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It brings me joy to write about the adventures and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife. I love opening to worlds beyond our expectations. If you feel inspired, I would be delighted with warm appreciation and love – to receive your donation to help support my writings.

Lyn Marsh,PhD

The Light is Here. The Time is Now.

Chaos erupted on July 16, 2018. It was out of control, even as the attempts to manage it increased and became more persistent. The elites could not hold their grasp. They had become more proficient at managing and manipulating the media to brainwash common US citizens but nothing seemed to work as it used to. Much was being brought to light, as if out of the blue, to expose the deeper problems that were threatening a democracy serving a free country, the United States of America, since 1776.

Einstein takes a long breath before he continues. He is with his afterlife friends as they are gathered at the inaugural address for the future female president in 2029. They have formed a hologram of light around themselves for privacy as Einstein talks with them.

In the 1700’s, 13 colonies became independent from England… and formed the United States of America. Only one century later in the 1800’s, a Civil War erupted between the north and south, but the country triumphed to remain united, thanks to President Lincoln and the will of the people. The 1900’s held a century of wars – world wars, wars with Korea and Vietnam, a war of women fighting for their right to vote, and the 60’s protests against war-as-solution. People were fighting for peace and civil rights for minorities and women… And these battles were fought mostly with an intention to protect the freedom and dignity of humans. 

In 2018, in their first century of the third millennium… All was at risk.  

Something else was also at play. People started waking up and taking a stand… to protect their government – ‘of and for’ the people… to promote freedom and dignity for All. It could have been a time of dreadful forebodings, should the people have retreated… or fallen under the spell of those elites given impunity.

Chaos and dread were at hand in the United States of America in the year of 2018. It was the people who stirred and took action… It was a mysterious time …

Einstein is catapulted through the chaos of June 16th, 2018 into a vast stillness… beyond all dimensional and linear Space and Time… An Old One Crone is stirring a brew in her cauldron. She stirs faster until Her brew overflows the cauldron… and stampedes as leaping horses of liquid light, over the edge, into the Universal womb… throughout All That Is… 

Linear space/time on earth loosens its grasp on dimensional reality… and space/time curves as it moves in a spiraling motion in all directions… into light and dark chaos… The time of her brew is July 23rd in the western world on earth. The Old One Crone will stir through September 15th… 

Albert Einstein is joined by his afterlife friends, as they become geometric light… forming a cone of power together as One, flowing their light… into the Cosmos… surrendering their separateness with the Old One Crone… with Divinity… 

And something is happening on earth in 2018… No one can see it or hear it. They can not smell it or touch it. But there are those few humans at this time… a handful of people… who know how to receive and hold this light… They have been preparing themselves… and they are the ones who know the awe-shattering secret… that they are consciously creating themselves to be a new kind of human being… as they receive the Light and Love flowing from the Crone… flowing everywhere and into them… They also know why they are receiving this Light now… to weave a new world on earth… a world born of unfathomable futures… a world yet unimaginable… not yet believable… 

And although this is not yet visible… the changes in the people in 2018… are visible… both dark and light. The secret to this new world evolving… is to find the light (beauty) within the dark… and to find the dark (mystery and unknown) in the light. 

In Washington DC, the future female president is resonating a tone that vibrates with such an intensity that the crowd has become still. She stands tall with her topaz body swaying as a willow tree in a spring storm shower. Her presence and grace project her as tall and substantial… while her small agile body… seems to shine from within… She continues her Inaugural Address in the year 2029.

Future Female President:

We learned a lot about ourselves in the late teens of our present century. Dark machinations were at play… but beyond this, we learned more about who we really are… as a country… as a people…

We are extraordinary people who made our way through a very dark wood, not knowing how we would find our way out. And what made us extraordinary… is that we stood up for what truly mattered in our cherished democracy… 

We stood for our freedom… as we would not sit by and allow a ‘kakistocratic’ president publicly hand our government over to a Russian president… or to his billionaire cronies nor to his other minions… in service of his corrupt nature born of a negative ego that had run itself into a frenzy of lies built up on lies. 

We would not stifle ourselves. We ran for office. We voted in the midterm elections… unlike any other time in history. We spoke truth and acted, at the risk of losing our political standing or positions… together as democrats, republicans, and independents… 

We stood with compassion… and we would not allow the government to treat the immigrants as though they were undeserving of care… of love… as though they had no right to hope for a safe and dignified life. Our judges stepped in and demanded justice. Our free press, along with a few of our congress members… exposed the caged conditions and the ripped apart families, the human abuses of ICE and the profiting private holding facilities chosen by the Trump government. And just as important, the press exposed the president’s indifference – to the suffering and inhumane treatment of these immigrants… 

We protected the investigations of the special counselor, Mueller and the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. And we celebrated the indictments of Trump, his administration, and other nefarious characters associated with him… 

We voted with passion… and elected a democratic House and Senate. We would not back down. We elected new kinds of people… with a passionate and defiant rebellion against -oppression, coercion, blind subservience, manipulation… and against a Trump induced debilitating norm.

Our spirits died and then were born anew… with determination and force that were and continue to be indomitable.  There was an undercurrent of change implemented… even more powerful and pervasive…

That president in 2018 was an apogee for the American elites-with-impunity. These elites had been buying our government for many years… As political leaders, they faced no accountability for their corruption, including fraud and financial crimes… even trading our country’s secrets…

Before Trump was president, he had dodged all consequences for his routine collaborations with the mafia, including the mob linked union official John Cody. He swamped most of his businesses with corrupt activities… including profiting from corrupt activities in foreign countries.

Einstein’s afterlife heart skips a beat as he listens to the future female president. He moves himself through a portal within a Cone of Light… and discovers that he is now inside the shared dream states of Brian Schatz, a democratic senator from Hawaii, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. They are having a discussion.


Barack, I loved your speech to honor Mandela’s 100th birthday, in South Africa. I would vote for you again any day. You spoke of how ‘strong man’ politics is on the rise. Yes, the Trump administration is undermining the institutions that give our democracy meaning. The far right’s racial nationalism is gaining momentum. Free speech is under attack by our own government. And our social media is promoting hate and conspiracy theories. I am gathering with a few others to promote a more progressive approach because I believe we have to be active and reach beyond where we have gone before as a democratic party.


Yes, Brian, we need new visions that stir the souls of individuals as did the visions of Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. These men had visions of equality… of freedom… of multiracial democracy – that all people are created equal and endowed by a creator with certain inalienable rights. We need to inspire the people again to realize that this is the kind of world that will achieve more peace… and facilitate more creative contributions and resolutions… with people coming together for a greater good for all…   


People do not know me well yet. I want to build a democratic party… with its foundation built upon a ‘clarity of morality’ as Ocasio-Cortez has said. I love that expression. 

We need to be aggressive and clear with our actions. I believe we need to have available health care for everyone and give the states the power to build individualized Medicaid buy-in options for their residents of all incomes. Also, I believe we need to make college more affordable so that everyone has that opportunity. We also need to expand social security instead of cutting benefits. And we can help build our middle class by creating clean energy jobs. I also believe we need to have a fee for carbon use to combat climate change. 

I know I am going on and on. I can hardly contain myself when I reflect on these issues. We need a new way of perceiving the world. 


We do have a better story to tell and it’s based on evidence. The worlds most prosperous societies with the highest living standard and the highest levels of satisfaction … support and nurture the liberal progressive ideas that include and value all people, not selected and elevated groups …  

Countries with rabid nationalism, xenophobia, ‘tribal religious racial’ superiority… engage in civil and external wars. They use fear to manipulate people. So a leader with greed and a desire to dominate others, can easily convince people to turn on those who look different or have a different religion… or who love differently… 

We have to fight harder to reduce inequality and promote economic opportunity for all… We need to take back our power from those elite billionaires who break laws and live corrupted lives with impunity.

Billionaires can afford to give… to contribute to the whole of all. They will remain rich… but they can give their fair share to their country… to their world. The billionaires, committed to a compassionate world, want to give. 

Each of us have unique talents, powers, strengths and gifts… It is important to share who we are with one another… to give… and to receive… in a society that is also a community of belonging… where every citizen belongs and contributes with respect and honor. 

Mostly we want to protest – in the name of universal freedom. We have a Bill of Rights that gives us freedom of press and the right to peacefully assemble in protest. It is important that we use this right actively. Otherwise we could lose it, especially now.


This is why I am running for president, Brian. I have a reputation for being a more centrist democrat. I’ll be a good person to bridge us from the devastating changes that Trump has implemented. I have many connections nationally and internationally. I love our country… and I want to work together with other countries in the world… Trump didn’t even pay construction workers who worked for him and they couldn’t support their families because of his excessive greed and disgrace. He is trying to treat other countries like they are his construction workers… or his independent contractors. He is an insult to the better of who we Are…

I think with your more progressive ideas, we could inspire the people to come with us so that we can begin to heal this country.



I hope we can work together Joe. I agree with both of you and we need to take the baton now, as you mentioned in your speech, Barack. We need to take our power back as the people of this government. We need to claim our rights and live them. I also agree that no one is born to hate. People are taught to hate. And if they are taught to hate, they can also be taught to love. And yes, love comes more naturally to the human heart. So beautifully said, Barack.

Love will triumph over hate. Generosity will triumph over greed. Freedom and compassion for others will triumph over paranoia.

Many are at risk of giving over their rights to a leader who tricks them into believing he is their advocate and will protect them … because they are so lost and frightened. I want to be part of helping to make this country and this world a better place… a place where it is safe to love.


I think we can complement one another.  We want to support the feminine powers at play. They are the ones who will lift our country out of a white house and its congress which has been guided by a male dominating, oppressive, self-serving, and even hate-mongering rhetoric.


I agree Joe, and Brian, we need you to step up. You have the qualities we need in a leader. You and Joe would be a good team.


Brian, let’s team up with Barack … and help lift this country to be what it was intended to be… and more than that… to inspire this country to become something beyond… what it has yet to Be… 

Einstein fades from this dream and, again, is listening to the 2029 inauguration speech.

Future Female President:

I remember something Barack Obama said in 2018. It seemed to imprint itself in my mind and inspired me to run for the office of president of these United States.   

He said. “Women in particular, by the way, I want you to get more involved, because men have been getting on my nerves lately. <>I think empowering more women on the continent — that right away is going to lead to some better policies.”

2018 was a seed of hope… and more than that it was a beginning of a birth of a new country… a new people… The president for these last 8 years, is here today… He has been our bridge of hope… of compassionate action, both locally and globally… He has been our lifeline.

(The crowd shouts out with joy and gratitude.)

We are beginning our evolution as a new kind of people… This is why I speak of the late teens, 10 or so years ago. Many of us are those Americans – who took part in the initiation of profound changes… We are all One… We are all part of greater futures… yet unimaginable… even unfathomable… and they are making their way to us…

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