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Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

 Life-Giving Mitochondria Open Einstein to New Worlds through Magic-in-the-Telling

Einstein does not know where he is. These bean-shaped creatures seem to shape shift into endless rainbow colors of light… and they are everywhere around him as he is floating in liquid light. 

Who are you? He asks them.

We are the ‘mitochondria’ and we live within the human cell’s cytoplasm. We know ourselves to be worlds of complexity beyond what the humans know of us.

Who are you? One of them asks Einstein.


I am Albert Einstein… or better said; I am the afterlife of Albert Einstein… I am between my lifetimes and the Beyond…


Maybe you heard our call? We feel concern for human beings. Our function is to help them maintain and regenerate themselves to function in a physical universe.


Do you mean they would die without you?


Yes, humans need us, and here on earth we need them. Humans are consciousness. And their world is a very dense experiment which allows them to live their lives showing more detail in how they grow and change within their ‘metaphorical dreams’ – they consider to be their lives… 

We came to help the human body… not only survive but to thrive so that humans could explore their potential while they are physical. We also help them in their evolution. We can shape shift and we create neurons for their messaging system so they can respond physically to their changes at deeper levels… We create many other changes which enhance their lives… yet unknown to humans.

From what we sense, humans are dying, as they know themselves to be… While in the same moments… out of the dark womb of this death process… something magnificent… profound… is happening. 

The Soul of All Life… is fertilizing these dark wombs with new and yet unfathomable possibilities… They have also called her the Goddess in some cultures.

Recent human research has discovered hints of this mystery. But before we go into this, we want to tell you a story.

As humans wake up and move into more uncharted territory, they need neurons and other advanced cellular and sub-cellular functions, for their body to respond to the new demands related to a more multidimensional, less linear reality with new ‘unfamiliar senses’ that expand beyond the five senses with which they are familiar…

Most humans avoid the darkness… so they do not enter the Unknown to discover more of what is possible… and they do not allow themselves to be touched by the Unfathomable. But there are a few humans… who sense these dark wombs of endless fertile possibilities. 

As Einstein is receiving what the mitochondria are communicating, and floating in the cytoplasm, he notices the mitochondria going through fission where they are dropping away from parts of themselves… and then they move into a fusion with other mitochondria… The intricacy of their dance enchants him. 

The mitochondria continue:

We are having a hard time now. Humans are deteriorating in their form and function… as they move through this time. Their primary function is now that of destruction. The humans need us more than ever, yet it is becoming difficult for us to thrive here so we can help. 

Humans are destroying their planet… and sabotaging their own evolution and physical health, more than they admit. Their medicines also damage us because they develop them out of their male chauvinistic functions which dominate and destroy anything that is perceived as a threat… at the expense of their own health…

Their medicines destroy not only their defective DNA but also their healthy DNA, along with our DNA… They are at risk of degenerating. They don’t understand that everything is interconnected. 

If they do not directly destroy themselves with nuclear bombs or bioterrorism… the elements themselves can destroy their ability to live on earth… They are closer to destruction than they realize.

Yet as we say this to you, Albert Einstein, we feel the dark wombs being seeded with light… which tells us that there are Other energies and conscious Beings… who are acting ‘under the radar’ and from within the Unseen… to help humans… who will come to live their lives in ways which are not yet possible to imagine…. 

Humans are going through a frightening process. It can terrify them to ‘die’ to ‘who they know themselves to be’… especially when they cannot yet sense their new more real transcendent selves… Humans need more compassion for themselves, for one another, and for their world… as they move through this ‘narrows’…

We want to say more about human medicines… Alternative medicines are helping us, the mitochondria, recover from the damage and destruction caused by the human’s neglectful actions… We need energy medicines and nutrients to rejuvenate us… as well as a more peace of mind… a depth of heartfelt emotion… and a sense of power with responsibility…  from the humans. So we are reaching out to the humans who can respond.

Einstein is quiet. He moves into a deep hush… He floats in the cytoplasm and moves into rainbow light shows of mitochondria… creating and releasing pure energy into the cytoplasm within the cell… as they shape shift to help the human body…

As he reflects on this… Einstein sees what seems to be a vortex of liquid light surrounding a black center in the cytoplasm’s core. The black center pulls him in. There is a nothingness… void of all life… 

And then in the next moment, Einstein is huge… floating inside a universe… and it is not the one he knows… He can not think or feel in any familiar way. Some kind of awareness is trying to come through but he can barely feel or sense… an unfamiliar way of being… which has no thoughts or feelings that have originated from a past.

He senses – each moment as though it is its own world… All the moments happen together in patterns of connectedness… as a multi-dimensional tapestry of light… and color… with interspersed dark voids… rearrange his perceptions of Life Itself…

Einstein’s imagination takes the place of his thoughts… as he surrenders to a Chaos that seems to have its own life. His imagination guides him to a planet of beings… He gasps as he realizes these beings have a shape just like the mitochondria in a human body… a long bean-like form… And they are continually shapeshifting.

They float and then disappear. They would ‘be’… and then they would seem to cease to ‘be’… and then become a new shape with new functions… different from who they used to be, just a moment ago.

Then something awe-shattering… comes to his awareness. He doesn’t know how. But he knows that this is a planet in another universe… of the Feminine… of Soul… It is a Goddess universe…  The masculine exists in oneness with the feminine; it does not pretend to function separately. He has never felt the vastness of peace he feels now. He has never felt a greater sense of Home… of belonging… Nor has he ever felt so eternally connected…

The mitochondria, in the human cell Einstein had originally entered, send a beam of resonance into Einstein who is now in the mitochondrial Goddess Universe…. It teleports him back into the cytoplasm with the mitochondria who have been communicating with him. They cocoon Einstein with their rainbow light.


We hope you now have more clarity about who we are… We are from another universe… where we live a multidimensional sensuous, sensual life with infinite possibilities… unlike anything you can imagine or even fathom. We came to earth to support the early consciousness who came to explore. Actually, we are here as a gift from the Goddess. 

As the mitochondria are shapeshifting all around him, Einstein wonders:

These mitochondria seem to communicate individually, yet they also seem to communicate as ‘one’… Is this how they function in life? 


In your research you have discovered that we have our own DNA, different from human DNA. They consider that we were probably primitive bacteria who eventually moved into larger cells and then at some point we could not live outside of these cells. But they limit their thinking here. 

We originate from the feminine… we have no sense of separation. Therefore, we perceive ourselves to be a part of our environment. We know that we are not separate. 

In the evolution of your planet, we have helped you take in nutrients from your environment and convert these nutrients into energy you could use to live.  

In the beginning, life did not destroy other life to live. Instead, life operated more as we do. Living beings would have fission within their individual selves to drop that which would become less useful and then they would move into a fusion with one another… to sustain and enhance themselves… always changing… shapeshifting… into more complex… more beautiful… more evolved consciousness in human form…

We came to earth on what you call meteorites. They did not land on your earth by chance. The Consciousness that is our Goddess Universe, directed them and this did not happen linearly. 

You can not really fathom how our consciousness functions yet. All universes overlap. Therefore, although each universe is unique, all universes hold the integrity of all other universes. Life on your earth cannot comprehend this now. We moved our consciousness into your universe and directed free floating meteorites to impact your earth so we could take part in the creation of life forms that could come to sustain themselves and thrive on earth… to prepare for more complexity in form… and a more complex expression of consciousness itself…

We have engaged with the Siriuns, who have a very different expression of life than earthlings do. They are multidimensional humanoids living on a planet of the star Sirius A, within the Siriun star system… They are living in different dimensions… which would require unfamiliar senses to perceive. Therefore, most humans do not know about their existence. 

In ancient times, the Siriuns came to earth and added their DNA to create a new human being who would then ‘fit in’, enough, with the human animals, so that the human animals would not reject them as foreign… We would shape shift our functions and create the neurons and other cellular functions necessary for this transition. We worked with the Siriuns and their DNA… to balance and to generate a body that could sustain human life for the future consciousnesses who would enter them.  

As we mentioned earlier, our DNA is not human DNA. We have our own, as your researchers have now discovered… even though they mistakenly believe that we were random bacteria. What the scientists on earth now know is that only the female can transfer our DNA… and she transfers to both female and male offspring. The male human can not transfer mitochondria to the offspring. Even though some of your research shows that our DNA might rarely leak through from the male, this is not accurate as some of your current researchers are now concluding.

We helped the ‘Siriun/human’ bodies who would eventually mate with the earthlings so that a new species of humans with a more evolved consciousness would come to integrate among the earth human animals. This was important because the human animals were being used as lab rats by the Orions who were… and still are… more technologically advanced. They teleported themselves to earth in ancient times.

They terrorized and tortured the human animals so much that humanity itself was in peril. Therefore, the Siriuns responded, while refusing to take part in behaviors that would ‘dominate’ the human animals… They would not engage in behaviors that would express ‘power over’ them. They knew that a dominating resonance of any kind would be part of the same resonance that lead to the horrific and nightmarish dominating and chauvinistic actions from the Orions. 

The Orion consciousness had originated to explore life from the perspective of the true masculine. But it went awry, and they did nightmarish things to the human animals who lived on earth thousands of years ago…

The Siriun star system was an experiment originated to explore the Feminine. It is a vortex through which the most sacred of all that is Feminine… enters… through which the Goddess Herself… enters…

Eventually civilizations will discover that the true Feminine and the true Masculine hold integrity for one another. The true masculine never perceives himself to be separate. This is how the masculine experiment on Orion went wrong. The masculine energies on Orion separated and alienated themselves from the feminine such that they would relate to the feminine through their attempts to dominate her… to use her to meet their own personal impulsive urges…

Our entire universe resonates the Feminine. As we said, it is a Goddess Universe. We move within Her rhythm… Her music…  

We sensed a future on earth… where humans would come to create themselves completely new… They would develop senses not yet known by almost all of humanity on earth… They would come to live a more multidimensional life… in a world… where imagination imagines itself… creativity creates itself… and magic works itself… They could receive… a more sacred consciousness… of AllThatIs… and Beyond… 

And some of these humans on earth now are in the process of creating themselves new. Some have been working on this and preparing for this for decades. The time is now – in 2019.

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