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Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

The Dreamers


Overflowing heavens of squandered stars flame brilliantly about your troubles. Instead of into your pillows, weep up toward them. There, at the already weeping, at the ending visage, slowly thinning out, ravishing world space begins. Who will interrupt, once you force your way there, the current? No one. You may panic, and fight that overwhelming course of stars that streams toward you. Breathe. Breathe the darkness of the earth and again look up! Again. Lightly and facelessly depths lean toward you from above. The serene countenance dissolved in night makes room for yours.
(Rainer Maria Rilke, 1913)


Albert Einstein has no thoughts, no feelings. He takes not one breath… His afterlife heart is still. In the black silence, a shimmering Light appears and forms an opening. Einstein moves his consciousness through the portal.

He finds himself in a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers. It forms the shape of a cauldron on top of a majestic purple-hued mountain… In his awe… he sees Her. The Old One Crone sits on a huge slab of stone on a curved ledge along the cauldron’s wide bowl. Einstein walks over and sits next to Her.

Einstein turns to the Old One Crone:

I have come from an afterlife dream – where I am a human called Will, on earth in 2019. Am I human now as I am also here in my afterlife?

The Old One Crone responds:

All of your experiences emerge from your dreaming, Albert. You are here in your afterlife dreaming yourself as a human being in 2019.

When you look through the lenses of stillness… of silence… through the lenses of your imagination and intuition… you see that everything is connected. And Albert, your life in the late 1800’s and 1900’s… was an illusion. Nothing was real until you gave it realness.

You did this partially through your love… Creativity is love’s work. Your inventiveness… your innovations… and therefore your love – brought realness into your dream of life… and you gave the world your relativity theories which changed the world‘s understanding of time and space…

You also believed the people in your life were separate from you. So you made this real too. When you felt separated from others… it became harder for you to love yourself… and to be a person as loving as you could have been…

When you feel separated from life, you can judge yourself and others in ways that alienate you and them… You have more self-doubt, mistrust, self-focus… Your behaviors cause pain for yourself and others in your life… And the cycle begins over and over… feeding itself and gaining momentum…

So it is important to realize that you are not separate from anything in your personal world… and at an unconscious level, you are connected to ‘everything’ in the world… in the entire universe… and beyond… which includes your afterlife, Albert.

Life is a dream. The space between you and everything else in your life/reality/dream is not really there. You dream that ‘space’ and then believe that you are separated from the things and the people in your dream when you are human. Yet it is all an illusion. It is your dream.

You can learn how to dream ‘consciously’ what you want your life to be. You can learn to blur the boundaries of your daydreams and night dreams…of your intuition… and of your fantasies… that you have in your human life… so you become more conscious of the ‘Dream’ that is your life… As you do this, you can expand your consciousness as a human being.

And also as you expand your consciousness to receive and accept your more real Self… you will love yourself more… you will live more of who you truly Are… and this is also true for you in your afterlife.


This is not something that people can reach from logic and reason or linear thinking. So they will have to go beyond their familiar way of experiencing life… and reach into a non-linear way of perceiving life. They will need to think sideways. They will need to experience time as a spiral rather than a straight line. This will be hard at first. It will feel foreign. Even when I realized in my lifetime – that time was not really a straight line, I couldn’t grasp it all. So, I allowed my imagination to imagine for me… and then I could allow myself to reach beyond what my brain could comprehend.

Old One Crone:

Yes, this is the nature of dreams. They have no time or space. So you can blur the boundaries of your dreams. And as you love yourself more… you understand that expanding consciousness in your life or afterlife – is not about accumulating more information or learning one more thing… It is about spawning the information you already have. If you loved yourself completely, you would have everything you need, desire, or want… You would have access to All-That-Is.


I know that Love and Beauty are real… I know more of the Love and Beauty I Am… As a human when I allowed myself to revel in the beauty of imagination… I felt loved…


Old One Crone:

Your imagination in your life time lifted to a transcendent level. Physicists rejected you at first. They couldn’t believe what you had discovered. It was outside of their understanding. But a few physicists, enchanted by your new theory, would come to recognize it as unprecedented… unparalleled… until eventually, the world would celebrate your discoveries… There was a lot of resistance… but you held the wonder and you embraced ‘imagination’ as having more value than logic and reason. The mystery of life fascinated you more than a desire to conform or follow the rules.

People have been so hurt by their own harsh judgment of themselves and others… by alienating themselves and others… by their paranoia… their envy and jealousy… by abandoning and betraying… And they also give others these parts to play… making them the characters in their theatrical productions – which they refer to as their ‘lives’. They haven’t come to realize yet – that nothing in their lives… is truly separate from them … They may not be the immigrants but the immigrants are not separate from them. They may not be the president of their country, but the president is not separate from them. They are not the ocean or the hawk riding the ocean winds… but these are not separate from them.

There will be a time when people realize they are ‘One’ with their lives. And as they know this, they can forgive themselves for the pain they have caused… not from a sense of obligation or a false sense of responsibility or guilt… but as a deeper sense and knowing they can change themselves – and that as they do – everything else will change with them. They will understand that nothing changes until they do. This is hard, for the 2019 human world of logic and reason and linear thinking, to grasp, but I sense they are getting ready.

As you come to know you are not separate from anything… that you are connected with everything… you can expand your consiousness… you can come to sense the Love… and the Joy… beyond all words… You can know you have never really been alone… even as you have felt so lonely…

There is another fascinating thing about the evolution of humans, I want to share.

You can see more clearly here in your afterlife – that it is all a dream because as you imagine things, they appear at the moment you imagine them. It moves slower on earth because of the density. But that will also change over time…

As a human… you ‘dream’ your ‘life’… and it is fascinating to realize – that your ‘life’ is also ‘Being Dreamed’ for you. But it is up to you to ‘allow’ these Dreams-Dreamed for you… to become more a part of who you are being… to accept them…

As you allow, receive, and accept these Dreams-Dreamed for you, you can change anything and everything… with little or no effort. Your life can change miraculously in ways you can not imagine… ways now unfathomable to you…

There is a vastness of Love… I refer to It as — GodGoddessAllThatIs. People have called It by many names… the Divine, the Universe, God, the Cosmos, Consciousness…

You are always and forever ‘Being Loved’… but it is up to you… It is up to every human being… It is your choice… to receive and accept the Dreams-Dreamed for you…  to receive and accept the Dreams this Love… the Universe… GodGoddessAllThatIs… Dream for you…


It all feels like a paradox. On one side I am dreaming my life and I need to become more conscious of this so I can dream my life the way I want it to go. And yet as I am more conscious, I will realize that I can allow, receive, and accept Dreams-Dreamed-for-me… that can lift my life beyond what I could have dreamed or imagined for myself. Wow, this blows my afterlife socks off!!!

Old One Crone:

Yes, it is a grand mystery, isn’t it? If you go between both sides of your paradox, you may open to a deeper understanding of it all…

There are sets of what is ‘more real’. When you have mastered one set, you can lift into a new set. In one set you are dreaming everything in your life and you can expand by becoming more and more conscious of what you are dreaming and then you can change – to dream your life the way you want it to unfold.

And when you have more mastery with this set… then you can expand to include a new set where you come to know and experience life… and beyond… as being a part of who you Are… that everything is One. Now you can transcend/ expand into this new set where you allow, receive, and accept Dreams… Realities… that are being Dreamed and Created for you… beyond what you can imagine or believe… beautiful Dreams beyond all imagination… Perhaps there is a secret here about the ‘nature’ of who you Are…


Life is so much more than I ever imagined it to be during my lifetime.
I‘m wondering about something. Are there different kinds of dreams in physical life?

Old One Crone:

Well, your physical life is one type of dream you are having.  As you come to know your life as having more of a spiraling energy where the past, present, and future… are all One… you can blur the boundaries of all of your dreaming… including the waking dream, you call your physical life.

You can start by becoming conscious of your daydreams and what they tell you about yourself. The same is true for your fantasies and your spontaneous awarenesses. You also have intuitive awarenesses. What are these trying to tell you about what you intend or expect… or how you love… what you need to know about yourself or about the direction of your life…?

Your meditations will also guide you and reveal more of who you are… And pay attention to what you create. What do you paint or write or make…? What is your canvas… or your story…? What are your actions — saying to you about yourself… about what you believe… about your destiny…? What are the hidden jewels within them…? It also helps to remember your night dreams… to interpret them and receive a deeper understanding of their messages for you…

Dreams do not have time or space.
In time you can come to blur the boundaries of the 7 types of dreams you have until you live your dreams… until you live your Life Dream… consciously… as One…


I will pause here… to contemplate this… And I want to continue with you…

Old One Crone:

I am here for you, Albert…

(by Lyn Marsh)

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