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It brings me joy to write about the adventures and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife. I love opening to worlds beyond our expectations. If you feel inspired, I would be delighted with warm appreciation and love – to receive your donation to help support my writings.

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Do You Remember Who You Are?

Einstein becomes the Cosmos and the Old One comes for Olivia, Perla, and Violet. They travel with a Mysterious One to the Imaginal Realm to receive the Unrealized … [5th post in this series]

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Do You Remember Who You Are?

The Serpent’s voice calms Perla. And Perla communicates with the Serpent, from inside her mind.


I remember … Although I can’t put into words, what I am remembering. You stir in me a deep sense that I am part of everything and everything is part of me … and that I can come Home.


When you know that you can come home, you will also know more of your truer nature …


Perla, Violet always reminds me that my truer nature is my unique relationship with the Source of All.

Perla turns to Einstein:

Albert, what have you discovered about this?

Einstein looks into Perla’s eyes and begins to shape shift.  He seems to almost disappear, as though he is the air itself. Then he becomes very dense and takes on the substance of earth with its oceans and rivers running through him – as veins of his existence … He continues as  fractals form out of nothingness … until he is the cosmos itself. He is alive, vital.  He is hope and beauty.  He is not a sphere, but the shape of a luminous Torus. The planets and stars are all within an endless array of ‘fractaline’ formations.Conversations TorusWEB_Still_Galaxy_02

Perla to Einstein:

I can not find my breath. I want to give ‘who you are being’ … to my world … to myself.

Einstein then becomes still … inside a hush … as he becomes what looks to be a black hole. Out of this black hole, an immense presence of an ‘Old One’ appears.

The Serpent, who Olivia can now sense as Violet, coils around the OldOne until it becomes One with this Force and Presence of Being.

Olivia and Perla realize that they are standing in front of this Old One, who is now One with Einstein and Violet.

Perla and Olivia are transported as they look into the Old One’s Eyes.


You are multidimensional, Olivia.  What is happening?  Where are we.


Well, I sense that we are between the cosmos itself.  We could be in the Imaginal. In faerie, we use the energies of imagination, creativity, and energy … but this Realm is only available to us, as we know that everything is a part of who we are … as we live this knowing.  It is an honor to experience and to participate within this Realm. It holds a sacred resonance.Conversations Imagineal Pinterest319183907_orig

Olivia then realizes:

I remember now, Violet has guided me into this Imaginal Realm.

The Old One once again appears silently standing in front of them, as Olivia and Perla converse. They both sense the Old One patiently waiting for them … and turn their focus.

Old One:

I might come to you in many forms, hidden or directly, as you are willing …

It is a time to remember … to remember who you Are … at even deeper and more profound levels.  You both are ahead of your consensus worlds. Therefore you are leaders for your worlds. There are but a handful. This does not make you better or more important. It can inspire you to become more responsible.

It is time to remember More. 

Perla, you are a dreamer and you use inspiration to heal others. You love to travel beyond … to Other, and then to bring this resonance back with you, into your world. You are also a protector and guardian of the Between.

Olivia you also bring the energy of the ‘Between’ and of the Sacred, within the multidimensional … into your worlds.  You are here to bring these energies through the avenues of remembering that you are not separate from any aspect of life … You are not separate from any of faerie.  And it may be a surprise to you, but you are not separate from human either. This challenges you more, as you see the impact of humans on your earth … and as you record what they do to the animals … such as the unspeakable suffering that humans inflict …

Perla, you diminish your power more than Olivia. It is as though you are still apologizing to humans for being a spiritual being in a human body, as they also are. They have not embraced this yet. How can the humans heal themselves, if you are apologizing for being in the consensus of human just because they are uncomfortable with you? They need all of you. You need all of them. You are not happy with the linear function of time and thinking … But you are a part of who they are … You have joined them, to embrace them. It is from here, that you lift consensus with dominion.  We know you do not to dominate.  That is who you are.  But you do keep yourself separate by not receiving the very human of which you are a part.

We understand that you will not countenance the denial by consensus, that it is part of that Source of All. That is good.

Embrace them, Perla. You don’t have to join them. Your deepening partnership with the Goddess … with the Source of All … is your guide and your protection.

And Olivia and Perla, it is your partnership with one another that will become a significant part of bringing the lives of human and faerie together.  You are making a map for others who are interested and ready to transcend an old and dying way – of relating to Other.

The Old One becomes a black swirling vortex, as Einstein and Violet step out together to stand with Olivia and Perla.

A Beautiful oval of flickering Light appears with the four of them. Einstein and Violet guide Olivia and Perla into this Beautiful and Sacred Vortex of Light.conversations sphere of light use

They all find themselves inside of the Thousand Petal Lotus, which lives within the Secret Place of All That Is Sacred, deep within the Imaginal.conversations lotus_of_1_000_petals_by_dragonofforest-d35skluThey are walking or maybe floating in a spiraling movement as the Ancients and Shining Ones come through the Petals of the Lotus, to be with them.  The Ancients and Shining Ones step through, to give them something that has remained Unrealized to them … until Now.

Einstein once again transforms himself into the Cosmos Itself and he sends his thoughts into their minds.


I have always wanted to See beyond this Cosmos, so that I could help the world to know that there is a rhythm of consciousness that breathes the breath of Life … of Divinity … of the Source of All.  Nothing is separate from this Source.  All of my attempts to find a Unified Field Theory … were nudges from my soul … to live the truer adventure … the adventure of coming to know my true nature … that I am a unique expression of the Source of All … of Love Itself …

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