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The Melody of a Nation

Welcome back to my imaginative chronicles, fellow adventures of the Between. Thank you for being part of this journey with me! Always with the mystery and wonder of love in a world becoming new … Lyn

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Yes, truly, it is a great thing for a Nation that it get an articulate voice; that it produce a (wo)man who will speak-forth melodiously what the heart of it means!
Thomas Carlyle

She would remember this Saturday because it was her Inaugural Address as President of the United States of America. She would remember the rose petals falling from small planes over the National Mall … over her as well … ordered by the ‘Women’s March’, the Obamas, other revolutionaries and avant-garde … to celebrate her nomination as a woman … But more than this, she would remember the music of the people in the National Mall on a luminous blue-lit afternoon surrendering themselves to the ‘awe’ of a Walt Whitman poem, from Leaves of Grass.

The Future Female President recites parts of this poem in her inaugural address of 2029:

We thought our Union grand, and our Constitution

I do not say they are not grand and good, for they

I am this day just as much in love with them as you;

Then I am in love with you, and with all my fellows
upon the earth.<>

We consider bibles and religions divine—I do not
say they are not divine;

I say they have all grown out of you, and may grow
out of you still;

It is not they who give the life—it is you who give
the life;

Leaves are not more shed from the trees, or trees
from the earth, than they are shed out of you.<>

The sum of all known reverence I add up in you,
whoever you are;

The President is there in the White House for you—
it is not you who are here for him;

The Secretaries act in their bureaus for you—not you
here for them;

The Congress convenes every Twelfth-month for you;

Laws, courts, the forming of States, the charters of
cities, the going and coming of commerce and
mails, are all for you.

List close, my scholars dear!

All doctrines, all politics and civilization, exurge from


 Einstein and his afterlife friends form a geometric cone of Light that surrounds and holds … this president, the White House, the Capital, and the people everywhere in the National Mall overflowing into Washington DC … in a hush … The music of the people fills the hush … with tears and laughter of realization and hope born new in the moment …

The Future Female President continues her Address:

Around the time of 2016 – 2018, a substantial group of people had lost touch with their value and worth. They felt alone and isolated. They were vulnerable to being manipulated and used by Trump. He formed them like a piece of dough to serve his agenda … and to inflate his self-importance. He fanned their violent fires of hate and disappointment … He played with their hearts and twisted their thoughts to fall in line to fulfill his braggadocio agenda. People can be vulnerable … so tender … and this can be exploited as servants for a king …

In a blink, Einstein and his afterlife friends find themselves inside their geometric cone of Light which is now surrounding overlapping dream states of Barack Obama and Donald Trump in conversation with one another. They move their consciousness into this shared dream to ‘listen’ to the conversation.

Trump to Obama:

I know why the republican congress hasn’t impeached me yet. They are getting enough of what they want and they don’t really care how that comes about. If they did, I wouldn’t be here.

The ends justify the means for them. They have been compromised by lobbyists … and I blackmail them with threats … They will not impeach me. And the democrats can’t do it alone … yet.

I know some of the democrats are also compromised. But why aren’t they organizing the people? Why aren’t they more aggressive in taking me out?

The people are complaining about the immigrants. But who would have ever allowed a president of the USA to take babies and children away from their mothers. Who? It is the people who need to stop me.


Donald, this is one of the few statements of truth I have ever heard you say. What has gotten in to you?


I never expected to be president. I have been flagrantly dishonest and corrupt. Yet everyone has stood by and let me do this. I thought I would be out before now. But what I realize is that this democratic government allows for someone as corrupt as me. It does not respond to me as I would respond to my uncooperative staff or even as I would respond to my own spouse when she displeases me. I would torture them if need be.

This country looks forward for a better way … It values freedom and dignity more than getting rid of a corrupt, bullying, ignorant, manipulative, misogynist old man. I have never known this way of being … in my personal life …


Yes, America has a beautiful spirit … and the United States remains a beacon for the rest of the world … even if it is a flickering one right now. It has a life of its own, that would be hard to extinguish … And if it is ‘extinguished’, it will metamorphize into something More … New …

One man like you, can not take this country down. It’s spirit is too wild and free … It’s soul is too determined with unlimited perseverance … Our country is more powerful than you, Donald, but it will not wipe you out easily. It will give you so many chances to change.


I’m not going to change, Barack.


I know. But maybe this country will make it harder for you to treat people in such disparaging and disrespectful ways when they disagree with you … unlike your minions who serve you like ‘Stepford Wives’ in that satirical thriller of 1972, and unlike your white billionaire mostly corrupt alt-right-leaning men who use women to service them.

I think that things will change for you after you leave the presidency … whether you are imprisoned or not. This country has a life of its own and it will have impact on your life … It is much more than are you …


Maybe I became president so that I could see that with all of its faults, this country illuminates something ‘more’ … than I have known … that I can not take down to my level. It will not go. Well, one thing I have done is to help expose the lack of courage, principle, and character of a republican congress!


I don’t think the congress will ever be the same again. I believe that it will become new in time. So many women and younger Americans are winning elections … and this will only expand.

I am organizing for the midterms and you have never seen anything like what will spring up from this … The people are ready … They are waking up … And they will change this country … They will inspire … a new world coming …

It is about the people. They are the change … They are the future … And they are the present.

We are quietly and masterfully guiding them as we have their backs. Your billionaire buddies don’t stand a chance …


In some ways, that is a relief. I would commit treason if someone exceptionally important would compliment me. This is what is happening with Putin. I will tell him anything to get his approval and he knows this. I am too wounded. I feel as though I have so little value, and therefore I can’t see the value of others … I only look for someone to admire me … someone who I can dominate … or someone with great power who will think that I am brilliant or special … The immigrants and their children are nothing to me.


This is why I am organizing. You have done enough damage. We need to start building something new.

Trump and Obama fade from their dream states in the geometric cone …

The future female president continues her inauguration address of 2029:

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, would have stripped women’s reproductive rights, critically undermined the Affordable Care Act, thwarted environmental regulations … and most significantly acquitted Trump of his crimes… if he could have. But that did not happen!

The crowd cheered … and hooted … in relief … as though they were animals shaking the last bit of dirty water out of their fur after having fallen into a chemical infested muddy pond. You could even feel the trees trusting the wind to lift the last of the vestiges of electromagnetic imprints left from the time of Trump …

She continues:

And here are some more amazing things to contemplate. We have an extraordinary country. We have an unparalleled constitution. In our constitution, the number of supreme court justices is not set.

After the 2018 elections … where congress shifted to become democratic … both the House and Senate added one more seat for a supreme court justice. Whether Kavanaugh won or not is not the issue is it ?! The issue is the beauty of the truer intentions of our constitution and our government … of and for the people.

We now have 10 supreme court justices. Some talk of a total of 12 … as were the knights of the round for Arthur. Arthur for me, is a metaphor for spirit … for the light of spirit. So the knights … the supreme court justices would always protect and guide the true spirit … the true light of spirit … of the people of the United States of America.

 More cheers …

It was women, like Gabriel, who was 66 years old … who would become activists … to protect the freedom and dignity of women and children … of immigrants …

Women all over the US ran for office … They lifted our country into a new field of play … along with young activists and significant others, such as Barack and Michelle Obama.

They stood with compassion … with passionate pursuit of higher ideals … for a country which would inspire a ‘new’ world with its commitment— to freedom … to vision and hope for what had not yet been imagined … to hold remembrance for the value of the spirit and soul of each and every human being … along with their beautiful planet and its life …

Enchantment and inspiration run through the veins of this crowd … In this moment a gentle rain shower falls. As the people look up, they see a datura of clouds … gently pouring its contents from overhead … The millions of people who attend this future female’s residential inaugural address … sense … something grander … at play …

Einstein and his afterlife friends, along with the Old One Crone and Mysterious One … have returned to the Between at the Edge of the Cosmos … where they are celebrating in an eternal resplendence of peace and joy … of beauty ….

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