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Emma, Pearl, and a Faerie Queen Alter Reality

Post 2 New Series: Cafe Between Worlds

Soosi is both a cook and a server… Visitors who Soosi has previously served will flag him over to their table… He puts drops from his mind-expanding tinctures in their coffees and teas. No one sees him do this, but when he serves them the drinks he makes, something amazing happens.

Soosi looks like an upright spider. He has four legs and four arms extending from a blue-white cloud-shaped body. And he seems to float as he moves with his legs and arms which can interchange functions… as needed. His eyes appear as crystal balls filled with a soft mist. And light beams through his eyes when he has that intense, unpredictable focus.

Some visitors say they have seen him use the beams from his eyes as he prepares meals. They say his meals also feed the ‘etheric’ nature of each being or person. If two people order the same dinner, the dinners may taste different because some of the etheric ingredients are unique for each person or being…

Most of the cooks and servers in the kitchen of the ‘Cafe Between Worlds’, come at night through their dream states… and some teleport if they know how – so they can work here. Many covet the positions. Yet the paradox is – the cooks and servers accept and receive the position… No one hires them. They hire themselves.

Soosi appears beside Emma with her tea. She takes it from him and her eyes smile at him. He almost drops Peter’s coffee on to the wooden table as his arms and legs lose their balance… Peter cups his hands around the coffee to prevent it from spilling on the old table, covered with ancient geometric carvings… etched by some of the cafe’s mysterious visitors.

Emma breathes in the steam from her tea, closes her eyes, and drinks as one would read poetry. She lives her life – texting, searching online, and connecting with friends on social media. But here she pauses from the immediacy of her concerns for her life, her friends, her country, and for the survival and welfare of the entire world… She is alive and 19 years old, in 2019 on earth. And to her surprise, she isn’t freaking without her technology.

Emma turns to Peter Buttigieg and says:

Katniss Everdeen is a hero of mine.


Katniss Everdeen? Oh, is she that girl in Hunger Games? I didn’t watch all of them. They were so violent.


Well, you missed out. Katniss believed that human lives matter and that you need to be there for someone who needs you even when your own life is in jeopardy. She had more morals and human compassion than the president of the US and his staff and the GOP senators – all combined. She had the courage to hold on to hope even when everything looked impossible… like how things seem now in our government.


I think of Michael Phelps and how he became the greatest swimmer of all times. It’s not the same, but they both would not give up hope and they relentlessly held a vision that allowed them to do the impossible. I have a feeling that we are here in our dreams to learn something… that wouldn’t be allowed, in the normal world we live in. Maybe there is something we can take back with us that will help save our world… and our planet.


Peter. I know they call you Mayor Pete, but I hope it is ok if I call you Peter. 


My best friends call me Peter, Emma.


Thanks for letting me know that. I don’t know what this place is, but I have a weird sensation that if I learned how it all worked here, I would have access to a mind-altering universal internet… where I could connect with Beings from all over the Universes. It is great fun to talk with my friends in India and Indonesia… but think how awesome it would be to communicate with some visitors I see in this cafe.


Emma, I know we are dreaming right now… and we probably will not remember what is happening here, tomorrow when we wake up. But I agree that what happens here will change us and we can help the world be a better place somehow. We both care about people of color, LGBTQ, and the rights of women… We care so much about climate change and freedom and dignity for ourselves and others who desire this… all over the world… And it is all at risk now.


I agree, Peter. We will take this back with us, whether we remember or not. 

Wow, I am feeling altered. My senses are taking over my thoughts… or maybe my imagination is trying to get my attention…

Emma looks out and notices a tall female-like nature-being walking her way. She is covered in moss with luminous threads woven into the moss. Her hair appears to be soft hay glimmering as though sunlight were inside each hair… intermixed with vines of tiny green leaves that appear to be as alive as this female herself.

The female-like nature-being walks up to Emma:

My name is ‘El’

‘El’ is Faerie. She stares into Emma’s eyes until Emma can ‘see’ her… Emma doesn’t know how she knows but this is a faerie queen. No one even believes in these faeries, yet here is one, looking straight into her. Emma can sense different dimensions of some weird realities… as El continues staring in her eyes…


Where am I? My imagination is taking off without my brain keeping up with it. Who is imagining here? My thoughts and feelings are everywhere at once. 

Pearl walks around the table to stand closer to them.

The next thing Emma knows is that she is standing in a field of wildflowers looking over at a large circle formed by faeries… The faerie circle is overlapping with another circle – of humans. The humans have come from their dreams to form a Mandorla with the faeries, knowing they will harness and work the power and magic inside that Mandorla, for the welfare of the current world of 2019. These are extraordinary humans and faeries who secretly work together to save both of their worlds who occupy the same planet… earth… .

El is standing inside the Mandorla formed by the two circles. She calls Emma and Pearl to come and stand with her. Emma breathes a sigh of relief to have Pearl standing next to her.

Pearl to Emma:

This Mandorla, formed from the overlap of faerie and human circles, holds a powerful resonance. Inside the Mandorla… Faerie and human are One… When this happens, new Dreams are born… mysterious and mystical Dreams… Dreams from the Unknown… Dreams from Other…

El moves closer and explains to Emma:

Pearl is a dreamer, Emma. As we come together here in this Mandorla, I will work my multidimensional faerie magic and Pearl will dream of the Imaginal… of a world where imagination imagines itself… where creativity creates itself… where magic works itself. She will dream of people awakening and using their unfamiliar senses in a world that is becoming new… here and there… expanding into a whole… a New World…

As we do this, we ask you to hold the visions you have for your current world now. That is all you need to do.

El, Pearl, and Emma begin their dreaming, visioning, and working of magic. As they do this, a Cone of Power forms around the three of them… as mysterious Others also join them…. The Cone of Power fills the Mandorla until it overflows and releases its magic into the world of 2019… and throughout the universe…

Emma notices she is back at her table sitting on her chair. She panics and passes out as her head falls on to the table.


Emma, are you ok?  

Emma lifts her head up slowly. El and Pearl are standing beside her chair. She turns to Buttigieg:

Do you believe what just happened? Could you see what I experienced?


No. You disappeared for a bit. I see El standing beside you now, looking at you. She kind of freaks me out. I thought we would talk about politics and about what we can do to help the world.

Emma to El:

Did we just help the world, El?


You have that right, Emma. I am a faerie queen living in Iceland. We have already been successfully interacting with our human connections because we know that we need each other to survive… We need your compassion… your depth of love… your caring. And Emma your world will in time, need our ability to sense things you can not yet sense. We have unfamiliar senses and you need to activate these in you so you can live a life that comes alive with nature… Nature is not separate from any of us. But you humans are pretending it is separate, and you have threatened the earth… and the welfare of both humans and faerie. You are provoking climate change that can wipe most of humanity off the planet. We will still be here, but the damage will impact our existence as well.

You need us and imaginative dreamers like Pearl to help bring your imagination alive… and to realize the power it has. Imagination has a life of its own when you allow it. As faeries, we are creative at levels you can’t even imagine. We also know the value of chaos… You need this to become New… and make your way in your New World.

El turns to Pearl:

You came to our garden abode in Iceland. You told us of the mystical and mysterious future that will unfold for human and faerie… You told us of the mythical story that will change the nature of life on earth… I will never forget you…

Pearl responds:

It’s good to see you El and great to work magic with you. I will never forget you nor our time together… And I often feel and sense your presence and your expanding work in Iceland and other parts of the world…


It is more complex than people or faerie can know, isn’t it?


Yes, I sense that too. You are multidimensional and have expanded senses. I know as a human that as much as I yearn to live with these, I can resist the fullness of my unfamiliar senses… because they threaten my sense of who I am. But I will not turn away. I am allowing myself to move beyond human trust… human love… human beliefs… and human imagination… beyond consciousness as I know it… into an Ultra-consciousness… which can pull me into that Imaginal Realm… as I ‘unrealize’ who I know myself to be…


Yet you could find me and ‘sense’ my Realm as you entered my garden… What does that say about your unfamiliar senses?

You and other humans of your kind have a way of loving that can reshape the nature of life… Your compassion lifts others to care. You will put your own lives in peril to protect another. You cry at the birth of an elephant… or if they free a cooped up chicken… even as you kill them mercilessly in your slaughterhouses. Somehow, you work that out in yourselves…

And you, Pearl, tear up at the slightest act of kindness… and you lose your breath in your tears when but one individual animal or human being is diminished or imprisoned in their innocence…

Emma breaks in:

Peter and I want to help change our world. We want to do what we can. Isn’t that true, Peter?


Yes, Emma. I want to become president so I can be a force of something new…. Maybe I can help bring in more compassion… and support a new world with expanded ways of perceiving one another… We need to expand our vision of human life… We need to relate to the earth as being ‘alive’… so that we can change how we treat it. There are so many changes needed and I hope that I can help here.


You will not be doing this by yourself. I know you know this, but your generation can be kind of self-focused. 

She smiles as her eyes glisten before she continues:

There are so many of us who will help you… And people my age communicate with others all over the world… I communicate with friends from 7 different countries regularly. They matter to me. We need to help the people of countries around the world to change how they relate with one another. I believe you will help this happen as president.

The Future Female President of 2029, sitting at the other end of the table, interrupts the conversation:

I tell my people- ‘remember to dream and to hold visions that sing in your heart…. and lift you up… Let them come alive in you. Protect them with your passion…’

I am from a near future where you will elect a female president who feels like you do Emma. And Peter, you could help to bring together a new kind of government. You are ready enough. Even if you do not see the profound complexity of this death and birth of ‘government’… future generations will live it…

And yes, Emma, we are not alone… This is truer than we can yet believe or imagine… 

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Thank you, Mai Watts and Peter Lacoux for the name for the title.