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Lyn Marsh,PhD

The Egg Cracks and Releases the Future in Its Shell

“The present was an egg laid by the past that had the                            future inside its shell.”
(Zora Neale Hurston)


The Old One Crone stands with Einstein as she listens to the woman, in her 40’s. She is tall  dressed in bohemian-Egyptian style clothing. Her long skirt seems to have many lengths of different materials. She has gem-like beads sewn into a blouse under a shear almost imperceptible covering which flows into the folds of her skirt. No one knows who invited her to speak. Maybe one of the organizers slipped her to the podium at this stadium.

The woman begins speaking to the crowd as though she is in the middle of a conversation with them:

How could we have allowed a man with life-shattering corruption to run our country and take over or have major influence in our congress, our FBI, our Justice Dept., and now our Supreme Court? Why?
What has happened to 35% of our citizens? What has happened to their integrity? How could they allow themselves to be manipulated by a man who would hurt them if it served him and if he could get by with it? How can they not see – this man has no compassion? How could they not see how he is using them as his pawns?

35%. And maybe more.

Do they walk old ladies across the street or hug their neighbors who have suffered tragedy? Could these same people support a man who betrays love, truth, and loyalty for what is good and true … who betrays trust and morality … who falls in love with a dictator and a Crowne prince, even a Russian president – all who order people murdered in plain sight … such as their dissidents … the brave journalist who takes a stand … And they get by with this because our own president has more in common with them … than he has with our own citizens who give him their power… their worth… their authority… and even their misplaced love.

35%. Maybe more…

What are you thinking, as this 35%? Does he have you so fooled that you believe his lies even after they have been proven lies… time and again? Maybe you do not research the truth … or maybe you have fallen under his spell so that you can’t tell the difference between what is true and what are lies of propaganda manipulating you… I know you want someone to care about you. He is using you as his pawns. I just can’t believe that you have lost your human gifts …

Have you not noticed that your president continually accuses the other side of doing – exactly what he is doing, as he does it? He does this so that you will become rageful and upset with ‘the others’, which turns your attention and then allows him to do what he wants right in front of your face while you are looking the other way. The Germans know about this kind of manipulation. They lost their freedom. Our country‘s defense of Germany is one of the major reasons they are now free. If we give our freedom away, who will rescue us? We have inspired the world with our freedom for and of the people… What happens if the world loses us? We may lose the world along with ourselves. Dictators and strong-armed governments could rule. This is a nightmare scenario.

And how about you, the ‘other 35%’ – Are you hating this 35 % so much that you have lost your compassion… your willingness to hear what matters to them? Do you wish ill-will for the 35%?

Because, as long as you, the ‘other 35%’, do this… there can be no healing… there can be no real change. You become the other side of the mirror looking back at them… You reflect the same unwillingness to hear what matters when it differs in a way that threatens you …

I know we all need to vent. And yet it can be dangerous to vent when we will be targeted by the master manipulators of the 35%. If we vent publically, we are called mad men or women or referred to as a mob. We can lose power. We may lose if we give them the power to burn us at their cross.

They will listen to what we say and distort it, display their twisted version of it, use it … And they will use us to their advantage. Yes, they will … if they can get by with it. And right now they get by with it.

“So what do we do?” You might be asking.

Listen to Michelle and Barack Obama. No matter what it looks like, we need to take the high ground. And we need to do that with gusto … We need to gather all the passion and resolve we have in us … Yes, we come together in massive demonstrations … Yes, we speak out with our truth.

But we need to stop making the other side evil. It will not work. Yes, our own president will make us evil and many will follow his empty rhetoric … and they might someday have the power to burn us at the stake. It is up to us. But it is important to realize that if we make them evil, we feed their evil behaviors. And they win. We can’t compete with them here. They will beat us.

I’m not saying we should be understanding with our ‘president’ or our Republican Congress (with the exception of Murkowski)… or our two compromised supreme court justices … or to the parts of the FBI and Justice Department, owned by our ‘president’. I’m not suggesting we try to understand the Crowne Prince of Saudi Arabia … or Putin … or Kim ? … These are the master manipulators. Don’t focus on them. Any kind of focus they get from us or anyone will be used as fuel to feed their causes. Don’t give them your life force.

Instead, focus on the love, caring, protection, compassion, and compassionate understanding … that you have for this country … that you have for each other and for your noble dreams and visions … your humility for freedom with respect for all … Give respect and honor to those on either side who are willing to listen and to hear. And you need to really hear what matters to the ‘others’ … the ones you feel most threatened by …

Zora Neale Hurston, an extraordinary black writer, once said,-
“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” Your love can bring out the hidden and lost souls who are currently being used as pawns …Focus your love in your visions and dreams for the bigger picture. Keep these alive and present with you in each moment. And you need each other now, more than ever. Reach out to others and lean on one another.

If there was ever a time to vote – it is now. If we don’t vote and ignore what is happening to our country, then we will be choosing, albeit indirectly, for someone … to destroy our democracy … to corrupt us and imprison our freedoms such that we may not recognize what is happening until it’s too late …

The poor and middle class are losing ground now. The most wealthy are gaining more and more momentum … where they are growing with exponential monetary power so that they can buy the direction of our country … of our world. There may be no government for and of the people … again … in any of our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children, their children… their children…

Our world is being ripped apart. We need to weave a new one … now … or there will be nothing left of what is good, true … of what is beautiful … It is now up to us. If this frightens and confuses us, let our fears and confusion mobilize us… It is time to take our stand and have our voice … whatever form that takes for each of us in our lives.

If you like to write, write more. If you are a painter, paint more … If you help others in your profession, help more. If you are a journalist, get out into the action … and make your voice known … but do this surrounded by your people. Do not do this alone. Throw out your fierce independence. It can kill you now. Be more passionately and actively involved in whatever you love to do. And get out of what makes you unhappy. Let go of your excuses that tell you why you can’t have what you want. Mostly they are not real. And if they are, find a way to go between them – take a pause and then open to new possibilities that you couldn’t see before … Call your people to help you. If you have no people, find some. There are so many who feel just like you.

She stops talking to her audience. She can’t talk any more. Emotions flood her senses … She feels sick at her stomach to have one more thought … or one more idea. She leans forward with respect and gratitude for all who have come to this crowded stadium, awaiting exceptional and extraordinary individuals who will speak before the 2018 midterm elections … Michelle and Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Kristen Gillibrand, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, the Hamilton cast, Stevie Wonder … among many more …

She steps across the stage to leave … the audience is completely silent. At first, she feels that she has failed to get her message to them. She has had so many failures. Then she looks into their faces as she prepares her exit. She feels into the hush. The faces of angels stare back at her … She surrenders to the love. They clap. She exits. The clapping tapers into more silence before the next speaker begins.


Einstein and the Old One Crone stand on the Edge of the Cosmos in the Between. A crowd has also gathered here. Poets, artists, scientists, leaders, writers… from past and future worlds … And in their midst are also other beings from universes beyond, who have joined them to witness and to help the people on earth to participate in bringing in a new world.

The Old One Crone walks among those gathered, looking deep into their eyes … She knows why they have come… As she weaves among them, they begin to feel a beautiful sadness … They move with her… A micro-cosmic fractal of energy flows out of them into the cosmos … into the earth and its people …


Old One Crone responds to those gathered in the Between:

The earth is in an excruciating time right now. People are drifting away from who they know themselves to be … as their world unravels before their eyes … Their government appears at risk of losing its function – of and for the people. Their congress has fallen into corruption … such that it now supports a president who was elected- not by the people … but by deception … People are at risk of giving up … or of responding with rage and hate, forgetting ‘why’ they feel with such intensity or why they have lost their hope. If this goes too far, they could lose their world. They do not realize how close they are …

They have reduced their spirituality to religions and gurus … forgetting their own truer nature so long ago… which has left them vulnerable to surrender their power to an autocrat-in-the making …to allowing him to manipulate their thoughts … feelings …. hopes … and therefore their actions … They are at risk of losing sight of their will and power to choose…

I want you to reach with me … into and through the cosmos … to the earth and its people … We have no time or space … so I put my attention to 2018, before their midterm elections for their senate and house.

Those gathered focus their senses on earth in the year 2018 … The dark chaos is erupting throughout the earth and it is demanding the attention of the people, creating more fear, hate, rage, despair, and terror. At the same time … as they reach deeper … with greater range … they see a beautiful fractal light … interweaving itself throughout the world and earth. They gasp from the beauty and wonder of it all. This Light is weaving itself in the very pattern of their weaving dance together here in the Between.

Old One Crone:

This is the Light Chaos ..we want to give our Light … our Love … and our Energy … This is the Light of a new world being born out of the old as the old surrenders to its inevitable death … It matters more than ever … to focus on the new Light and remove our focus from the old. It is surging in its rage and in its attempt to gain attention to stay alive. It must go now. And the elegance of its death depends on where the people on earth focus their light. Do they give their light to the dying agony and its attempts to control and manipulate, attempting to keep the old alive a little longer. Or do they give their light to the new beginnings of a world … with new hope … new possibilities beyond what they can imagine … to a love more pure that can yet be felt .. or believed … or even fathomed …


I’m concerned that the people are not focusing on this new light. They are polarized and at risk of destroying both worlds … the old and new … And then what is left?

Old One Crone:

Look deeper into the Light Chaos … into the patterns emerging … patterns of beauty … of hope and compassion … patterns of new possibilities … and of forgiveness …

Within the midst of this turmoil and stupidity of a president and his congressional and other governmental minions … you can sense a small handful of glowing light beings in human form. They are making their presence known. They hold the new within them … and they are beginning to direct the evolution of their planet … of their world … through a current that flows from pure love. It is beginning to move through even less than a handful of that handful of light beings in human form. And that is all it takes. They are the new human beings …emerging now …

Life can not be defined … It will never be completely understood. It changes … always … eternally changing …

These gathered at the Edge in this Between … move into deep stillness of hush … And they know how they can help. They sense that the small handful of these glowing ones … will succeed … A new world is crowning, and being received by new light and love … already holding the essence of a new world within …



What about the present situation? How do they get out of the horror show of the man calling himself president of the United States. He has humiliated the people and their country … They need to be intense in their action. They need to resist this potential threat to their freedom and well being.


Old One Crone:

When the others go low … go high. I refer those two lovely human beings … Michelle and Barack Obama …

So many civilizations have gone down because this is forgotten. You can go high with intensity … with passionate action.

As much as people want to diminish love … to make it a secondary happy feeling, Love holds the very current … that will connect their world with what will allow their consciousness to thrive in a new world unfolding …

There are those waking up … to hold the Love … to show compassionate … to remember that they are on earth … for the welfare of All … So when they gather in their resistance … they will remember what they are resisting … so that they will not let themselves fall into the very behaviors that they are resisting … jealous or envious hate, violent rage, disregard, blame, negative judgements for people different from them, humiliating comments and gestures, wishing ill will on the others, insulting the intelligence of others, making fun of them, belittling them, seeing them as evil or hopeless …

When they remember that each person was always meant to be there with … and for All … they will triumph.


“We are here.
We are here for all of us
we are here for all of us
that’s why we are here.”
Let’s talk about our part
My heart touch your heart
Let’s talk about, let’s talk about living
Had enough of dying, not what we all about
Let’s do more giving
Do more forgiving,
Our souls were brought together so that we could love each other
We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here”

(Alicia Keys, We are Here)


“Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me.”

(Zora Neale Hurston)


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