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The Cave of Mistaken Dreams: Einstein and His Companions Respond

conversations older man grieving sorrow

Things are not right with the world. There is a profound penetration of sadness and suffering. It is spreading. 

There is a virulent and violent reaction to feeling radical depths of insignificance and powerlessness, and a lack of belonging in one’s own world. These reactions are ripping and shredding at souls.

Einstein hears these words, repeating in his mind. They came to him in a recent dream he had. He leans over and beyond the edge, looks into the heart of the cosmos … as he reaches into the deepest recesses of his concern.

Einstein sitting with hands folded and a serious lookEinstein:

My cosmos, your stars and galaxies appear to me to be moving as a symphony that has lost touch with its own music. What do you want me to know? 

Undefined emotions move from depths that Einstein can not name.  He surrenders his sense of separateness from the cosmos.

Then as if out of blue, he finds himself, along with his companions, in a vast dome shaped cave … existing outside the dimensions of space-time. The cave has named itself: The Cave of Mistaken Dreams.

There are 3D holographic dreams of life playing in the walls and ceilings. Einstein, and his companions, are each drawn to distinct and different areas of this cave where various dreams of life are being lived out.  

Einstein realizes that they are somewhere ‘in-between’ their afterlife and the current events happening for life on earth.

Anais Nin moves further into the cave, and stops to watch a holographic dream that calls her in closer.

In the midst of watching, she realizes that she has moved inside this dream. She is standing in a ditch near a Yazidi woman about 30 years old. This woman is bent over in agonizing and terror ridden pain, making sounds that knock Anais off her feet until she finds herself sobbing in a ditch near where the agonized woman, caked with wet road dust and blood, has thrown herself over large pieces of debris on the side of a road, near her devastated home.

She had escaped being kidnapped by burying herself underneath dead bodies, but her children and her sister were taken as slaves and would be raped and treated as chattel. Her husband’s head was cut off in front of her and carried by one of the IS terrorists as if it were a flag waving through the air in pride.

This ‘IS’ terror group attacked the Iraqi village of Kocho, after a local Yazidi refused to convert to Islam. They killed at least 80, taking mostly women and children captive in the process.

conversations Yazidi child with caked blood      conversations yazidis in safe place in shock   conversations Yazidi Iraqi Parliament w message conversations yazidi woman behind window

Anais knew that the violence would continue, and at least another 312 Yazidis were to be slaughtered. Some would be buried alive. 

She could see that this young woman would survive physically, with her help, but what would happen to her heart, her soul? How would she and her village ever recover from this horror? 

What could she do to help her? Anais fell into her own sobs of sorrow and grief for this woman and the others in this village. The depth of her grief could hold no name.

She gradually made her way beyond the feelings, knowing that it was important now to be with this woman, to help her. The woman could not see her directly, but she could sense her presence.  

Anais wrapped herself around her, as the young woman wept from her essence. She held her as they moved through night and day until they found a safe place for this woman to be, as Syrian Kurds, along with help from conversation syrian kurdsPresident Obama,conversations Heartfelt-Obama-Sandy-Hook-President continued to support and protect her people from as much further horror as possible.

As Anais realized that it was time for her to return to the cave, she found herself inside the cave with her face buried in Einstein’s shoulder and neck.  He knew. He was there with her, although she had not seen him.

As she lifted her head, she found herself with Einstein and the others, sitting by the bonfire at the edge of the cosmos. Each of them had had their own experience in the Cave of Mistaken Dreams. Everyone was in a piercing hush.

Walt Whitman walks to the edge, leaning over as though to reach into the unspoken suffering:

conversations waltwhitman

When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d,

And the great star early droop’d in the … sky in the night,

I mourn’d, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring…

O powerful … fallen star!

O shades of night—O moody, tearful night!

O great star disappear’d—O the black murk that hides the star!

O cruel hands that hold me powerless—O helpless soul of me!

O harsh surrounding cloud that will not free my soul.

[A pause more silent than still, fell upon them.]

conversations anais_nin bestAnais Nin stands to speak to all gathered by the fire:

I know that we have much to tell from our experiences in the Cave of Mistaken Dreams. Can we look deeper at what is happening on earth, and discuss possible resolutions? 

It might help to explore, with greater depth and understanding – this incomprehensible, soul shattering suffering and violence that is taking more hold on these people.


Einstein sitting with hands folded and a serious look

The terrorists seem to feel the need to force their way of life on everyone who will participate voluntarily or involuntarily. And they claim there to be a god who acts just like them. How would any divine force want to rip souls apart?

The ‘IS’ terrorists have brittled hearts that have acquired an aberrant function that was never meant to be … a function of paranoia, isolation, hate, and (even worse) indifference to the value of life itself. 

Schrodinger makes his way beyond a hypnotic shock that had been paralyzing his thoughts and feelings since his experience in the cave.

conversations schrödinger close upSchrodinger:

This ‘free will’ universe, was meant to serve all human beings to uniquely express their own sense of who they are – while holding the space for others to do the same.

There are always the bold ones who have the courage to reach beyond the accepted beliefs of their religion or of their prevailing society. They have been called heretics and many, along with those they love, have been tortured and murdered for this.  

conversations Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci was considered a witch and a heretic because he dared to be inventive. A french benefactor had to protect him from being condemned and murdered because of religion’s laws. Most people are not this fortunate.

William Blake refused to be dictated to by his religious benefactors. Blake instead held that individuals have value and mattering and deserve to be honored and respected with their differences as long as they did not force them on others.conversations William-Blake-9214491-1-402

Kurt Godel joins in:

Kurt Godel Sitting With Hands Clasped

If Pathagoras had never worked out the math that showed the world to be round, we might still believe that we could fall off the edge. 

Even with Pathagoras’ mathematical proof, intellectuals in the Roman Empire stubbornly held that the earth was flat for many many years to come. It was Plato who suggested that the earth was spherical, for which Pythagoras had provided the mathematics that could never be disputed.  

This belief about the world being round, was completely opposed by the religion of this time; it punished and killed ‘heretics’ for disagreeing with these ‘religious laws’ for the universe.

People finally turned around when Magellan was paid by the spanish crown to sail around the world. When he sailed to the other side of the world, without falling into the deep abyss of the universe, this provided them indisputable proof that the earth was round.

Barbara McClintock:

Barbara McClintock portrait photo

Life is complex and when you try to make it simple, it doesn’t work. You can not take all of the differences and uniqueness of people – their religions or spiritual beliefs, their culture and art, their values … and force them to be the same.  The human race will die.

It reminds me of the human body. If you force certain DNA to function the same as other DNA, you can make it impossible for the organ of which it is a part, to continue to exist … and therefore, you can kill the entire human body. 

The heart has to function as a heart. If it is forced to be a liver, the whole body will cease to exist. 

The kidney is not better than the heart. They are just different. When they function together in harmony as one, something amazing happens. We have a healthy human being.


I like your analogy, Barbara. Humans are weaving a tapestry together.  When certain ones cut themselves out and begin ripping at the tapestry, everyone is affected. 

This is how cancer functions in its attempt to isolate itself and then force the body to do what it wants, irregardless of what the body wants, desires, or needs for its own survival.

Einstein looks into the cosmos, with earth shaking focus … and shouts as though the humans on earth can hear him:

It is your tapestry … your life … that is being ripped apart. You can change this.

Anais Nin:

Maybe together, we can find new resolutions. We are beyond that set of life.  We are outside and we know about the other side of death.

As we share our resolutions and solutions with one another, we could then communicate with different groups, with potential leaders and innovators, with dreamers and dream weavers on earth … to inspire them to move in new directions or to follow their own intuition and wisdom that lie beyond the self doubt they hold. 

We can help heal the wounded so that they can find new beginnings for their lives, conversations horses head to head compassionthat hold hopeful futures of compassion, understanding, and even beauty. We can reach them from the Cave of Mistaken Dreams.  

To begin now, we can flow what we know of beauty and that powerful, mystical resonance of gratitude into their world.

William Blake walks over to Anais Nin and cups her face in his hands:

conversations William-Blake-9214491-1-402

To see a World in a Grain of Sand 

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, 

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour. 

Einstein and his companions close their eyes, surrender their separateness with one another, with the cosmos, with this moment, with the current world … as they flow beauty and gratitude into the world … 

conversations monet-water-lilies-15

(to be continued)

*Einstein’s companions consist of fellow physicists, poets, artists, writers, a geneticist, an archetypal psychologist and a mathematician.*

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When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d