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Secrets in the Intergalactic Plasma: Jung and Einstein Explore Dreams, Fusion, and Soul

conversations geometric lightEinstein is electrified. He is pure geometric light. He is bouncing into what appears to be, particles, charging them with life. He is the essence of life … of light. He is pure beauty.

Beauty moves within and through him. He is full of peace and joy … He is exhilarated and senses that he could, himself, create an entire universe. He knows that he is a part of everything… that he has no ending, no beginning. He is timeless… with primal desire to ignite new life with pure creativity and the kind of movement that can not be experienced in time and space.

He knows something without understanding  what it is he knows. He senses particles releasing hold of their current bonds, so that new forms can be created through fusion of these newly freed energies – creating new particles out of which untold energy is released into the cosmos… energy which will be also used to destroy old forms to make room for the new.

Where is he?

He has to move in zigzag patterns… yes he is within an intergalactic-like-plasma that seems to have replaced the illusory air that he usually experiences at the edge of the cosmos.

The cosmos is having a conversation with him. Einstein doesn’t feel temperature like a human. He feels warmth as a sense… an inclusion or embrace.

About 99% of the universe exists as plasma, which is the fourth state of matter — gas, liquid, solid, and plasma. Stars and the sun are in a state of plasma in their core.

Fusion is the process within plasma, which powers the sun and the stars. It is energy that makes all life on earth possible. It is called ‘fusion’ because the energy is produced by fusing together light atoms, such as hydrogen, at the extremely high pressures and temperatures which exist at the centre of the sun (15 million ºC).

His movement toward the edge of the Cosmos feels connected with every movement within this intergalactic-like plasma … In an instant he remembers his living imagination … and he imagines himself at the edge. He is there. How can that be? Perhaps it was his surrender … he surrendered his separateness as he engaged his living imagination.

The very nature of this plasma is the antithesis of the separation and domination that he had been exploring with Barbara McClintock, in their discussions about the microbiome. He wonders what happened – that the current world is now so caught up in chauvinism?


Their medicine tries to dominate the body. Their countries try to dominate one another. Methods of management in their businesses vie for control and power over others, rather than with them. Wall Street cheats those with less, so that the extremely rich and ‘powerful’ will get their information processed faster through the cables to make their investments work for them, at the expense of those with less access to resources. The internet system is being set up in the current world to serve the larger more monopolistic cable companies,etc., who will then use this power to limit the public’s free access to make themselves more money, again at the expense of the less fortunate, whose freedom is at great risk. They put untold trash into the Sea, as though it is their personal dump, and the whales, dolphins, and other sea creatures are continually losing their lives from diseases and other misfortunes.

Why is the current world moving in this direction? What happened to the people? I tried to leave a legacy to support people and countries to work together … to come together with their uniqueness and differences … to function together as one. I loved nature and honored its life in many ways.

This plasma is offering me secrets inherent within the heart of life. Secrets of how life moves, how it gives, how it creates energy to sustain itself, to destroy what needs to go, and to create new. It is thick and seemingly slow, with the energy of fusion everywhere, fueling and creating new life forms … in an instant. The zigzag of movement appears to take a non-linear direction, yet so much happens in no time at all.

Nothing is separate. Energy is created from fusion, and fission operates only to serve this function. Fission alone, separates and destroys; and considering Hiroshima, it dominates and is used to exert power over others, at the horror and expense of entire populations. Fission was never meant to function in a state of separation from the whole of the function of the beauty of life.

Dreams function within the beauty of life. They are always connected, even if their content is violent. The dream always holds a deeper function for that violence or mediocrity, or for the beautiful. A dream may have the function of releasing violent impulses for someone so that they do not act these out in their waking life. Or maybe the mediocrity in a dream is there to inspire someone to take action, to activate their passion for life. The dream always holds its connection with the whole.

Everything seems to stop. Einstein disappears in form. He surrenders himself to All That Is.

In this same moment that has no time, Carl Jung receives Einstein’s thoughts about dreams. In an instant he is standing beside Einstein, looking into the cosmos beside him.

Carl Jung:

I sensed you musing on dreams and here I am. It is so much fun, isn’t it?! Albert, it has been a while, even though there has been no time. I hope you can see my smile as I say this.


I can feel your smile, Carl. [He turns to look into Jung’s eyes].It was 1909 when we first had our conversations, wasn’t it? I believe they continued for about 4 years. I enjoyed the mystical of it all.


I attribute my concept of synchronicity, to you, Albert. It took me 30 more years before I published something on it, and that occurred after my discussions with Wolfgang Pauli.

I had some wonderful times with you.


I was pondering how dreams hold a deeper function than their content suggests. They are always connected with the oneness … and the wholeness of the person having them.


Yes, I’ve always believed that the purpose of the dream is to connect the dreamer to their [non-rational] soul … Dreams have a way of subverting the ego, and then providing constructive criticism so that the individual can move beyond the rational, and beyond their ego’s view of life. The true source of pathology resides in the ego and its rigidities, not in the unconscious. In order to really heal, the dreamer has to accept the transpersonal forces in their psyche … and needs to have humility with it all.

We are healed when we come to see ourselves in a new light, beyond that of the ego, where we are relating to and connected with the ancestral and archetypal forces … and to the ‘otherness’ of life.


Oh, I think this is part of what the cosmos was helping me with. It is about fusion. We have to let go of the ego and its limited thoughts so that we can fuse ourselves with something more. And this oneness lifts us to be more of who we really are. We are ancient … and we are connected with everything … with All That Is …


Dreams, as well as fantasies and synchronicities, can be used to help one receive deeper messages from soul … archetypal messages… and these can be turning points for them.

Dreams are very helpful in times of cultural decay because they are a true and reliable guide with their symbols and metaphors. As I said they reach beyond the ego … and then help to bring the ‘original mind’ back into consciousness. This can restore balance and sanity … not by being rational,that takes you into insanity … rather by leaning into forces that are far more powerful than we are … and into forces within ourselves that are connected with that collective unconscious that we all share.

There is no time in dreams … the past, present and future are all happening at once. I think that our dreams are one way that our unconscious presents itself to be received in our conscious world. I came to understand synchronicity as having no cause and that it occurred as our unconscious would seep or erupt into our conscious world. This could also happen through our intuition, perception, or other non-rational means. And sometimes the unconscious would just erupt and throw our conscious self into chaos.


I saw in our time, how acts of chauvinism and domination tried so hard to keep control over others, and how they also deny and avoid chaos. Yet chaos is at the heart of change. So the function of domination is to remain unchanged … through splitting off, denying soul, and then avoiding chaos at all costs. Chaos is not predictable.

I don’t understand how the current world has become so stuck. It must be frightened at an unspeakable level.


I had so many conversations with my soul, within my dreams at night and also within my day dreams. I want to tell you about one of our conversations. I think it may respond to your concerns. Here it is.

‘I called my soul and asked her to dive down into the floods, whose distant roaring I could hear. This happened on 22 January of the year l914, as recorded in my black book.

And thus she plunged into the darkness like a shot, and from the depths she called out:’

My soul: “Will you accept what I bring?”

I: “I will accept what you give. I do not have the right to judge or to reject”

My soul: “So listen. There is old armor and the rusty gear of our fathers down here, murderous leather trappings, hanging from them, worm-eaten lance shafts, twisted spear heads, broken arrows, rotten shields, skulls, the bones of man and horse, old cannons, catapults, crumbing firebrands, smashed assault gear, stone spearheads, stone clubs, sharp bones, shipped arrowhead teeth — everything the battles of yore have littered the earth with. Will you accept this?”

I: “I accept it. You know better, my soul.”

My soul: “I find painted stones, carved bones with magical signs, talismanic sayings on hanks of leather and small plates of lead, dirty pouches filled with teeth, human hair and fingernails, timbers lashed together, black orbs, moldy animal skins –all the superstitions hatched by dark prehistory. Will you accept all this?”

I: “I accept it all, how should I dismiss anything?”

My soul: “But I find worse: fratricide, cowardly mortal blows, torture, child sacrifice, the annihilation of whole peoples, arson, betrayal, war, rebellion — will you also accept this?”

I: “Also this, if it must be. How can I judge?”

My soul: I find epidemics, natural catastrophes, sunken ships, razed cities, frightful feral savagery, famines, human meanness, and fear, whole mountains of fear.”

I: “So shall it be, since you give it.”

My soul: “I find the treasures of all past cultures, magnificent images of gods, spacious temples, paintings, papyrus rolls, sheets of parchment with the characters of bygone languages, books full of lost wisdom, hymns and chants of ancient priests, stories told down the ages through thousands of generations.”

I: “That is an entire world — whose extent I cannot grasp. How can I accept it?”

My soul: “But you wanted to accept everything? You do not know your limits. Can you not limit yourself?”

I: “I must limit myself. Who could ever grasp such wealth?”

My soul: “Be content and cultivate your garden with modesty.”

I: “I will. I see that it is not worth conquering a larger piece of the immeasurable but a smaller one instead. A well-tended small garden is better than an ill-tended large garden. Both gardens are equally small when faced with the immeasurable, but unequally cared for.”

My soul: “Take shears and prune your trees.<>You should be able to cast everything from you, other wise you are a slave, even if you are the slave of a god. Life is free and chooses its way. It is limited enough, so do not pile up more limitation.”

I: “Hence I cut away everything confining. I stood here … and there lay the riddle-some multifariousness of the world.

And a horror crept over me. Am I not the tightly bound? Is the world there not the unlimited? And I became aware of my weakness. What would poverty, nakedness and unpreparedness be without consciousness of weakness and without horror at powerlessness? Thus I stood and was terrified. And then my soul whispered to me.” <>

My soul: “Well, then raise your hands and receive what comes to you.”

webI: “What is it? A rod? A black serpent? A black rod, formed like a serpent — with two pearls as eyes — a gold bangle around its neck. Is it not like a magical rod?”

My soul: “It is a magical rod.”<>
I: “Magic! What should I do with magic? I don’t believe in it. I can’t believe in it. My heart sinks — and I’m supposed to sacrifice a greater part of my humanity to magic?”

My soul: “I advise you, don’t struggle against this, and above all don’t act so enlightened, as if deep down you did not believe in magic.”

I: “Your inexorable. But I can’t believe in magic, or maybe I have a completely false idea of it.”

My soul: “Yes, I gather that from what you’re saying. Cast aside your blind judgment and critical gesture, otherwise you’ll never understand. Do you still mean to waste years waiting?”

“Be patient, my science has not yet been overcome.”

“High time that you overcame it!”


The most powerful of magic, lives within the mystery. It lives in the future. It can be terrifying so we try to hold on to what we know.


Yes, I learned this, and here is more from my soul that relates to what you are saying.

My soul: “The tension of the future is unbearable … It must break through narrow cracks, it must force new ways.<> There is only one way and that is your way; there is only one salvation and that is your salvation. Why are you looking around for help? Do you believe that help will come from the outside? What is to come is created in you and from you. Hence look into yourself. Do not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfill the way that is in you.<>

Your magic action does not [first] affect your neighbor: it affects you first, and only if you withstand it, does an invisible effect [of this magic] pass from you to your neighbor. There is more of it in the air than I ever thought. However, it cannot be grasped.


A solitary is cooking up healing potions
Newest Oil Paintings 007He makes offering to the four winds.
He greets the stars and touches the earth.
He holds something luminous in his hand.

Flowers sprout around him and the bliss of new spring kisses all his limbs.
Birds fly around and the shy animals of the forest gaze at him.
He’s far from men and yet the threads of their fate pass through his hands.
May your intercession be meant for him, so that his medicine grows ripe and strong and brings healing to the deepest wounds.
For your sake he is solitary and waits alone between heaven and earth, for the earth to rise up and for heaven to come down to him.


Oh my friend, your words lift beyond language. We have much to explore. Come lean with me …

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The Red Book by C.G.Jung, edited and Introduced by Sonu Shamdasani



The Jung Reader edited by David Tacey