How could our country be colluding now with the Saudis, a murderous regime… to cut off supplies to the people of Yemen, who are innocent… Children have been wasting away in agony, dying in their mother’s arms or out on the street, because they have not had access to food or water? How could we be a part of this? Who are we if we support a cold-hearted murderous regime that does this to innocent, vulnerable people? We all know we would never support something like this. Yet our own president and his Republican congress… have been backing this regime… while knowing what has been happening to those children… and to so many vulnerable people of Yemen.

When Barack was president and the Republicans fought everything he stood for, I felt disheartened and shaken… even demoralized. I felt my hope diminish…



Michelle, I want you to know since we have been here together in Mueller’s Dream… the Senate has voted to get out of Yemen. Paul Ryan is keeping the House from voting, but the Democrats will have a large majority in a few weeks (in your time), and they will be able to vote to end the U.S. military actions in Yemen. Your dreams here… and in your lives… born out of your compassion… have more effect than you understand…


Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

I also think of what you said, Teddy, that we are taking steps from a threshold in which we walk out into the nothingness, yet as we do, the bridge appears. I have been so independent in my life. My husband taught me much about receiving. He would always be there for me, even when I was not there for myself. I knew he deeply loved me… and his love changed me. I also learned that we thrive when we come together… 

When we care for each other… we feel more human… Our president has no sense of humanity that I can tell. People seem to be like animals to him… and animals are irrelevant in his eyes unless they are used in hunting sports or to eat. He acts in similar ways toward the earth… that its significance lies in how it makes him more money or brings him some kind of immediate pleasure. We must eject this man from our presidency.


The Old One Crone who has been sitting at the table in complete stillness – stirs. Everyone turns to Her.


Old One Crone:

You and your world are now ready to change… and more than this — to become and be new. There is much you need to release before these changes can happen… before you are a new kind of human being… before your world is new… You are seeing an old system fall apart and as it does, the old destructive behaviors, patterns, poisons… will be dumped – and you will need to take out the trash. 

Your country has exposed its dark shadow… You can see it in the heartless, self-serving greed and power mongering — which can incite rage and hate, humiliate and demoralize others, and diminish their value and significance. You can see it when people use guilt and manipulation to splinter integrity and instead feed separation and isolation… 

All of these poisons are being dumped into the heart and soul of your country. And it is time to take out the trash so you… can make room for what is awaiting you… on the other side of that bridge



Mueller is your agent and will provide what you need to take out the trash so you can receive… individually and as a country. He will bring to light what you need to remove your president from office… along with his corrupted staff…

As Teddy said earlier, you need to take back what you have contributed to the horror of this administration and to the unconscionable Republican Congress. And it is not only Republicans who can lack integrity…

There will be chaos in this transition and you will learn more about how to navigate the chaos. Chaos is necessary for all change. When you know more about chaos with its mystery and unimaginable magic, you will understand more of what I am saying here.

So let go of your attempts to manipulate others… Surrender your lack of character and integrity so they can be born or gifted – new in you. Put down your insistence that you are not enough. Let go of alienating others from your heart… Well, I think this is enough for you to find your own direction here.



I think we also need to look deeper at where we may have humiliated ourselves… We need to heal that by owning our own value, our worth, our significance… 

And how many times have we been pessimistic as we have predicted disastrous or dismal futures out of our pain or rage when what we most needed was to hold hope for ourselves and for others…


Yes, that is so true… and I think it would help to bring more beauty to your people. Beauty lifts and gifts you to feel a sense of eternity in your world… and beyond your world… This can be an antidote to violence… 


The Old One Crone is still again. Tears stream down her ridged face as a trickling waterfall… dripping on to her illusory body… as she speaks.


Old One Crone:

Nothing changes until you do. And you can change anything… everything… But you will not change the world or others in the world until you change yourself…

You are worthy of change. If you could only see yourselves as I see you, you would soar the transcendent winds and sail in seas of love. You would know you are enough… that your beauty and your love… are resplendent…

The world is waiting for you. Are you willing to empty the trash? Are you willing to forgive and change? Are you ready to know and accept your truer transcendent self?


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