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Those Gathered at the Kitchen Dialogues Alter Futures that Change their World

Angela Merkel turns to Michelle Obama… in the same instant that a bolt of lightning shoots through the kitchen… and hits the dialogue table.  It transforms Bob Mueller, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Brett Kavanaugh, Teddy Roosevelt, Angela Merkel, and Barack and Michelle Obama into ‘light’, as their table disintegrates and forms a globe of light surrounding them.

This globe of light does not seem to come from Mueller’s imagination. Einstein senses that the light is lifting them, yet he can not feel movement. The sphere of light then dissipates between a moment in time.

As they look around, they realize they are in a different reality. Mueller reads the headlines of a newspaper he finds on the desk inside an office where they have landed: “The Alt-Right Terrorists have Teamed up with the Radical NRA to Claim New Territories”


Mueller continues:

It is the year 2032. These territories range from the east coast, scattering across the US, into the southwest states… and from here they extend all the way up into North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The alt-right terrorists have loaded themselves with advanced ammunition including AK-47’s… along with chemical weapons and bombs, far more advanced than the states have been able to equip the police force, which is scrambling as it awaits delivery of more advanced weapons from the government… what is left of it…

Almost no one is coming in or going out of the United States. They have built huge electric walls along the entire border of all peripheral states except California, Washington, and Oregon, which are forming their own separate nation. Much of the world now views the US as cancer. The few world allies left are working with California, Washington, and Oregon, to stop another malignant administration without destroying the entire US… or possibly, the rest of the world. The problem is that the alt-right nationalists have infiltrated into and claimed territories which include many innocent people. The situation seems impossible to change.


Michelle Obama:

Why are we here? I am horrified to be here. This is not my future nor my future world. I refuse this.

We have to change something and I don’t know what that is… We have to change the direction of 2018. Mueller, we want you to be a magician. And we need you to come out into the open and let the world know… the full extent of the crimes… of the obstruction of justice… of this man who calls himself president.

I can not fathom how the people of the USA could have let this man go this far. What happened to us as people? We are not this kind of people. It feels like a ‘cancer’ got into the heart of our country and kept tearing down everything it could destroy… the ‘cancer’ that is our so-called president and his mob administration. He and his people, including his staff, attempt to use up whatever they want with no regard for the welfare of others… or for the environment. They will destroy anything that might prevent them from getting what they want.

What can we do? What do you do when someone gets cancer? Our medical system gets out their most advanced weapons and destroys cancer but those weapons also damage our immune system and diminish the healthy function of our organs and bones.. our hearts and circulatory system… our endocrine system… The question is – will they destroy the cancer, or us, first? Even if they destroy the cancer, we no longer have an immune system which can work efficiently to destroy outside threats, so more than likely we will die of other diseases or another mutated cancer.



Is this where our world is going? I’m feeling even more horrified. How will our country ever become full of health again… so we can inspire others to be free? We have lost our own freedom in this future. And we are dying as these terrorists take over more of our land. This cancer has metastasized, and it is taking over our country. How did we get here?


Michelle Obama:

That is what I want to talk about. We can not go low. We have to hold a higher vision. If you study those people who have had miraculous healings, you find that they held a higher vision. They believed they would heal because they had a future they wanted to live. And this is where they put their focus. They moved their focus to the other side of their fears… and kept sight of their beautiful visions for their future life.

The only way we will succeed to avoid this nightmare of a man who calls himself our president in 2018, along with his republican senate of puppets, and the leftover cancerous influence in the house…. is to hold a beautiful vision and refuse to put it down. And it is also important that we continually take actions which can activate this vision… until we are living it.


Barack Obama:

I agree with you, Michelle, and also we need to find solutions and resolution for releasing this man from the position of power over others he now holds, along with his fellow sycophants. They have a hypnotic effect on about a third of the population. They hypnotize these people to believe the president and his self-serving Republicans will make their lives better. They will use these people as the paper to light the logs they use in the fires they burn to destroy what is good, true, and beautiful… including the beauty of nature… the water we drink, the parks we enjoy… and the personal welfare of vulnerable citizens…

This is what cancer does. It uses up all the resources in the body until the body dies and takes the cancer with it. This man calling himself president along with those who have membership in his privileged and delusional world are cancer to our country… to the land of the free… to the United States of America… We will all die if we do not release them before they can do so much damage we may not recover.

We need to be more active than ever, to offer new opportunities… new ways of relating and of governing… that become so enticing… the people will focus here with us… and they will lose interest in the seductive manipulations of this deleterious administration…



How can we capture their attention… away from the seductive lies? We have a problem because people are becoming acclimated to lies and betrayals… They have been inundated with so much corruption, that too many of them have lost touch with their own character… and integrity… They have diminished their capacity to care… to have compassion… And they have lost their ability to dream and have visions for their own lives… They have become less concerned for the vitality and inclusiveness of the people who share life with them. They have isolated themselves from each other. And they are losing their own vitality… They are falling deeper into a sleep that in time could become a coma.


Barack Obama:

Yes, Ruth. You ask how we might capture their attention and move it away from the deadly seduction of the present government in power. We need to give these people hope… so they know they can have a world in which they belong… in which they can make a difference… and where they can live a happy, fulfilling life. They have to be inspired and lifted. It will take more than our future Netflix show.

The young people and women who are running for government and state positions all over the US… will inspire new hope. But we need more than this. We need for people in all fields of play and work… to work more in synergy… to allow the ‘whole’, the ‘One’ to take on a life of its own… to lift people to help them understand what they can contribute… what they can give… We need to help them know their own strengths and powers… to embrace their talents even before they have the skills to implement them. We need to inspire people to wake up and shine… to radiate their unique expression of love and beauty… to enchant one another to connect with their own souls again… to remember that life is mysterious… that there is so much to life, we can not understand…

If we could do this, cancer would atrophy and be flushed out.


Einstein and the Old One Crone move closer to everyone.



Can you see now… how amazing you are. You see this nightmare of a reality… and you find more hope, not less…. to come up with greater resolution. You never give up. You are extraordinary. You move me beyond what I know to say…


Old One Crone:

I have a suggestion… that you all remove your focus from this nightmare. But first, you need to take back all that you have contributed to the nightmare… This future of horror would not exist were you not feeding it something… such as your distrust and mistrust, your lingering self-doubt, your blame, your negative judgments of yourself and others, your embittered attempts to punish others to pay them back because you have felt hurt by them, your fierce independence that prevents your ability to act with others in synergy… your lack of individuality with its limited sense of self which makes you more vulnerable to follow seductive manipulations… I could go on, but you can see my point…



Yes, I want to leave this nightmare! But how did I contribute these things to this future? This is not something I would ever want.



Angela, when you mistrust others, you feed futures of mistrust – out there. You don’t know you are doing this, but it is happening behind your awareness. So if you can look at these things and own that you have this going on… in yourself -for example, you may have a fierce independence which could prevent you from allowing help and support… or you may have trouble trusting others… You can pull these energies, these patterns… out of this future with your imagination…


Old One Crone:

Yes, and you are also feeding this future your beautiful light, such as your ‘hope’ or your imagination… your love… So I suggest that you each imagine yourselves flowing all the light that this nightmare future has captured… back into you. When you have received all of this light, the nightmare will fall apart. It can not hold its resonance when you remove the light. It loses its standing wave and disintegrates into chaos again.


Einstein gathers everyone again into the ball of light which has appeared out of nowhere as the Old One Crone has been talking. The sphere of light lifts them above this nightmare future. From here they flow the light out of the dark future, into them. And the dark future shatters into dust and disappears.

The large sphere of light now lifts them… beyond where they can know. And opens them into a future more beautiful than they can yet fathom.



It is here that you can release the light you gathered from the dark future. When you do this, this extraordinary future has more of your light and now this future will have more influence with you.


They flow all the light they have gathered from the nightmare… into this extraordinary and sublime future.


Old One Crone:

Now that you have flowed the light here in this magnificent future, imagine that you root yourself here. First, move into this future. You may have images or feelings… or sense beauty or love beyond what you have imagined… You may feel enchanted yet not know why… Allow your imagination to be untamed… to come alive… Let yourself sense this future even when you can’t see it with your eyes or touch it with your hands…

When you are ready, you will find a silver cord inside yourself and you can connect your cord into this future resonance. When you return to your shared dream with Mueller, the cord will connect you to this future that is yet unfathomable to you. The resonance of this future will continue flowing into you as you make your way back into your waking state… and can be your new guide.

It is this future that can eventually become more of your present life… You may find that as you imagine something you want, it will be easier for you to allow this into your life. As you are receiving more light and more support from this future, it can be easier for change to happen in your present reality.


They all move into the resonance of this unfathomable future, each allowing their own unique experiences before they plant their silver-white cords into its terrain. The ball of light then transports them back into Mueller’s dream.

Michelle and Barack Obama find seats at the rectangular kitchen dialogue table, which seems to shape-shift to receive each of them. And to everyone’s surprise, the Old One Crone sits near Einstein at the table, along with the others. She now wears layers of gauze that glow of light… with jewels scattered throughout. Shells, flowers, small crystals, stones, and other collections of nature have been woven into her dress. Her hair has a glowing gauze texture, as though it is of the same material – as a weaving of light itself… that is… unless you look straight at the Old One Crone, at which point she would appear human-like in a long layered beige gauze dress with cloak… and a nose that spirals slightly to the left.

Brett Kavanaugh buries his head in his arm on the table. Everything turns black to him, and he faints.


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