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Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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They Gather in the Between to Address a Confused and Chaotic World


Einstein has completely forgotten that he used to believe – he was separate from the universe. For Einstein now in his afterlife, the universe breathes within his Soul.  He is always about to know something just beyond his conception … 

Einstein muses:

If only human beings could remember – it is the Soul that has defined and designed their universe. Every human being is at the heart of their own universe.  They overlap with the universes of other beings who are also participating in a universe of free will. This is unfathomable and beyond believable to most humans … 

Einstein suddenly remembers the beauty of his connection with Perla and Olivia. He knows that he and they share a bond in which each of their experiences are interconnected. Their thoughts, movements, feelings … for each of them … influence all three. It is a choice they made together, without needing to fully understanding the significance of this.

Einstein smiles to himself.  “I used to call this kind of thing, spooky action at a distance.”

Einstein expands his consciousness to include the consciousness of Perla and of Olivia. In this same moment, between time and space, Perla and Olivia become present in a Universal Consciousness … with Einstein.  Linear time is but one of seemingly endless possibilities. Three dimensional space is one expression within dimensional and multidimensional space.

conversations fractal 2

They soon find themselves becoming fractals … alive within an infinite of other fractals … Beauty lures them away from who they know themselves to be. They have no definition for their own individuality … Beauty has captured and demanded their full participation … and nothing else exists in this moment. Beauty is all that Is. They are enraptured in this awe-shattering experience.

Einstein absorbs the awareness of Perla and Olivia … and begins to communicate with them:

Human beings, have perceived themselves to be separate from Beauty, and have forgotten the secreted truth of who they really Are …  As consciousness, they have lost touch with the possibility to be completely enraptured … to have their past conceptions shattered by beauty … to Remember that they are not separate from one another … nor from their world … nor from nature or the universe Itself … They have just pretended that they are. And this has limited their ability to Remember …

Huge clouds of mist flow throughout the Universe … as Einstein, Olivia, and Perla now stand together at the edge of the Cosmos … in the Between. Converstaions Dream b and w They stare into the vastness of mystery as the mist engulfs them. They gather their chairs and sit facing one another in a small triad, as the mist settles into the moss cushioned ground …

Einstein stares into the eyes of Olivia and then of Perla:

Olivia and Perla, you have expanded deep into your unconscious and you have overlapped your human and faerie unconscious with one another. These experiences are filled with Light Information … with Mystery, which has previously been unknown to you … Let it remain mysterious for now. I want to talk with you about the human world … the world in which you presently live, Perla.

 Einstein pauses … closes his eyes and they follow …  An umbrella of Hush holds them in It’s umbrage. They know that everything is OK … that everything will always be OK … more than OK …

They know that time is not linear in its truer function …  that the human experience is but a ‘blink of illusion’ … And this ‘blink’ can change human existence forever, if just one human would wake up … and Remember … conversations tree of life eye[Carl Jung, The Red Book]

They sense together, that this moment … in the Between of Cosmos … has no beginning … and will never end … Tears flow silently …

Einstein draws them back into their chairs … He has brought a friend back with him.  Paulo Freire is sitting in their circle of expanded chairs. conversations-paulo-freire

Paulo Freire  ( bio  )


Paulo, thank you for responding to my call. Perla and Olivia are from the current 2016 world. In this time period, the worlds are separating. There is the old world of domination, where the ends justify the means. You know this world well. It is heavily woven in chauvinism … in domination and isolation … and lacks the luminous of hope. It feeds on fear and rage … and on people’s sense that they do not belong … conversations devastation doll

There is also a new world that is now in the process of being woven … It is being woven of dominion ‘with’ … where all of life is honored and respected … where the world responds more and more … to the will, imagination, and love of a new kind of human being who can become …  the One who shines through the many. conversations compassion old man with chick

The two worlds are separating now.  The old world is actually diminishing in its function and its previous levels of success are diminishing. As this is happening, a grand chaos is unfolding and a new world is now being woven. 

The secret is … that it is being co-woven by those who are awakening … as they lift their consciousness to levels and octaves that they could not have imagined or believed … to exist … This kind of conscious evolution has never happened before.

These new humans experience an elevated level of intensity of hunger and thirst for the mystery and wonder of life … for more love and more beauty … for more of that luminous hope …  And out of this, there are a few who are now beginning to ‘live’ this greater mystery and wonder … They are becoming ‘more’ – of Love and Beauty … conversations cosmos eye_by_nondani-d5o6v9b

The new world is also being woven by Forces beyond consciousness in human form … by Divine Forces … The main challenge for this new kind of human … is to learn to Receive from these Divine Forces … and from Other Consciousness, who are awaiting their willingness and ability to receive their help.

The New World requires this … and More … It is all a Grand Mystery ..

Perla is a human being and Olivia is a faerie being. Both human and faerie will need to work together for the new world to make it from its infancy into its healthy development and evolution.

Paulo, I have called you because there is such great confusion in the 2016 world right now. There is great chaos, both light … and dark. The newly emerging humans who are co-creating this new world, are deciding how it will move into its early phase of development.

How will it emerge? What will triumph in this early tender, vulnerable developmental phase? It could be that the new world comes in much more slowly … because the world becomes entrenched in its negotiation of the ugliness, negative judgements, and alienation.

This is happening right now in this current world. It is happening in the country of inspiration and hope … in the United States of America. They are having a profoundly important presidential election, and it is replete with ugliness, ripping judgements, fostering deep feelings of alienation, especially by those who tout their intent to rescue the forgotten ones. They are actually ‘using’ the forgotten ones to augment their own power so that they can continue to dominate and oppress … and so that they can eradicate the threat they feel from the feminine energies such as intuition, imagination, and perception. They equate these energies with women and this is partly why chauvinism seems to be surging in this time period for them. But I will not focus on this threat now.

Paulo you have helped the forgotten ones. Your approach with them was transcendent.  I believe that you are here so that you can share with Perla and Olivia, what you have learned … to help them understand the forgotten ones, as they dream and work a new kind of magic that holds more of luminous hope … that the forgotten ones can be found and helped to find their own empowered voice … so that they can be heard and participate in the evolution of a new beautiful world …conversatons root of all wrong=some lives matter less

You know of those who are forgotten and I think you have believed that the world can not go forward without including them in the whole of decision making and in the intricacy the many choices that move life forward.

I have a vision that it is possible for humans to hold a new level of determination and resolve to become more compassionate … to realize the mattering of every human and to remember that they deserve better … and beyond this … for those more conscious to Remember and share … that ‘glow of radiance’ that can help all, including the forgotten ones … to Remember …

So we begin by remembering the forgotten ones …  as we remember also that we are not separate from them …   

Paulo Freire responds with great passion:

I believe that a successful world rests on values that all people are equal … and that everyone has a right to knowledge and culture … that they have a right to criticize their situation and act upon it. conversations gaza jews and arabs together

Humans need to have faith in the potential and capacity of all people, including those who are lost and forgotten, who need to be found and to be part of that critical dialogue that affects the evolution of their world. This was my focus in my life time.

I helped the forgotten ones to remember the power of their voice as they stand together …  And one significant and meaningful point that I made … seems paramount at this time of chaos for the world. As you find and educate the forgotten, you must understand that you can help them only … as you realize that the process of education … goes both ways.  It is about dialogue … not a monologue of you giving them information. Dialogue is at the heart of change. And to dialogue you must hold respect and honor for every human being, no matter how you might agree or disagree with them. Both sides will always learn from one another. It never works one way.

And I am also saying that it does not work to separate from the whole of which you are currently a part. I taught the forgotten ones to be with their oppressors in ways that they wished for their oppressors to be with them. It is only with respect, honor, and dignity, that good and true change can occur.

A power awakens in the forgotten ones as they are being remembered which then inspires and challenges them to remember themselves … who they really Are. They can then come together in groups … in communities … representing their oneness of intention. conversations-group-gather-for-change   They can not wait for their oppressors to change. Their oppressors are not motivated because of the payoffs for them. But it is about helping the forgotten to have compassion while relentlessly standing for what matters, together in union.  You begin to teach them how to do this as you teach them in dialogue … with respect and honor … in equality and with dignity …

It is important that they do not ‘separate off’ to make their point, because they will lose power. They would be making their point within the energy of severing, even if they continue to negotiate with their oppressors. This is especially important at this time in your world.

Their power lies in holding their vision … within the whole … with intensity of resolve and with new found dignity … as they come together in union … in a world that is full of chaos … dark and light … I am aware of this 2016 time period, and I want to help. I check in with these energies as I am ‘Between’.


I sense this world to be at a critical point. And what you say feels right to me. One of the presidential candidates for the US presidency is trying to sever the forgotten ones from the whole and make them feel more alienated than they already feel so that they can be used more efficiently as pawns for his cause, … by giving them a false sense of belonging.

Also some of the loudest voices in the UK have manipulated their forgotten ones, preying on their fears and then promising them things that they do not deliver. They have used them to break off from the EU, not revealing self-serving intentions.

I see more powerful ‘voice’ and more elegant success unfolding, at this point, in passionately initiating change ‘within’ the uncertainty of ‘union’, in order to pursue their cause.  As you have said, there is power in a group with clear focus and intention. The forgotten ones need inspiration to find their own voice and then stand together unyielding … while holding respect, honor, and dignity for all.  It may be much less elegant for them to separate from their ‘union’. If they realize this, they can be supported to find the courage to participate in dialogue while holding the values and concepts for transcendent change that you facilitated and intitiated in your life time.

I am also wondering about the more conscious ones. I sense that they are currently deciding on directional patterns, for the tender beginnings of this new world to unfold … They are deciding how they will respond with their magic. Will they work their magic out of the future … allowing the unfathomable … or will they lock themselves within the magic they know, holding on to their perceptions for which they feel more certainty.

I’m not sure which direction they are going to give their most passionate focus and intent. But I do know that the world will follow them.

conversations tree of life by amaud arnaud

[to be continued]

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The Red Book by Carl Jung