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A new beginning.

Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

My Personal Conversation with Einstein

“Who are you?” Einstein asks.
“I am your dreamer,” I say.
Einstein laughs:
I’m the one who lives in the Between. Maybe this is where we meet to help each other realize that we are dreaming one another… as we are also each dreaming our individual worlds… with ‘All That Is’…
I jump in:
I think life, as it expresses in my world, is waiting for the dreamer I am and will become – to dream It – New…
Einstein asks:
But what about the pain?
I respond:
Pain is everywhere… it seems…
Einstein does not back away:
What about the pain in your life? You are alive now aren’t you?
I answer:
Yes. Am I dreaming you to avoid my pain?
He responds:
You could be, but I am also dreaming me… and you. So maybe there is something more… more complex… grander than we can know…
I tell him about my father:
My father used to go into the unknown and the two of you would have conversations about physics. He had theories and mathematical formulas he created with you. It gave him greater meaning in his life. He had love in his life and yet he always reached to know more of the mysteries… which he experienced with physics…
Something must have worked because he did eventually turn on a light for me after his death… He told me he would try to do this before he died.
Then Einstein asks:
How about you? Why do you reach out to me? What is your relationship with me?
I feel a little uneasy as I respond.
I love that you lived your life as a human also in a ‘between’. You refused to accept consensus expectations and demands. I think I am reaching for more and more freedom as a human. I want to live beyond time in its linear expression. I want to experience new dimensions that expand from the four dimensions we have lived as humans… I want to do this so I can help others reach beyond their perceived limitations… I want to create something that has never existed for the joy of it… and to inspire others to live on the edge of where they think they should live. You did this in your lifetime.
I also believe that we all are trying to tell a story of who we really Are… And that story hides in the Between of ‘who we know ourselves to be’ and ‘who we cannot yet fathom ourselves to be’. I hope that as we create this journey with each other and with Other… that something unexpected… not yet known or even believed… not yet imagined… can find itself to us… and I will soar with this… and then share it…
Einstein moves closer with intensity:
Well, I suspect that before you can embrace this, you will need to deal with the pain that is consuming your world. And to do this, you need to heal and transcend the depths of your own pain.
 I respond:
We could have a civil war with the president in power in the United States. He could ignite hate and violent crimes… hate for minorities… and violent rage against the feminine of those who care enough to live fully and freely.
Einstein changes the focus:
How about your own pain? And how about the rage and violence you have experienced from male chauvinism as more often expressed by the men in your life… as you have reached to be a free and more powerful woman?
I answer him:
As a young girl. I was sexually abused a couple of times by men. That was confusing, and I became wary of men as a child. But it was something I could heal in myself as I became an adult.
There is something more painful. So painful that I’m not sure I can heal it completely. It is the way ‘adult’ men have related to me. It became worse as I became older. I think because, until my mid-thirties, most of the men were young… I met them in school. They were adventurers… They had a life they were passionate about. And my experiences were mostly full of wonder and imagination where I was always reaching for the mystery of the moments… Yet I found that as I reached for deeper levels of exploration, that my partner would withdraw… and then eventually it was usually me who would leave.
I know I had to hold this belief for it to play out.
The main hurt and pain of my 10-year marriage (my last intimate relationship) that I can not seem to move beyond… is that he spent a majority of his time attempting to diminish my worth and value to him and to humiliate me… as a woman… so he could feel more ‘important’ as a man. He was also jealous and envious because I loved and celebrated life… because I was vulnerable in my heart… So he tried to take these from me…
Einstein interrupts:
A depth of vulnerability and innocence… a fragility of strength… kept you alive… as paradoxical as that may seem… Not that you became more vulnerable or fragile with the man who was attempting to humiliate you… It was that you turned to become more vulnerable and innocent… with yourself… and with others/Others willing to dare… with you…
I respond with silent tears:
What I have not healed – is the hurt that a man would want to have that impact on my soul… within the context of loving and being loved…
Einstein leans closer:
I understand. It is incomprehensible, isn’t it?
I experienced the devastating impact on so many souls… with the Nazis. They were the extreme of the debilitating actions of chauvinism in some of its darkest function and forms… They wanted to annihilate me. And I escaped to your country… the United States… the land of the free… But I found that – hidden within the crevices- those energies remained alive…
As a man loving a woman, it was different for me. I had a deep and passionate desire to be free… as you have… and I did not handle that with grace. I was not monogamous and hurt my wife. I was honest with her about my actions.
I respond:
I believe that in the Between… Spirit finds Soul as Soul waits to be found… It is here that – Soul and Spirit embrace… There is a natural resonance in the Between – of being together, loving, and co-creating… together…
Einstein responds with intensity:
You have not discovered this Between to abandon your earth… your world… You have discovered it so you could allow yourself to be lifted beyond the hurt and pain… Here you can allow healing where you cannot heal yourself… You ‘Receive’ the healing. It is here that you realize you are a unique individual who is not separate from the All… from the ‘One’… This allows for the deeper and truer healing of both the feminine and the masculine.
I jump in:
I see now. I have healed what I can. Here I can dare to allow myself to receive the truer healing of my masculine and feminine… and to allow the human woman I am to be lifted beyond the pain… beyond the limited patterns of how humans have resisted -loving and being loved… It is here that the mysterious of Love… can reveal Itself…
Einstein adds:
When I change myself, here in this Between, everything else changes with me… And it can be astoundingly beautiful as I remember and reunite with whom I Am… with my Soul… I think we need that fragility of strength, yet it does not function in a three-dimensional world. It functions in the Between… And the dreams born of this… can come alive in multidimensional worlds… where imagination and creativity are ‘dimensions’ of life itself… birthing themselves of the chaos and beyond…
As Einstein says this, he moves into a hush… and becomes a sphere of light which expands to include myself as I also become light. I flow back into my night dreams… and they sing as I sleep…
Will I remember?

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