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Einstein Reaches for the Unfathomable, Mueller’s has a Strategy, and Lincoln’s Gift Alters the Future

Einstein is in a Hammock of Light, floating in the night. He is not sure if he is awake or inside a dream… or if there is a difference? As he peers over the edge of his hammock, he can see a shimmering sphere. Shimmers and glimmers of Light… glowing in the night. His focus is transfixed, and his conscious awareness becomes still …  A Hush envelopes him…

Something touches Einstein. He does not know what has touched him… but he senses … something sacred. He leans himself back into his hammock of Light and surrenders his consciousness to a deep sleep.

The Old One Crone slips into Einstein’s dream state in his sleep and speaks with him:

Evil was invented by humans. If you move beyond physical life, there is no evil… no hell… There is also no real heaven. These are static. They are limited concepts, trying to reach something more real but falling short…

Humans are in a universe of free will. It is the choice of humans to create ‘evil’ as a concept and to incorporate it into their religions. The Divine forces will not interfere. The sad thing is that fear can then be used by religions to control the behavior of their members. It can be used as a tool of manipulation… 

Humans have forgotten their truer abilities, strengths, powers… and now search for something to substitute for these. So they use domination, instead of ‘dominion with’. They attempt to use ‘control over’, to substitute for understanding, vulnerability… empathy. They choose getting approval and attention over loving and being loved. It appears as though human beings have become lost in their explorations within a universe of free will.

This is what is being played out on earth now, for those living in 2018. The current president – of the United States of America – is a product of freedom-without-responsibility, on a foundation of male chauvinism. This dominating, oppressive energy appears and has intention to eclipse the power and force of the feminine energies… those of imagination, intuition, clarity of perception, feeling, dreaming …

The paradox is – if the feminine energies are truly eclipsed, there will be no hope. Hope only occurs when there is a balance of the masculine with the feminine. And there is no room for the true feminine… in a male chauvinistic government. People could lose hope.

Einstein responds to the Old One Crone from his dream state:

Is this why so many women are running for office in the United States, in 2018?

Old One Crone:

Yes, there is a new world just peeking through. You see, life will balance itself… Goodness, truth, and beauty will prevail, even when you can not see how this might be possible. The human consciousness is part of something bigger than they can comprehend… much less fully understand.  They are much ‘more’ than they realize. And there will be those humans who come out of the woodwork… to run for office… to bring back the balance. They are appearing as if out of the blue… to be part of a new balance…  of new more salubrious ways of being… and of governing.

This will not come to fruition for a long while… but in the movement of it all, there will be more and more beautiful and miraculous things that can happen… And this country will evolve in unprecedented ways… beyond anything, the people can yet fathom…

Einstein surrenders his separateness with the Old One Crone and finds himself standing in front of a domed shaped doorway… an entrance into a vast castle on rolling acres of cushioned green land.  He has no idea where he is. The door opens for him to enter.

Einstein walks to the edge of the doorway and realizes that there is no apparent floor. A small platform presents itself in front of him. He steps on to the platform and as it lifts, Einstein feels as though butterflies erupt from the core of his afterlife body. He realizes he is floating on this huge Mobile as it moves in a continual state of balancing … chaos … balancing … chaos …

Einstein thinks to himself:

I don’t know how I know… but I am on a Mobile of Dreams … and I need to make my way across to the other end.

He doesn’t know yet, but the Mobile will deposit him at a doorway that leads into… The Mansion of Exquisite and Unfathomable Future Dreams.

Most who walk the mobile enter a Mansion of Dreams … all sorts of dreams, dark and light. They enter the Mansion to clear out and to bring more light to the dreams they want to manifest … to become a part of their lives. But if one walks the Mobile of Dreams with a deepened level of the Magic of Acceptance, willing to confront their Dread … something extraordinary can happen.

Einstein balances himself on the platform until he sees another platform move near and leaps. As he is between the two platforms, he feels a sense of extreme discomfort … He feels that he could disappear … not exist … be forgotten … as though he is … forever forgotten… But as he lands on the next platform, he is relieved that he continues to exist … and to be …

As Einstein leaps again and again across the abyss from platform to platform on the mobile of dreams … he begins feeling new sensations before and after he leaps. He learns to center himself on each platform. 

Then he moves ‘between’ the patterns of his thoughts and feelings…  between his habitual responses… This opens him to the beauty within himself… and he feels beauty everywhere throughout this mobile… He even feels the beauty in the hush within the abyss…

He leaps again with a renewed sense of freedom… landing on the next platform… knowing he is loved… He overflows… as a fountain of love…

In this love, on his new platform, Einstein senses himself inside a dreamscape with a huge labyrinth.  He somehow knows to enter the labyrinth… to release his apprehension to continue, and collect his ‘courage’, then zig-zagging further he releases what could slow him down as he collects his ‘persistence’…  He turns and comes to own his perceptions to release the limited and faulty ones, as he collects a deepened sense of intimacy. Finally, Einstein turns his direction to his resolve… to not give up and to always come ‘home’… Here he collects his ‘daring’, along with his happiness and passion… as he remembers the Love…

Now Einstein seems to float across the abyss onto the next platform… a platform of ambiguity. He is confused and feels lost… until he realizes that his imagination is more present than ever…  a living imagination filled with joy… which catapults him through a sliver of shimmering light… He is floating in a Sea of Hope… Hope filled with Light… and the Sea carries and seems to lift him into a sacred land… more beautiful than what he has known beauty to be…

As he walks this land, he comes to a huge wall which stops him in his tracks. He feels trapped… there is no way through this wall… Then he sees a huge crack. He enters this narrow pathway and hopes it will take him through to the other side…

Einstein realizes, as he walks this narrow path, that he has to let go of all he has collected – that which has kept him centered and balanced… his presence and grace… how he gives and receives… his hope. He is without any hope at all… no sense of happiness or exquisite love… no daring or courage… He is empty. He feels nothing. He leaps into the Abyss Itself, not knowing if he will ever return.

As he is almost forgotten in the midst of inexplicable dread, even by himself… a warm hand of Divine Light of Hope… of Primordial Hope… touches Einstein and surrounds him in Its caress… It envelopes him in the most tenderness of embrace… 

Einstein finds himself at the doorway into a mansion where dreams are dreamed by those who live in unfathomable futures… He is standing in a Doorway to the Mansion of Exquisite and Unfathomable Future Dreams. Einstein steps through. 


Virginia Woolf and Anais Nin have transported themselves to earth in the year 2018, and they are talking with Erwin Schrodinger in the corner of an empty meeting room as Abraham Lincoln enters.


I absorbed an awareness … that my presence could be supportive in this world. I’m not sure why … but I think it has to do with my assassination by a man who held such bitterness and hate and who wanted to keep the Confederacy alive … 

Who are you?

Virginia Woolf:

I was a writer in the first half of the 1900’s, and I am a woman who felt great pain in my lifetime, for how women, including myself, were belittled and dismissed as writers. This is Anais Nin who also experienced this in her life at a later time in the 1900’s.

Schrodinger responds to Lincoln:

I lived in a chauvinistic world of physics, but there were a few of us after the turn of the century… who continually searched for the mystical and the mysterious… the enchantment… of physics… and of life itself …

But what we are concerned with now, is how chauvinism has moved beyond trying to limit the dimensions of physics… or of diminishing women… or trying to keep the Confederacy alive. All of these are horrendous and they have had harmful effects on the United States and its integrity.

But your people had you as president and you stood for what was right, good and true. You ended slavery. You were assassinated for this, but your legacy never died and you are revered by Americans… and so many others… You changed the course of their chaotic and troubled country.

Anais Nin:

By the year 2018, chauvinism seems to have reached a peak in the government of the United States… The country is at risk of losing its democracy. The people are at risk of losing their freedom to very wealthy dominating and domineering white men who have no empathy or compassion for humanity. They want to create a country in which the leaders… who hold the highest positions in the land… are placed in those positions because they have given a favor to someone else in a position of power. The government in 2018 has become extremely compromised by these kinds of actions.

And the rise of hate for people of color… the rise of the oppression and repression of women and the feminine energies such as tenderness, true feelings, clarity of perception, imagination, intuition… is at a crisis level. Their country in 2018 – is dying.


And it’s not that we want to help them revive it. We don’t. But we want to help those people who have the courage and daring… to step up and begin a new way of governing… of and for the people… in a more real way.

In your lifetime, Abe, you tried to take the people as far as they could go. There are now people who are ready to leap… to be a part of something new. They will not be compromised. We want to help them build something new. Maybe this is why you are here.


As we are talking together, I can feel the energy of the world in 2018. I feel the vitriol of the mostly white men who want to hold on to the past… where their worth is based on being ‘better than’ those people of color. Their women have learned to shut their mouths… in order to keep their men from abandoning them. 

I am someone who understands the deadly impact of those who choose to hate and disparage others who are different and less fortunate… those who did not support the Confederacy… It seems the world of 2018 has its own Confederacy that has taken on a new life… in a world much more vast than the one I knew.

How can I help?


We are actually in this conference room, which is located in the year 2018. I wonder why we are here together.


Robert Mueller* walks into the conference room with Andrew Weissmann* and others on his staff after Paul Manafort* has agreed to cooperate with Mueller… Mueller can not see Nin, Woolf, or Lincoln. But they can see and hear Mueller and his staff. Their perceptual fields are multidimensional, using their unfamiliar senses. They are capable of remaining unseen.

Mueller talks with Weissmann and Staff as they sit around the table :

I am concerned the Republican Congress is so compromised that they do not have enough members of Congress in either the House or Senate who would stand up for what is right.  They are compromised by lobbyists… And they are blackmailed by their own lack of integrity and character. They may support the president to hide the evidence we present. Our government is in a crisis. I do not want this to be the direction things take.

I am going to bet on… a small group within the Republican party who become willing to impeach the president. If not, we may need a grand jury to take the evidence, including felony conspiracy against the US government, over to Congress directly… It will then be exposed to the Democrats and they will make sure it gets out to the public.

I have chosen only a small group of you to talk to. This is confidential. Our country is in peril and we must move carefully and wisely. We need to hold our visions with unwavering resolve.

The White House has lost their connection with the soul. They have become pawns for desperate and sinister grabs of power used to control and manipulate others. And it is a web… a web that reaches everywhere across the country. It is powered by pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, gas fracking companies, banks, mortgage companies, legal and medical professions, laboratories and research facilities, the NRA, charities, disrepute businesses who take the concept and potential for greed to levels which would have been unthinkable even a few years ago…

The people of the United States are depending on us. Democrats are speaking out but with little empowerment to back their words. And this is about something more than the fact that the House and Senate have a Republican majority. The government is weak. It is cracking everywhere. It is falling apart. I don’t see a way to save it.

But having said that, I do see a way to make sure the people come to have a greater understanding of just how corrupt… how abominable and awe-struck shockingly depraved the White House as well as other offices of the government… are becoming.

We can’t save the government… but we can reveal the truth to the people… and then the people can save themselves… I believe the people will actually need to innovate… a new government.

They have a constitution that can stand with them and can guide the changes to represent the people… to promote their freedom and full expression. But they will need to innovate a new way of governing and I don’t know how this will unfold. But I believe we can support the best outcomes… by informing the people of the truth as much as possible.

Lincoln’s tears saturate his afterlife face as he listens to Mueller. He turns to Nin and Woolf:

Now I know why I am here. My party is dead. I am in grief. My presence… my grace… that has expanded in my afterlife… is needed now.

Lincoln closes his eyes, along with Nin and Woolf… as they together, experience a stillness … In the stillness they sense themselves being gently lifted, and they can not help but fall asleep.

When they open their eyes they are in the middle of a conference of a million people or more… with gatherings scattered throughout, in early 2019. Anais recognizes this conference. She has been here. She remembers David Hogg speaking. She looks over at her right and hears Emma Gonzalez chanting with others… ‘We voted them out.”

Abraham Lincoln and Virginia Woolf drift, almost floating throughout the crowds until they come to a group that has gathered to carry out their plan to sabotage this conference. They are a group of alt-right white men with a few white women in their midst. Their group has formed itself inside a tent on the grounds. Woolf cannot bear to walk in. Lincoln wants to enter as he hears several white men, mostly middle-aged and older men… screaming with rage about how these crazy people are going to destroy their world… and their lives.

One man called Geng stands up and takes the attention:

Our president is telling us to destroy these fuckers. Let’s just mow them down.

The small crowd under this tent begins chanting, ‘mow them down’ – as Lincoln walks into their tent.  The chants stop abruptly to a deafening silence. Everyone in the tent turns to stare at Lincoln. He has made himself visible.

Someone in the crowd laughs sarcastically and shouts. “Who is this idiot dressed up like Lincoln?” Someone else yells out. “Let’s start with him.”

Geng walks over to Lincoln and shoves his face in front of Lincoln. Lincoln looks into his eyes. He looks deep into his soul… and begins to weep. Geng responds with contempt and mistrust.

Lincoln turns again to Geng:

I did not expect to cry. And I know you see that as a weakness, so that can make it harder for us. I am Abraham Lincoln. I don’t expect you to believe me.

Geng pulls his pistol and shoots Lincoln in the heart. Lincoln remains standing. The silence takes on a razor’s edge of pain and terror.

Lincoln looks again into the eyes of Geng who is now frozen with confusion:

I’m sorry that no one has recognized who you are …

Geng remains frozen and even more confused.


So few have ever acknowledged your value and your significance. You have not been respected and supported for what matters to you. You feel as though you have so little worth… even to those who you love… and you do love… even when you try to deny it.

I’m sorry that no one has realized your kindness. There has been so little room for you to be kind… yet in the core of your heart, you are so kind… so tender of a person.

A tear manages to slide its way over Geng’s eyelid before he grabs Lincoln by the neck. But he can’t seem to grab on to Lincoln’s neck. His hands feel slippery or maybe his neck is liquid or something. Geng begins to feel consummate terror which quickly turns into a sense of absolute dread.

He begins to lose consciousness when Lincoln leans in, to support him.

Lincoln to Geng:

I came to offer you a different way. You know by now that I am not a human being living in your time… and I let you know again… that I am Abraham Lincoln and I have come from my afterlife.

I was murdered by someone you might refer to as one of your buddies… a buddy of yours who would want to keep the Confederacy alive… someone who believes that blacks are not real people or that they need to remain slaves… or go back to Africa… someone who believes that all people of color should be ordered to leave the United States so that the ‘white people’ can hold onto their rightful land.

But is it your rightful land? Is it not true that you stole this land from people of color… the Native Americans. This was their land.

If this is your philosophy… to give the land back to its rightful owners, then we all need to give this land back to the Native Americans and we all need to leave. Do you feel like you are less of a person because you are not the first rightful owners? No. And Geng, neither are the people of color who came after you… less of a people.

You are here now. All of you. You all matter. And you have a chance to have a new country… a country that needs your input … your contribution, too. You have things to give that no one else has. But you can only come to know and understand this, as you can realize… that everyone matters.  Everyone loves their babies and children. Everyone can hardly stand the grief of losing someone they love. Everyone benefits in a world with beauty and love… with compassion and caring… And this is why you are here, Geng… to find a way to allow more love and beauty in your own life … and to have more caring and compassion for the lives of others, even those who you may not ever know …

You’re trying to find your way Geng but you have gotten lost. Please consider this. You matter. Every human has a heart like you do. They just want to believe that there is a place – where they belong… just like you do.  Maybe you can try to open yourself and feel their heart with your own heart. The world needs you Geng. It needs who you really are… It needs your love.

Lincoln disappears into mid-air.


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