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Personal Letters from a Country and a World in Pain Let the Light Get in


One of the most respected U.S. Newspapers put out a request online… in December of 2018… that people throughout the U.S. and in the world, send letters to the newspaper concerning the deepest fears and deepest desires they have as the year is ending. The staff are now reading the letters out loud to one another. Einstein and the Old One Crone have absorbed the awareness of this and have moved their consciousness to ‘listen’…


The Letters:


My mama said I am lucky that I am not put in a cage by the president. He puts little boys and girls in cages and takes their mama and daddy away. I’m scared of the president. I’m 7 and I was born in the U.S. but my parents are not citizens. And I believe in Santa Claus. Is something wrong with me? I just think maybe the president doesn’t know Santa because he doesn’t know how to give things to people for no reason at all. That’s what I think. Santa gives things to children for no reason except that he loves them. I most want to feel safe and I want to know they will never put me in a cage and that they won‘t take my mama and daddy away.”


“I’m 21 now. My president believes it is alright to grab girls without the girls saying it’s ok. He got together with prostitutes in Russia and has probably done this all over. He cheats on his wife and then bribes people not to tell. Is this the kind of man I am supposed to be? I mean, even the last supreme court justice, used girls to get sex when he was my age, by getting them drunk. I guess what I most desire is that I can be more like Barack Obama and have a happy life with someone I love and trust – like he has.”


“I’m 23 and I am in the armed forces. My life is at risk most days in Iraq even though the news does not report this. The president came here on Christmas and tried to give us one of his rallies where we were supposed to have him sign his hats he brought us.. The way he talked to us, showed me he didn’t care if Democrats suffer or if they don’t have enough money to eat. I am a democrat so I guess he doesn’t care about my service to my country. I’m afraid he will stop paying me too and my wife and little baby will suffer. I don’t trust that I am safe. I’m afraid for my future. I don’t really think the president cares about whether I live or die. My greatest hope is that we have a president soon that will care more about all of our lives… so that our welfare matters… so I will feel safer as I serve my country.”


“I’m 19 and I am a woman in the armed forces. A soldier raped me. The president tries to cover up stories like mine, by saying that something like this is to be expected. The armed forces try to hide what happened. Who do I go to? I want protection.”


“I’m 36 years old. I cheat on my taxes because the billionaires don’t even pay any taxes and they expect me to make up for their greed. The president has given me permission to lie and cheat because he does this in his businesses. He lies continually. So now I have permission to be dishonest. I mean, after all, he is the leader of our entire country. I know I could be better than him. I guess deep down, I wish we could have a president who is honest and who has integrity, so I could feel better about myself because I would look up to him and then maybe be a better person.”


“I’m a 29-year-old woman. My husband left me and my son a year ago. Then I got leukemia. I’ve been getting treatment through Obamacare. Everything is falling apart. I may have no insurance soon and I cannot afford any more insurance in the future because I have a pre-existing condition. The stress of all of this is exhausting me and it is harder for me to get well. They say stress is highly correlated with cancer and with cancer getting worse. What do I do? My greatest desire is to get well and be there for my son.”


“I’m waiting for the right moment. I’m a 47-year-old man and I have been stocking AK 47’s, bomb materials, and other weapons. We are building our own militia. We hate non-whites and no one will take our guns away… or we will massacre them. We have permission from our own president to hate the non-whites and the immigrants… because he lets us know they are a constant threat to our lives… They try to take our jobs away. If they could, they would rape our women. I most want to get rid of everyone except whites so I can feel safe.”


“I am married and I am also gay. Our lives have been threatened before. Luckily we made it through the last scare. We are also afraid at any moment, they could make our marriage license void and we could lose the benefits that spouses have. If something like this happens, and if my husband got sick, I might not even be allowed in the ICU. What would I do? I most want to feel safe being who I am, knowing my love matters as much as anyone else’s love. I want to feel secure that we are recognized as a married couple so we can have those rights and feel safe that we can always be there for one another.”


I’m 32 and I’m so concerned for my two children. Climate change is happening so fast. No one in our government is listening. Our president denies it even exists so he can exploit the environment for his billionaire buddies. What will happen to my children and my future grandchildren? I can’t stand to think they might not have enough clean water… or that plastic will be embedded in all the fish they eat and they would then die early from cancer. They might not have the same beauty I have… to have a picnic in a field of wildflowers… or stop by and eat in one of our beautiful parks. I don’t even know which parks will be left after our president hands them over to his friends to pollute. I am full of anxiety and I can not sleep at night. I most want a clean planet. I want to know my children and their children will have a clean and beautiful earth… to support their lives and for them to support their earth.”


“I am 37 and I live in Yemen. My wife and I had 5 children. We couldn’t feed them after the Saudis, with the help of the U.S. president… blocked ports to deliver food and water for our country. We have had almost no water. We now have 2 children left. They are emaciated. Our three youngest ones starved to death in our arms. We don’t know how much longer we will live. We give most of what tiny bits of food we get to our two remaining children. I have no words to tell you about how my family suffers. I can not tell you how much pain we feel… because our vocabulary doesn’t have those words. I most want to have food to eat and water to drink and to have a safe place for my wife and I, and our children, to be happy.”


“I am a 12-year-old Saudi girl. I was given over to a 59-year-old very rich man who is a friend of someone with power. He has raped me again and again. My father sold me to him. I am so lost. There is no one I can turn to. I am horrified for night time to come. I am aching in my bones and I cry mostly in silence. Why am I alive? I want to have someone come and rescue me and keep me safe from this man, and I want to be with a family that would protect me so that later I can choose what I want for my life.”


“I am 7 and my sister is 11 months old. We were both raped today. We live in South Africa. I will not talk to anyone but a nurse asked me to write what I am most scared of and what I most want. I hope my sister will live. We are in a hospital because they have ripped our insides. I’m not hurting. I am numb. I am alone. I will never feel safe again. I will run from all men. I heard my mother say since we are black, they will not do much about this. I heard her say she was raped when she was a child, too. I want to go to a safe place with no mean men.”


“I have access to the highest office in the Turkish government. I recently overheard Erdogan telling his friend he has a lot of nasty information about the U.S. president… I wonder if the U.S. president helped the Saudi’s kill the journalist, Khashoggi by telling the Saudis where he was located? He has been so supportive of the Saudis. They talked about how Erdogan has recently blackmailed the U.S. president – to get his troops out of Syria so the Turkish government can kill all of those Kurds. And I think the Russians are involved with this too. I am frightened for our world. If we do not have the U.S. to look up to… to give us hope that there can be a better world… then, what do we have left? I want a different leader for the U.S. I also want a different leader for our country.”


“I am a judge in the U.S federal court system. I have read the sealed indictments from Mueller. I am more than horrified at who is running our government. I am terrified for the welfare of our country. What I most want is to have the president testify before a grand jury. And then I want him, along with his henchmen – impeached.”


Einstein and the Old One Crone listen to the stories… as they weep. 

Old One Crone turns to Einstein:


You want to help from your place in the Between, Albert. Our friends on earth, the human beings who are conduits of the Light… will read this article and work their magic to help with the healing. An old way of being and living is dying… The pain and suffering are too much. We need to help lift some of their pain… so the Light can get in through the cracks. Remember, there is magic in the telling.

A new life… is on its way… where goodness and truth prevail… where people realize that love and beauty are eternal… where hope is luminous… where a sense of belonging fills the lives of the people… where nature is honored and protected… where people realize that it is more powerful to live in dominion ‘with’ others and with the land, rather than to dominate – to force power over someone or something… and where all of life is celebrated with joy, love, and peace…

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