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Lyn Marsh,PhD

The Light that Shines Through the Many – Shimmers in Dominion with the Few


Many of the people who have chosen Mar a Lago to celebrate the holiday season have done so because the mob mentality of a man who calls himself president, is appealing to them. Who knows what they might get from him in a moment of weakness… and he has many of those, these days.

His presidency is in shambles. He has taken his government into partial shutdown, leaving thousands and thousands of his ‘plebeian’ families, mostly veterans and people of color, without enough money to celebrate the holidays…   and if it continues, they may not have money to pay their rent or buy groceries

Vice President Pence is in his night dream, talking with the President. They often meet in the dream state so they can communicate their true intentions in secret.

Pence refers to the president as ‘D’,  in his dreams. Perhaps he can not bring himself to say his name, but not for reasons that most would hold. He can not say his name because he knows what he is planning behind the president’s back. He hides his darkness and keeps it a mystery, so it holds its power.

Pence responds to the president’s call.


Did you call me, ‘D’? I am your man. You know that. I am always deeply honored and humbled by your presence.


Mueller will take me down. My people in the Senate and House are backing away even though I have threatened to expose their lack of morality and corruption and take them down with me. I need you to talk to them.

And I want you to know that you did a good job at fooling everyone into thinking you were listening to Putin and to Li at the Summit… while standing your ground. You set up things well for me to make new plans with Putin for taking down my enemies… so I can begin my implementation of taking over this country.  I think China will see its way into our plan, to save their own country… after I get done with it.


Yes, I remained stone-faced as I listened to Putin, to hear what he wanted you to know. I fooled the press because I looked so sincere in my sternness.


The shutdown is just the beginning of the chaos I plan to initiate. I don’t care who gets hurt through this. We can not allow Mueller to mess with this. He has indictments that can take me down. I have many avenues planned with Putin and other powerful people. We have to keep control of the population. We have to be on top of what they believe to be true. And that is shaky right now. You know what to do.

And you will always be my puppy dog. Who else could I find who would obey me as you do?

The ‘president’ pats Pence on his head as Pence‘s face uncontrollably twitches until he gains control by focusing his undivided attention to make it stop.

Pence responds to the ‘president’ :

I am humbled to serve you.

‘D’ disappears. Pence smiles as he remembers his presidency is near, according to his discussions with his Republican buddies in Congress. They plan to enforce order in the country also… religious order… just like the dark ages, except more carefully orchestrated at a level not before possible…

Pence thinks to himself:

Finally, we can put those queers and women in their place. And people of color can become our servants if they are lucky. Jews can go back to Europe.


Bob Mueller and the others at the kitchen dialogue table have been silent since they have returned.  Mueller looks into the eyes of each one of them. No one says a word.


I know that I am not alone. You are with me here… and I will sense you in my waking life, even if I interpret your presence to be a feeling of peace… or well being. I know now we are doing this together… and that there is an unfathomable force nudging us forward. We are ‘seeding’ the future.

I am ready to wake up from this dream now. I believe it is time… I know we have felt disappointed and shocked from the condition of our government and because of how vulnerable many of our citizens are – to being manipulated and controlled. It was never meant to be this horrific.

You will witness my actions soon. Our president will not find his way out of this. I already know. I am presenting the evidence so that the citizens will know the truth… no matter how many White House staff, members of Congress, Fox News conspirators, or billionaire lobbyists… the president and his family pay, threaten. or blackmail so they will turn their backs, ignore, or dispute the information I am presenting… Nothing will stop the unraveling of this president.

It is over even though it will take a while to unfold. And we can begin the healing and repairing. We can begin anew…


The kitchen dialogue table disappears along with everyone sitting at the table.


The president of the U.S. struts in his Mar a Lago resort, holding Melania’s arm… as proof, he is a better man than most. After all, he has landed this ‘babe’. She is his trophy. She tries to perform the roles and demands he has for her but she mostly ends up feeling humiliated for both of them. He uses her for this too. But underneath, she is complicit in her choices to collude. The difference is that she wants to be safe and to have significance… to have meaning in her life. She had wanted to be loved in the relationship’s beginning, but that has evaporated. He, however, wants to rule the world… at any expense… It is then he will finally feel sure he is better than everyone else… so after all this time… he would finally be worthy of his father’s approval. He lives a very small life in a very big House in Washington D.C. when he isn’t parading around in his ‘Mar a Lago’.

As the president celebrates and plays his golf, dark forces, seeded by this president and his flock, have been having a more dire impact than the public can yet comprehend. The country is falling apart at its seams… in plain sight. Yet so many cannot see this. They have accepted a painted hologram of light fantasy around themselves and have become hypnotized by the president’s dark magic. Unfortunately, the light of their fantasy is blinding, so they can not see the horror he is creating for them.

There are other forces. These are beautiful forces… If you would perceive them, you would see luminescence throughout all of nature… and as well… if you were extraordinary in your ability to perceive these beautiful forces, you could see the floating spheres of Light in the White House, especially on the second floor. These Ancient Spheres of Light move throughout the White House where they shift resonance in ways that prevent the president from doing unconscionable harm that would lead to the destruction of the world. These Ancient Lights know this president would take the world down with him… just as a cancer tumor functions. He is reckless, and he does not think. He impulsively feels and then acts without regard… in his slipshod approach… to making sure he is the dominant force.

These Ancient Beings of Light work with many hidden human beings of light in the United States and around the world. These human beings of light connect through unfamiliar senses and other dimensions beyond the four dimensions in the human’s linear logical reality. Their intention is to protect and guide… such that the goodness and truth of life prevail – now. They will prevail in the long run, but they work together to assure that goodness, truth, and beauty will guide the way now… They also help others to avoid falling prey to the negative dark forces… They know that these forces will self sabotage, should others resist the seduction of lies that lure them to believe in something that is not real… such that they should give over their power to the ‘authoritarian president’ who promises to ‘save’ them. The negative dark force looks into their greatest fears… and exploits them by inducing terror. Whereas the Ancient Forces of Light look into their greatest longings… to help them find their way to receive more of what they most cherish and treasure…


Einstein is sitting in rolling hills of wildflowers. The hills seem to move with his thoughts… until seven human beings of light – James, Evan, Lucy, Golan, Maylin, Patrick, and Donna… walk through the rolling hills to sit with Einstein in contemplation…


Thank you for trusting me to work with you. The Old One Crone helped me receive your call or did she help me call you? She is here with us as the rolling hills and wildflowers themselves… She is everywhere, listening and receiving all that we communicate and will respond to everything we ask of Her… And She is not the only Presence here… You are working with the Mysterious One… who is also present here.


I want to help. I can organize whatever you need. I have been sensing this for a while.


Let’s hold off on that Donna until we receive guidance from the Old One Crone and the Mysterious One… Remember we begin with chaos… into the light chaos allowing it to guide us forward… in its implicit form…


You all shine so beautifully in your world on earth. You have worked to become more of the truth – you Are.  James, you know most – the essence of what I am communicating… as you have been integral in this grand mystery… while not separate from the Oneness you all share in its heart…


We have been hiding the truth of who we are, from others… even those close to us… And uniquely, each of us is ready to receive a more multidimensional reality, where we are using our unfamiliar senses along with our imagination and the more familiar senses. We are beginning to receive and use new lenses in a balance within our beingness… This allows us to perceive a new reality. It is available to all humans, but they are not ready to perceive this way yet. I have secretly been living this reality even though few notice. The others with me have begun in their ways… We are at the threshold of a new octave which is now available to us.

Evan leans into and surrounds James… with the soul of human nature, Itself… James rests into Evan and his breath exhales…


I can feel that it is time now. I am facilitating sacred information to become more available. I want to be of help… and to flow more love into this world.


Your love is beautiful and I believe it is important to pause. You can let go now. You all are participating in the birth of this new world. And it is not linear. You are also birthing and living more of who you Are… You are becoming a new human being. One that has never walked upon your earth… ever before. So maybe it is good to pause… to Receive…


We can lean… in this pause… We have worked hard. And now I have a feeling that we can surrender in this pause… We can surrender who we have known ourselves to be. We are courageous enough to surrender who we think we are… and to Receive who we can not imagine… a Self we can not fathom… We have one another… We love… and we are loved, guided, protected, and gifted – by Unfathomable Forces of Love…

Maylin and Patrick jump in together.


Patrick and I have been working with faerie. I know the world is not ready to believe they exist. Iceland is the closest to acknowledging something approaching their existence. Faerie are working with us to guide and protect the sacred of this earth… so that humans change their course of ripping at Her… Patrick and I follow Her sacred lay lines and places of power… to give to… and receive from Her.


Yes, and the faerie are also quietly, along with other light beings… inspiring women, young men, and people of color… to run for office now. That is why you have seen them swarming to run. There is a new wave of future innovations… on its way… Faerie live within a multidimensional reality and they will inspire this in humans… They are very much looking forward to communicate more with us. Maylin and I can help with this.


I am working with the underbelly of our world. There are potential viruses and bacteria which are being released. They could threaten much of the world’s population if not harnessed. As things progress, warring countries could use these as warfare. This could knock out huge portions of the world’s populations and turn the world upside down. This will not happen. But I will stay present with this… within a state of dominion… as we put down our old lenses and Receive new ones.  I am holding the resonance of success and triumph in this area.


We are here together with you Albert… with the Mysterious Forces… We accept who we Are… We are ready enough… I am a dreamer. I will dream us surrendering to the Unfathomable… as we know the truer nature of who we Are…


You all live Between your consensus world… and the worlds beyond… We will work together with the Old One Crone and the Mysterious One… And there are so many Others, just waiting for us to ask.

Ah, I can sense an invitation from Zola. She is an architect of beauty. Let’s meet in her Sacred Garden…

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