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Mueller’s Dream: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kavanaugh, Teddy Roosevelt, and Merkel Gather with Mueller in the Night

Robert Mueller’s night dream becomes a nightmare with the president and his henchmen coming at him with AK 47’s. He is running down a night alley that leads into a dead end. As he comes to the end of the alley, followed by AK 47’s moving closer, Mueller sees a crack in a stone wall. Feeling frantic and at the end of possibilities, he places his hand in the crack. A huge stone door creaks open and he runs through as the door slams shut behind him.

Mueller stands still to gather himself before he looks ahead to see a blur of lights. He walks toward the dim lights to find himself in a huge stone kitchen built underground. A group of people, who have gathered around a natural pastel stone rectangular table, are taking part in an intensely provocative yet compelling conversation as they eat hot soup and bread that smells like home…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg sits at one end of the table with a look of mysterious intensity as she talks with Brett Kavanaugh who is at the other end, holding a sarcastic smirk on his face. Mueller walks to an open chair and sits.

Ginsburg continues her conversation with Kavanaugh:

I have no respect for you and what you stand for. I cracked my ribs so I would not attend your confirmation. You are a ‘good ole boy’… from a privileged life in which you have felt entitled to overpower and sexually assault women… And now you want to push your religious agenda to take away constitutional rights of women.

You want more power over women… to force them to be of service to you and other white privileged men. I have been looking for something inside you that has integrity but as yet, I can find nothing. If there is merit in you, please help me see this.


You are just an old bitty woman. You think you have something to offer this country. I will dismiss you in any way I can as I can gain more clout here. I have to hide my disdain for you until I gain power. I’m thinking you will deteriorate with this accident. This is what old people do. I expect you to disappear any time now.

I am in the majority and I plan to change the nature of this supreme court… as the president changes the nature of the lower courts. Women serve men, not guide them. At my congressional hearings, I made sure I never contradicted what Trump said about you… that your mind ‘is shot’ and that you should go. Yet soon after that, I praised Chief Justice Roberts as a superb leader. You are nothing other than a bent thorn in my side, about to drop away.


So, you are telling me you have nothing of merit. Will that be your legacy in a country of the free and the brave… with justice for all… in a country ‘of and for’ the people… You have decided we are a country ‘of and for’ white men? What constitution does that reflect?

I am feeling so much better already and I will be back at work soon. I love my work. My passion and my drive to have a voice for those who can not have voice… to promote- ‘freedom for all’… And this continues to lift me to be present and active as an advocate for these people… and for the legal rights of all Americans.

Robert Mueller turns to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Justice Ginsburg, I have always been a Republican who deeply admires you as a woman. Not all Republican men want to oppress and diminish women and people of color. And Brett, they can prosecute your lies during the congressional hearings, with a Democratic House in place. You might want to consider this before you make too many future plans.

Teddy Roosevelt has been sitting to Mueller’s left two seats down and Mueller has not recognized his face in the dim light until Roosevelt bangs his fist on the table.


Brett Kavanaugh, I have followed the congressional hearings for the Supreme Court Justice seat… from my afterlife. Our forefathers created these hearings to screen out men like you. I am appalled. I never imagined that Congress would approve someone who lacks basic character and dignity… to the most honored position of our highest court. How did our country come to this?

I used to say – ‘a vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.’ Well, that is true for the votes made by the Congress that chose you to be the newest Supreme Court Justice… Congress has trashed its usefulness.

‘The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency’… and I have witnessed the demise of decency in your hearings and in this nightmare of the 2018 administration.

What has happened to the land of the free… to the citizens of the United States of America? A large percentage of the people are acting like the Germans did when Hitler came into power. They have been surrendering to a full-on assault of manipulation… Are they not aware that their ‘president’ has kept a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, by his bed? What do you think he did with it on the end table next to his side of the bed? That may be the only book he reads.

Unless your people stay very, very awake, his manipulation will work on them- even with the power of your constitution and with the freedom you have stood for and valued. The people must fight back by refusing the misleading and appalling rhetoric… They must educate themselves on what is true… on what is right and good. They need to support one another this way.

The president in your time has suppressed voting rights and has used external and foreign sources to lie to the people… to manipulate the will of the people… to malign the press, and to threaten anyone who would take a stand that conflicts with his distorted conspiracies and disparaging, hateful rhetoric, and oppressive actions.

‘To announce that there must be no criticism of the president… is morally treasonable to the American public’. This is what I have said and what I say now to your president and to the people and press. And personally, I believe he stole his election. When I look into your future as a country, this is what their account of history will conclude. Your president becomes infamous for a while, then he recedes into the background, remembered only as an icon for a deeply shameful period in your country.

Angela Merkel erupts with passion from across the table to Mueller’s right.


I’m so with you Teddy. I have always admired you. You had decency with character and dignity. The leader of the US now is devoid of these.

I have a doctorate in chemistry. Few people know this in America. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, I became actively involved in a new party, Democratic Awakening. I became the first woman leader of a male-dominated conservative German party in 2000. And I became Chancellor of Germany in November 2005. I also have had a close relationship with President Obama and I have even consulted with the Dalai Lama for guidance.

I am now considered the leader of the free world. Would you have ever imagined that would be your future? Your present leader is trying to become an autocrat and the entire world knows of this. In his own words, he describes himself to be the wolf who leads his pack. What does that say about all of you who are his pack? How much free choice does a pack have? How much voice can individuals have in a pack, run by your ‘president’ wolf leader-of-the-pack?

And Robert Mueller, I am very concerned for you and your country. Your ‘president’, along with the help of his puppet Republicans, is trying to take you down.


Chancellor Merkel, I have always had great respect for you. And I agree with what you say.

We are here in the privacy of my dream… I know that the president and his men want to eradicate my investigation. Therefore, I move with precision. I pay attention to every detail. Think about Watergate. It seemed as if nothing was happening… until they presented the evidence in a way that was indisputable, and Nixon resigned. I am meticulous. When I present the evidence for my indictments, it will be indisputable.

It is possible for me to indict the president although he would probably not be tried while he is in office. With the indictments of those around him, Congress will have more than enough evidence to Impeach him. If the evidence is strong and convincing, the Republican Senate will commit suicide if they do not impeach the president. A Democratic Congress will help the process.

However, you may not want to rush this. I am considering the bigger picture. The Koch brothers own Mike Pence. Do you want the Koch brothers running your country? I want to give you some history concerning where Pence and the Koch brothers stand

Pence’s mother referred to herself as a Stepford wife. And Mike Pence’s brother described him as being black and white like his father who took away his brother’s tuition for college because he wouldn’t go to church. As well, his family did not think it was racist that landlords refused to rent or sell homes to African Americans.

Pence became an evangelical Christian when in college. He admired Paul Weyrich who established institutions of the extreme right conservative movement, and who partnered with a neo-Nazi and condemned homosexuality, feminism, abortion, and racial integration. When he died, Pence referred to him as a ‘friend and mentor’ and that he had benefitted immeasurably from him.

Pence was considered average in intellect and was a mediocre attorney. His support has been from tobacco, oil, and chemical companies… He has campaigned to criminalize abortion, deny birth control, to end equal rights for gays… Pence wants to reverse women’s economic and political advances.

He spent 12 years in Congress and never authored a successful bill. He tried to get a bill passed that would have made it legal for a hospital to refuse to help a dying woman who needed an abortion to survive. He has called global warming a myth to support the Koch’s agenda and his commitment to Koch is ironclad. He was an ineffective and poor governor of Indiana who hurt the economy of the state and was disliked by the people. He passed discriminatory bills and refused to pardon an innocent black man.

Indiana would not have re-elected him as governor, yet he was invited to run as vice president. When he joined their team, he had no money and nowhere else to go. He is owned by the Koch brothers. And many of the Koch people have been placed in government positions… two of these being Betsy DeVos and Mike Pompeo…

Pence did not care about Flynn’s questionable ethics or background and misled the public to believe Flynn had deceived him. Pence is determined to overturn Roe vs Wade… and make abortion illegal. The president, himself, once commented that Pence wanted to ‘hang all of the gays’. Pence believes that women need to stay at home and that they need to be submissive to their husbands.

Is this who you want to be your next president?


I support Pence and I plan to back up his agenda in the courts. I am also owned by the Heritage Foundation funded by the Koch Brothers. They got me this job. I don’t know why I told you this.

Einstein steps into the dream:

Brett Kavanaugh, this is why we are all here. I hope that in your dialogues you will discover what is good and true about life… and more about who you really are. Let this dream end now, Mueller, and we will meet again tomorrow night. Mueller closes his eyes, and the dream evaporates.

Einstein and the Old One Crone are alone again in the heart of the Lotus Caves where 9 people from the US, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia… had gathered and dialogued earlier.

Einstein opens his heart and mind to the Crone in the hush of the moment. He has witnessed and took part in two very different gatherings. He knows something more vast than he can imagine… is at play…

Old One Crone:

If you close your eyes, Albert, you can move your consciousness into the lives of the nine gathered in conversation earlier here in the heart of the Lotus Caves. The direction of their lives will change enough to expand their future possibilities. They returned with greater compassion and understanding… Even a fraction of change will in time lead to different futures.

This new group, meeting in Mueller’s dream, comprises leaders from around the world, with one from the afterlife. There will be magic in their telling. Some have not yet spoken.

It is hard to face some intentions of the individuals in power in 2018. It is even more of a challenge to understand what they truly want to accomplish. But greater understanding will emerge from these gatherings in the Night. And their conversations can lead the country in new directions… in ways the people can not imagine or yet believe.

A new Congress is in progress, and will help the people bridge from the old world of a government run by lobbyists and foreign interests, bribes, and blackmail… to a government directed by the will and heart of the people. This congress will put a check on the intentions of the president…

Pause for a moment, Albert, and imagine that you are the ‘one consciousness’ of the entire human world on earth in 2018. What are your greatest fears? What are your greatest longings? The people are fully engaged with their greatest fears… and as well… with their greatest longings. Both will show up in their lives. It is important to help people move to focus on the future and on their greatest longings… To do this, they need help to move beyond their greatest fears… They need to be inspired to change their focus because whatever they give most of their attention… will show up in the lives they will live.



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