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If We Conceive It, She Will Come

Einstein blinks (while listening to the new female president give her inaugural address in 2029) and finds himself instead, listening to Michelle Obama talking with her husband as they are sitting together on their terrace, in 2018.

“What has happened to compassion, Barack? Look at Syria, Yemen, Africa. How could we just sit back and watch the children dying, mothers in despair, people agonizing in pain? How can we pretend that we are separate from this? Trump has shred the fabric of our country and of the world.”

“Yes,” says President Barack Obama, “democracy is at risk with trump in office. We need to be active. We need to offer an alternative to this man. The country needs us now more than ever because the people know that we genuinely have their best interest at heart. We need to do something unexpected. Something that will allow people access to us.”

Then in another blink, Einstein is back in 2029 as this new female president is in the midst of giving her inaugural address.

Einstein reflects to himself:

2018 was the year in which high school students and women seeded a revolution that would not retreat from the male chauvinistic threats of the crumbling government of Trump and Ryan … and the insidious Pence.  The people would not back down from their attempts to ‘handle them’ … to manipulate and diminish them … or if that didn’t work , to try to pretend to be on their side. But the majority refused to be ‘handled’.

Few people noticed the impact of 2018, at the time, because they were so uncomfortable with the chaos.  Yet in the midst of this chaos, new fresh faces were elected into different local and national government positions … And who could have imagined how much impact this would have on the course of politics …  on the course and direction of a nation and that nation’s influence on humanity throughout the world … The Obama’s have continued to be a shining light in the country and throughout the world as they have offered new direction for the unfolding of a new kind of world.

And there was Unseen Magic afoot.

Einstein moves his attention back to listen to the new female president giving her inauguration address:

Female President of 2029:

2018 initiated a radical shift in the United States of America … a shift that touched all of humanity. And nothing could have stopped it. As we can now see, the United States would eventually come to be an inspiration and hope for the world … When many of the leaders come together now, they listen to one another.

It has taken us years to heal the corrosive effect that Trump had on our relationships with world leaders, such as our European allies, as well as Canada and Mexico. There was not one country on earth who could trust the goodwill of our president. Every decision he made was based on how it would serve him … not us … not the country he ‘led’ … him … and those who would align with his corrupt practices.

Many leaders throughout the world now respect the differences and individuality of each other … while at the same time, they embrace what they can agree upon together, such as honoring freedom, dignity, character … and having visions for a successful future …  for working together to help one another succeed.

Those young, people of color, and women who provided a seed of change, stood with passion and they would not be overcome by threat nor manipulation which Trump and his government used in order to ‘handle’ the people with flattery or half way solutions that would later be washed away to butter the NRA or the oil companies  … or the pharmaceutical industries who made it impossible for many to get help and doing more harm than good with some of their products without revealing this to the public … And the list goes on. It was the immutable passion and determination of the students and the indestructible movement of women and men waking up who would stand within their feminine and masculine powers balanced so that male chauvinism could be confronted and ended, instead of tolerated and indulged.

I smile when I remember the online productions with President and Michelle Obama reminding those young people that they had their backs …. and offering direction, resolutions, and solutions … offering wisdom of insight and understanding … offering compassion … while encompassing all of humanity as having value and worth. They graciously gave – without threat – without attempts to manipulate. They had their backs.  As well, they spoke to people of all ages … And a new wave of individuals who had greater consciousness and awareness stepped forward to more actively participate in a new government that is now beginning to root.

Einstein pauses from listening to this president’s address. He senses the presence of Anais Nin, who is one of his friends in the Afterlife and who entered this hologram with Einstein to be present for this 2029 address … She moves her mind and heart to be with him.

Anais to Einstein:

I am so moved by this woman who has become president of the United States. I can feel her sense of freedom. Look where women have come. 2017 and 2018 were years of horror for most people in the United States, as well as for so many countries throughout the world.  It seemed as if this country fell into a black hole. Maybe the United States had to crumble within seemingly relentless chaos, so that a completely new kind of country could be conceived. This female president is part of another new octave of innovation sourced in love and luminous hope … 

Anais leans her imagined body into Einstein and lowers her head on to his shoulder. Einstein kisses her forehead. Anais silently sobs and Einstein rains his tears gently into the silky mounds of her hair.

The female president pauses and looks into the crowd. She feels a beautiful sadness that she can not define nor does she know how to communicate. This beautiful sadness forms a musical tone in her heart and mind. And she realizes that something profound has become possible. She doesn’t know what this is. But she senses a voice and a light … beyond actual sound or sight … and there is more but she can’t put it into thought … There is a sense of hope … of freedom … of dignity and it stirs her vision. She looks out into the white house lawn and her eyes follow the silence of the crowd all the way to the Washington Monument until she can feel the entire world being held here in this numinous of hope … in this moment of communion … a moment that will never end … She does not try to hold back the wet from her eyes … nor the quiet convulsive of her heart and chest …

New Female President continues her address (2029):

I was in my thirties, ten years ago. I could not have fathomed where the world is now. As I think back, I am grateful that Washington state passed their law to protect a free internet. Because of this one little event, our country and much of the world now continue to have access to vast amounts of information and we are leaping with success in health, technology, global compassion … and in so many fields of play. Remember when the alt right tried to make the word ‘global’ a dirty word. How did we ever even consider a word that means ‘all-encompassing’ … to be a negative word? I am in a reflective mood today. I am remembering how we got to where we are because I want to celebrate this with you. I want to share my gratitude with you.

Putin is no longer in office and the present leader of Russia is following Gorbachev’s lead toward greater democracy. Again, it was the young people who eventually rebelled. They would not back down. Gorbachev began a positive and quiet revolution to return the power and dignity to the people, in his time. When Putin came into power, he tried to take that away and give the power to himself.

Trump tried to emulate him.  I remember that short article in the Chicago Tribune in March, 2018: Is America an Oligarchy?  Kosinski wrote of how the government was under the control of corporations and lobbying groups. Those politicians bought by  corporations and lobbying groups fed  uninformed people lies – that they would now be saved from the painful situations in which they lived by taking away programs that helped them financially and emotionally … and enhanced their children’s education …  Instead money poured to the most wealthy which then supported laws which limited the minimum income rate as well as also limiting their access to resources which would have been available to them … The president and his minions even convinced these same people that they were better off. 

However … at the same time … the demand for truth and the pursuit of freedom in our country inspired the hiring of a Special Counsel to investigate corruption, not directly related to most of these sinister corporations and congressmen … but very related to one man who had abused his power and his corporate wealth to not only harm those with so little, in the hidden recesses of his actions … but who was corrupt at multi-levels and even willing to commit treason to serve his own megalomaniacal demands. We the people took back our power and we have been evolving our new government since.

Although the Chinese leader,  Xi Jinping, continues to serve, he has had to listen to his people who have continually demanded more freedom. We have learned that no matter how things look, any human being can change. I want to say this again. No matter what choices someone has made or what actions they have taken, they can change.  We have found this to be true for many countries that we had previously perceived to be a threat to us or to be lost to themselves.

And I want to tell you a secret about this. This change, if it is true change, always comes through love. It evolves through having someone honor a person’s dignity and by listening to what matters to them. You do not have to agree with them. You can not always have a direct solution. But you do need to find compassion in your heart … not so that another can manipulate you or make you look another way so that they can fool you with their sinister plans, as Trump did during his short presidency.

We need to have compassion that is born out of sorrow because we have all experienced pain and we have all been confused and have lost our way, at times. When someone has truly cared to understand us, this is when we have had the opportunity to change behaviors which were hurtful to others or which were foolish and self-serving. Each person has to personally decide whether they will receive that opportunity to become a better person … But without the compassion and understanding, the opportunity would not have been there to choose.

My commitment to you is to do everything I can to understand first, what matters to you … and from here to have deeper understanding for the leaders and the people of countries throughout the world. I want to inspire all countries interested, to have compassion and understanding for other countries, friend or foe. If we will hear one another, we will learn more about ourselves …

This female president pauses again and feels a ‘presence’ touch her shoulder and kiss her cheek. She felt sure that those were tear drops that landed on her face, slipping down on to her neck. Anais Nin, in her afterlife body, smiles.

The president continues:

Before I go further, I want to share a portion of a poem by Maya Angelou with you. It is called, On the Pulse of Morning.

<>Lift up your faces, you have a piercing need

For this bright morning dawning for you.

History, despite its wrenching pain,

Cannot be unlived,

and if faced with courage,

Need not be lived again.

Lift up your eyes upon

The day breaking for you.

Give birth again

To the dream.

Women, children, men,

Take it into the palms of your hands.

Mold it into the shape of your most

Private need. Sculpt it into

The image of your most public self.

Lift up your hearts.

Each new hour holds new chances

For new beginnings.

Do not be wedded forever

To fear, yoked eternally

To brutishness.

The horizon leans forward,

Offering you space to place new steps of change.

Here, on the pulse of this fine day

You may have the courage

To look up and out upon me,

The rock, the river, the tree, your country.

No less to Midas than the mendicant.

No less to you now than the mastodon then.

Here on the pulse of this new day

You may have the grace to look up and out

And into your sister’s eyes,

Into your brother’s face, your country

And say simply

Very simply

With hope

Good morning. 

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