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The Extraordinary Evolution of A U.S. Government Unravelling

“The United States has written the white history of the United States. It now needs to write the black, Latino, Indian, Asian and Caribbean history of the United States.” – (Carlos Fuentes)

“A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – (Winston Churchill)

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.” – (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – (Mahatma Gandhi)

There is a stillness in the Imaginal air … He is in the hush … Einstein is alone in the Between at the Edge of the Cosmos … in solitude … a solitude of profound peace … His thoughts and feelings have evaporated … He is the Cosmos … And the Cosmos sets him free …

As he is everywhere and nowhere, Einstein hears whispers of sound coming from somewhere in the universe. He focuses and the sound vibration is louder and stormy. He follows this reverberation to discover that it is coming from a young woman who has recently won her primary to run for the United States congress in November, 2018. Einstein can sense that she is probably going to win the seat. She is standing with a female graduate of Parkland High School who is speaking with her. The crowd gathered is filled with untamable intensity and passion …

Einstein moves himself to be present with her speech as she continues. He sees the Old One Crone behind the woman and female Parkland graduate although he notices that no one is aware of the Old One’s presence.

Future Congress Woman:

How do we move forward … after electing president Trump? He tries to get us to turn on our own country and to ultimately turn on ourselves by believing his lies, becoming his pawns, and then giving up our rights. All the while he tells us that he is protecting and supporting us.

Trump denigrates human dignity and attempts to void our government of the values which were instilled – ‘for and of the people’. He indulges his ulterior motives of self-gain at the expense of us, using his billionaire friends and other corrupt authoritarian governments and ‘kingdoms’ … He touts false information with his fake persona as he tries to convince us to believe that he is this down-to-earth guy who tells the ‘real’ truth and who is going to get rid of ‘wall street’ greed and corruption in the government, and who will make sure we can keep our semi-automatic military weapons to fight off the non-existent and made-up threat that people are going to come after us to take our freedoms away. All the while it is Trump who hoodwinks us as he treats us like we-the-people are his property and widdles on our rights and on the resources that could be available for us to live a more fulfilling life.

The female Parkland graduate leans over into the microphone, as she takes it into her hands: 

I am shocked at how many of us have yielded to being manipulated and overpowered by an aspiring-to-be autocratic leader? I now realize that our government is already a kakistocracy. I know it is a long word, but we need to know what it means. It is a government run by the most unscrupulous and most unqualified citizens. How could things have deteriorated to this level? 

How could our country allow semi-automatic weapons to be in the hands of basically anyone who wants one? They are made to kill masses of humans in war. What is the message from our government to us, when it facilitates mass availability of these weapons?

The answer for me is that our government, mostly owned by the NRA, is generating and sustaining an environment of waging war within our own neighborhoods in our every day lives. And the resulting violence and slashing of our precious lives happens first to us who are most vulnerable … innocent students in school, like what happened to me and the students and families in Parkland at our High School… or people watching a movie … or people meeting at their church… or dancing together to music … or listening to an outdoor concert …

People who would use weapons to torture and murder others who are innocent … not only lack courage, they are cowards … so they attack those who can not respond in kind. But why do these people become cowards? Why do they want to hurt and destroy the innocent or murder and torture those who they believe have rejected them?

My belief is that they are very lost and hurt themselves … to the point that they no longer believe that they have a future. They don’t have a future because they feel invisible … that they don’t matter any more. They don’t feel a sense of belonging in their life.

The future congress woman reaches for the microphone and continues the conversation:

Without a future, these lost people can not thrive and they can destroy others along with themselves in their desperate attempts to be noticed. When they massacre others, they are in the news, which gives them a twisted sense of mattering … they are not invisible any more …

When they are tortured by the pain of isolation and insignificance … feeling invisible to others in their life … this changes them and they can lose themselves to envy, rage, and violence.

The female Parkland graduate jumps in:

I’m not advocating that we respect the horrendous acts of murderers. They need to suffer the consequences of their heinous acts … as we grieve what feels like an unending grief for our friends and family who we have lost … for our teenage years that were slashed … for the safe and fun place that our school used to be …

Tears are flowing from her face as the future congress woman, puts her arm around her and takes the microphone:

Your life as you had known it to be, was ripped from you. And I know the pain can be overwhelming. Yet you speak of having compassion and understanding for these mass murderers … This speaks of your strengths and power … of your goodness and truth, and the beauty of your soul.

It is possible that a few of those students who mowed down their classmates could have been different if more people had paused to include them at lunch … or invite them to a meeting … or just say hello and ask them how they are doing. Instead we have tended to retreat from people who make us uncomfortable … to isolate them even further.

True leaders represent the goodness and truth of the people they represent. They inspire creative and innovative expression … because they know that this will create a more ‘perfect union’. And everyone has goodness and truth, even if they have rejected and buried this in themselves.

I believe that even those without futures can be touched and healed in time … so that they can come to believe in a future for themselves. But the estranged situation under Trump will only incite more cowards and more violent acts … against the innocent and vulnerable …

Maya Angelou listens to the female graduate and future congress woman, as her eyes glisten with delight. She is wearing a long blue dress with wing like arms, glistening from light that seems to originate within her …  Einstein feels her presence and turns toward her.

Angelou bursts forth to Einstein:

Albert, the wisdom and courage of these women is amazing. If semi-automatic weapons become an accepted part of ordinary life on earth, this will feed extreme hate, resentment, and bitterness. This will incite terror in more gatherings of innocent people coming together to live their lives in celebration and peace … in love … Is this a direction for a spirited land of the free … ?

The ‘form’ of freedom changes as life evolves. The freedom for citizens to be able to have a musket was an important function of freedom for a newly forming country. It protected the citizens from being at the mercy of autocracy, stratocracy (military rule), or religious rule … They came to America so that they could have freedom of religion  … which meant that all expressions of spirituality were to be tolerated and accepted as having value in the diverse expressions of a newly forming population … not that the alt right christians would command the governmental decisions and laws for everyone else.  They formed their government as immigrants who understood the value of diversity. They didn’t have semi-automatic weapons that could be turned into machine guns that would wipe out masses of people in a few minutes.

Also, it is important to consider that as our government evolved, blacks and women were not given the same rights as white men. People of color, and women of all colors would have to demand their own rights and take a stand against the oppressive forces of chauvinistic white men and their acquiescing white women. 

When I think about all of this, I also feel sadness and grief about what those early immigrant settlers did to the Native Americans who inhabited the land when they arrived. And today the same behavior of these immigrant settlers would be considered illegal and their children would be taken from them and given away to who knows who.

This is why it is so important to forgive … mostly ourselves … as well as those who have done harm to us. It is only through forgiveness that we can begin new.

I’ve been moving my consciousness into the news media of 2018, before the elections occurred … and the research indicates that the extreme right/alt right want to clean out the population so that only racist sexist white men are in charge … with white women serving them. How will they do that? Hitler is the clearest example they have.

It confuses me that the Americans who support their president Trump … who claim to take a stance for protecting their constitutional ‘freedom’ … are the very people who want to diminish freedom for people who are different than them in ways that make them uncomfortable. They want to diminish freedom for women … for different forms of spiritual expression … for people of color … and the list goes on.

Many people are vulnerable to being manipulated by authoritarian leaders who use their emotions to direct them so that they are more easily malleable as pawns for the leader’s agenda, such as president Trump’s agenda. And a large percentage of the current republican party acquiesce with Trump in their attempt to gain power and authority. They believe that the ends justify the means. And you can not support what is good and true when the means you use justifies nefarious actions to get your end result.

One of the ways that the Trump administration and its republican congress are acting nefariously is by moving access to resources to the most wealthy in the population … to the billionaires … as the ordinary citizens become more dependent upon the will of these billionaire lobbyists … those billionaires who use their position to gain political control over ordinary citizens who they will eventually strip until they acquiesce and surrender their will …

Hitler was a master at giving different people what they wanted in different ways in order to gain the control that he wanted. Can’t people see through this horrid intention?

They have a president who is doing a similar kind of thing to them as Hitler did to the Germans. His intention is to slowly slice the government to pieces until the resistance has no more energy. And he falsely accuses everyone else of the very things that he wants to distract others from exposing about him. Trump holds similar values as Hitler did. He even kept Hitler’s Mein Kampf next to his bed for years …

What has happened to the peoples’ ability to ponder and to think critically in constructive ways? Or if they are thinking critically, what has happened to their ability to perceive? Have they become paranoid? If Trump can make the people paranoid, then he has them under his thumb.

Anais Nin joins in, from seemingly out of the blue:

One of my favorite poets helped me in my darkest of times. Her name was Christina Rossetti. She wrote a poem called Hope. It reveals how it is the rose with all of its thorns that excels …


Hope is like a harebell trembling from its birth,

Love is like a rose the joy of all the earth;

Faith is like a lily lifted high and white,

Love is like a lovely rose the world’s delight;

Harebells and sweet lilies show a thornless growth,

But the rose with all its thorns excels them both.

I believe that the United States of America, with all of its thorns, will come through this time to create a new and transcendent government for the purpose of having a ‘more perfect union’ honoring the constitution and its intentions of what is good and true for its people. The people will forgive themselves for allowing that man to gain such a pivotal position to tear their government to shreds. And I sense that they will begin a whole new fabric … they will weave a new government as they are also weaving themselves new.

It seems to me that these students and millennials have come to participate … to be a pivotal part of initiating a new way of governing … And at the heart of this movement and beyond it, there are the wise ones … the dreamers and dream weavers … who have their backs and who can help to guide them.

The Old One Crone appears and surrounds Albert, Maya, and Anais, in Her cocoon of light. They surrender their illusion of separateness and become light themselves … within Her light … In the next moment they are standing on the streets of NYC in the midst of at least a million people who have gathered in what would be a near future for the Parkland graduate and the future congress woman.

In Times Square, they see flashing: New York Times headlines – The Obamas Have Your Back.

Signs with ‘The Obamas Have Our Back’ – are everywhere interspersed throughout, along with other signs such as ‘Never Again’, ‘Me too’, ‘We Voted Them Out’,  and ‘Extraordinary Evolution’ …

There are students from high schools and colleges all over the US celebrating their success. Women of all ages pack the streets from Ultraviolet, NOW, #MeToo … Men and women from LGBTQ. Men gathered from NOMAS. Men and women from Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, RWFP, Collective PAC, Women’s March, Invisible, ACLU, … from NALEO … And individuals from communities throughout the US … flood the streets. There are also people from other countries throughout the world who have come to witness and participate … and all to celebrate … the recent success in the mid term elections … as well as to initiate and explore possibilities and opportunities that facilitate the changes that are needed for all three branches of government to become … ‘of and for people’ …

Einstein blinks and finds himself standing next to a private conversation that President Obama is having with Joe Biden, at this gathering. He knows that they can not see him, yet he can hear what they are saying. Well, it’s not exactly hearing, it is a form of receiving their vibrational thought and feeling patterns.

Biden to President Obama:

Barack look at what you and Michelle have helped to seed. I never considered that things would take off like this from the inspiration of your Netflix series. Who could have imagined this? Our country has come alive as the old republican congress and the president’s office are crumbling. And my hope is that someday soon neither republicans nor democrats will be able to go back to their insidious deals with the lobbyists. It seems to me that in the not so distant future, many changes that affect our whole way of governing could be instituted by the influence of these passionate students along with these women and progressive men … dark and light colored … who were elected to congress at a rate not witnessed before.

President Obama to Biden:

I’m so honored to be a part of what has inspired this movement. These courageous people have initiated something beyond what we could have imagined. We have their backs … And I know that this is not just some kind of movement that will fizzle out. This is a new way of living and being for our country and for our world. People are coming together.


I know that there are now ‘isolate’ groups inciting their members. With this much compassion, understanding, and hope in the world, there will be a dark response.

President Obama:

Yes I see that. I also know we are not alone. There are others who have our backs as we have their backs.

Maya Angelou is standing in the midst of the million plus people who are feeling awe and wonder in their minds and hearts. She then turns to see another high school or college student activist talking to a large group forming …

Student Activist:

There is a new evolution! And this new evolution is an ‘Extraordinary Evolution’! (The audience screams ‘extraordinary evolution’ over and over) 

We have lost interest in the deteriorated and outdated direction that the US government has taken. We along with other progressive and neoconservative groups have inspired people to vote! (More shouts of ‘Extraordinary Evolution!)

This movement has resulted in a shift in congress so that there is now a majority of democrats. And also of great importance is that a new breed of republicans won some seats in congress. Together, we are all a force … a force that will bring the fractioned parties together in a way that has never before happened! (More shouts of ‘extraordinary evolution’)

As the student’s speech continues, Maya turns and sees Anais Nin, walking among small groups that are forming.  Anais calls her over.

Anais Nin:

Maya, there are small groups forming … representing the organizations present … as well as impromptu groups … I’ve been walking among them and listening.  There are groups about how chauvinism emasculates men as it attempts to overpower women … about how the strength of togetherness supersedes the weakness of isolationism … or how to use imagination and creativity for innovative success … or how to harness the power of communing and creating with nature … or the power and joy of compassion …  or even the luminous hope in understanding … Some are forming to explore the mystery of life …  or new ways to love … or creating a new reality for living your fortune … And there are more forming that I haven’t gotten around to yet …

Maya and Anais, hold one another in their celebration and joy.

Einstein changes his intense focus on this gathering and realizes that Virginia Woolf is standing beside him with two single streams of silent tears slipping down the curve of her face.

Woolf turns to Einstein:

I never felt the fullness of my grief, from my life as a woman in a chauvinistic man’s world. I do not feel deeply sad about killing myself, but I have what seems like endless grief over the torture and pain that I experienced from sexist men who demeaned my writing, who tried to instill self-doubt in me about the significance and value of my stories … and who could not take my constructive criticism as they would have taken criticism from a man. I was diminished as a writer because I was a woman. And then I was considered mentally disturbed because of the depth of feelings and humiliation I felt from this. I preferred not to live in that world.

Anais Nin appears next to Virginia Woolf and Einstein:

Come with me, Virginia. I want you to see this. You too Albert.

Anais surrenders her sense of separateness and guides the minds and hearts of Virginia and Albert, followed by Maya joining them … Anais leads them to a place ‘Between’ … yet in the midst of the gathering. In this place apart, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is having an intense conversation with a woman, Penelope, and young man, Morpheus, from a distant future. They are more brown than white. They have been hired to ‘inspire’ the congress of the United States of America in their time.

Anais Nin to Einstein, Maya and Woolf:

I have been listening to their conversation. Penelope and Morpheus have come to inspire and to help this gathering.In their future time they work as creatives for their congress which hires writers, poets, musicians, intuitive consultants, mystics, artists … as well as scientists, a variety of professionals … Their congress also invites small groups of ordinary citizens to gather through a lottery … in order to listen to their needs, wants, as well as their creative suggestions.

I think that they gather these experts and creatives to help them make decisions together – to represent the people more effectively and as well, to help congress to continually supersede themselves so that they can keep up with the extraordinary evolution that is now prevalent with the citizens, seeded so many years ago.

Somehow Penelope and Morpheus can communicate with Garcia Marquez who is now in his afterlife and who lived in the past when he was considered one of the most significant Spanish authors in the twentieth century. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982.

Garcia, Penelope, and Morpheus, have all moved their consciousness into a Between which has no space or time … Penelope and Morpheus have moved ‘Between’ the space/time of their future life, which they have become proficient at doing … and somehow they connected with Marquez in his afterlife. Penelope is a dreamer and dream weaver and Morpheus takes dreams that are woven in the Between, and precipitates them in the illusion of what people in the world call reality.

Albert, Anais, Maya and Virginia turn their attention to listen to a conversation with Penelope, Morpheus, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but … life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.


Yes, Garcia, we must continually give birth to ourselves. I believe that this is how we evolve. Nothing changes until we change. I also believe that as we give birth to something … unimaginable … even unfathomable … within who we can Be … it is important that we lean … that we are willing to receive from each other … and also from forces beyond us and our world.  They are here to help us evolve … consciously … in extraordinary ways that we can not yet fathom. This has never happened before.

As they are having their conversation in the Between, a passionate speaker at the gathering in NYC, begins talking of giving birth. He is the male student activist they were listening to earlier.

Student Activist:

We must give birth to ourselves before we can give birth to a new government. We have a new beginning but it is up to us to show up for this … ‘extraordinary evolution’.  It is an evolution beyond what we can imagine or even fathom, at this point. But we can reach for it. We can lean on one another … as well the Obamas and others we don’t even know, who will be sharing their wise insights, understandings, and visions with us … directly and indirectly … who will be guiding us into unimaginable places of possibility and opportunity … We can change this government to represent its truest intent … for a more perfect union … of and for the people.

The crowd around him explodes with passion and hope, again shouting ‘extraordinary evolution’.

Marquez stops the conversation with Penelope and turns to Morpheus:

Do you see what is happening? As we talk here, someone in this crowd that surrounds us in NYC, in a different dimension, begins speaking of the same ideas as we have been discussing.

Morpheus smiles at Penelope as he turns to Garcia:

Yes Garcia, as we talk with you, we are weaving dreams from our conversation and offering them to these people. This young man accepted.


“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old. They grow ‘old’ because they stop pursuing dreams.” ( Gabriel García Márquez)

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