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Einstein Muses with Biden and Weaves Future Visions

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“Your life doesn’t look like you think it should. So you assume that it is less. If you look deeper, you will see the beauty… You will see a life that has superseded your concepts of how a life should look. If you are tired, it is probably because you are resisting your own life.”

Joe Biden turns around to see Einstein sitting on a bench in the garden in his dream. 


Where am I? Am I in a dream? What do you mean by saying I am resisting my life?


I have noticed that you view your life from the perspective – “I could have done better”… or I could have made different choices” … or “I could have loved better”…


I want to be the best person I can be. I have lost my temper. And I am emotional. If only I could have made different decisions…


Why are you picking on yourself? What is keeping you from forgiving your mistakes and moving beyond them to discover who you really are…


I don’t know. Even though I logically know differently, it feels wrong to be a man who feels so intensely.


Maybe you need to accept yourself at a new level. Although you were born into a life steeped in chauvinism which continues to devalue and denigrate feelings, intuition, imagination, and perception… you are a man who feels deeply, and you use your intuition… You also know that logic and reason are limited in how effective they can be.

You do take part in some of the old traditions with the lobbyists… but you don’t lie or cheat to gain wealth.  Underneath you respect the feminine… and this is rare for someone of your age…

Maybe it would help to stop comparing yourself to anyone else and own the powers, strengths and gifts you bring to every office or position you accept and fulfill. You are not only willing to listen and hear what matters to others; you help them become more understanding. You are a master at negotiating because of your empathy for others and your strength of holding what also matters to you. 


I sometimes lose my temper and want to fight when someone is provocative… when they lack a basic sense of morality and character. I can’t fit my mind around why someone would hold office in our country without being honorable and respectful of other human beings…


Yes, you can lose yourself and lose perspective if someone lacks integrity or diminishes the human dignity of others… but if you look deeper, you will see how much you care… how much you protect the human spirit… and how much you honor and respect the significance of every single human being…  

Can you see how important these energies can be for this time in your country?


Wow, I don’t think I have paused to reflect in this way with myself. Is this why you are in my dream?

Biden looks out over the garden as he is contemplating what Einstein is telling him. He sees a young man, full of a boyish youth. Biden walks through the garden and opens the gate. As he does, an invisible vortex of energy pulls him into its force. In the next moment he is inside a night dream with David Hogg, a high school graduate who experienced the horror of the massacre of his classmates in the 2017 shooting at his school in Parkland, Florida.


You are David Hogg. I have felt such grief for what you and your community have been though. I have had tragedy in my life, but I could feel safe at school, as a child. I’m so sorry for what you have had to witness and experience in your young life.

David Hogg:

Mr. Biden. Joe Biden. I think I’m dreaming. Right?


Yes, we are both dreaming and somehow we have come together in your dream. 


I’m not sure how I got here. You are part of the establishment. I’m really focused on the midterms. Why did you support that Carper guy instead of Kerri Evelyn Harris? Carper voted against a public option… the one you advocated. He voted for that extreme right guy, Kavanaugh.


Carper has said he will not support a nomination for the supreme court until after November elections. He comes from a conservative state so he is biding his time, hoping that congress has a democratic majority… so that Kavanaugh wouldn’t have a chance. 

And yes, lobbyists pay him well. But he is also on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and has a long record of support for anti-pollution legislation and action on climate change. He passionately opposed, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Scott Pruitt. And he now supports 15/hr minimum wage.

I support him only because when I look at the bigger picture; I think he will be more effective in bridging the congress so it can become a new congress. He isn’t new, but he is older and he can balance the new people who will be the more direct change agents. I use my intuition with whom I support. I could be wrong, but I’m going with my gut.


I want to be a part of governing my country. What has happened to our government? Our constitution supports a government ‘for and of’ the people, yet our government functions to serve organizations like the NRA or pharmaceutical companies… It advocates ‘religious freedom’ as it tries to crush spiritual freedom, freedom for women, and people of color… And especially important it gives the NRA and alt-right groups power over our rights to live in a world where it is safe to be in school and learn… where it’s safe to go to a movie… or a concert… 

I’m not trying to take guns away from people. That is just hype from the NRA so they can remain in control and make lots of money. I want to limit access to guns that can massacre masses of people in seconds. I want to register gun owners so they are accountable for what they do with their guns.

I’m not advocating that people need to stop hunting. I grew up with hunting being a natural part of life. I’m trying to support a culture of people who can go to the movies or a concert or go have fun… and come home safe… instead of being mowed down by another person with an assault rifle or pistol.

I will run for congress as soon as I turn 25. The massacre at my high school in Parkland changed me forever. I can’t lean on the congress to do the right thing. So many of them have been ‘bought’. They have lost their integrity… They have abandoned their courage to stand for what is right… I want to take stands for what is right and good for the people of this country. We need a new kind of government. This one has lost its connection with the people… because of greed and self-interest.


I look forward to you joining us, David. I may support centrist democratic candidates over some new younger candidates emerging to make a change. But I do support this change. I have been part of this congress a long time… and I want the changes, people are trying to make… to be successful. Some new people running, will not be able to stand up to the manipulation and control… and to the power-mongering that is going on in our government… I make my choices based on how I think a person can function in congress so that real change is possible. I’m wrong sometimes but I do what I can.

What is most important now… is that you inspire people to vote in the midterms? This matters more than any other time in our history. The welfare of our country depends on people voting at unprecedented levels in the midterms. The people must come together so that all the money in the world… can not buy this election. And believe me, all the money of those who want to buy elections… and control society with their wealth… will be over-flowing beyond anything we have witnessed. 

Who will triumph? Will it be the alt-right and the NRA… the lobbyists who pay off congressmen to run their agenda… or will it be ‘we the people’?

Hogg fades from his dream… as he passionately asserts.

“We the people… and nothing less than this”.

Einstein surrounds Biden with his light and lifts him out of this dream… into a meeting of a small group of people who have gathered for a future vision imaginal think-tank… called Future Vision Synthesis – in the year 2053. The small group has been working with something they refer to as the Ultraconsciousness. There are 9 who have gathered.


I do not know where I am or why I am here.

Einstein to Biden:

Talk with the couple, sitting in the corner. They have things to share with you.

Biden walks over to a couple sitting in chairs talking together. Alena has hair the color of sunlight contrasting with her raw sienna etched face. Rick has darker skin with blackish hair and deep green eyes.

As Biden approaches, Rick gasps:

I know who you are, Joe Biden. How is it possible you are here? 

Biden smiles:

I have travelled here through my dream state in 2018. Einstein guided me. What are you meeting about?


We are here to explore the Ultraconsciousness. We have been working with our resonance… lifting it until we can live in a state of dominion with the elements of nature… with our world… with life… And our world responds more often, to our dreams… to our choices… to our love and our imagination…

We function more… in a state of mind that is in the ‘between’ of three dimensional space and linear time. I think this is why I can see you in your dream state even though the life you are living happened many years before my present life.


I am blown away. I am a catholic in 2018… but in my dream I show up in your world in 2053, and I can sense my afterlife… I also realize how limited religions are – in their ability to help people hold a relationship/partnership with the Divine… I can sense that your spirituality is a more personal spirituality… 

Alena jumps in to talk with Biden:

President Biden, we have gratitude for what you did to bridge our country out of peril. In our life now, you are in your afterlife… Yet, here we are talking to you from your dream state in 2018, before you become president. I love to communicate in this way because I can sense you more personally… and I feel gratitude for who you are… 

We are working with having the Ultraconsciousness become more a part of our own consciousness. We have a ritual to enter the resonance we need so that we can allow ourselves to enter/receive the Ultraconsciousness… 


What is the purpose of this?


As we can allow this Ultraconsciousness resonance to change us and our resonance, we can let go of our linear and 3 dimensional perceptual lenses… into the world we know… and let that world move to the background as we sense another world… a multidimensional world which is here… but most human beings can not perceive it yet. To explore the Ultraconsciousness, they will need to lift beyond their human levels — of trust… of  beliefs… of imagination… of what they know of love… And it is more complex than I have words to describe.

Biden looks for Einstein who is now standing behind him:

Albert why have you brought me here?


Because Joe, you are about to help bridge a world beyond the destruction of the old corrupt, linear, dominating world… into a new world. And I wanted to give you a future vision… a glimpse to enchant and guide you… even though you will not know of this in your waking state. Your friends Barack and Michelle Obama are more actively pursuing this world in their dreams …

Biden looks up to see that Einstein left his dream… and he is now back in his garden in his own dream. He sees a woman entering the gate to his rose garden. She seems to be in her late 40’s… She walks toward him, but doesn’t seem to notice him. She stops and leans over the roses, savoring their pure sweetness of fragrance… before she lifts and her eyes meet him.

Biden notices she is that rising star in the democratic senate from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand… She approaches him and sits down on the bench across from where he is sitting.


Are we in a dream together? I feel so strange. I think your rose garden called me. I seemed to make my way here on the current of the roses and their fragrances… I have no idea why.


Maybe there is something for us to give and receive from one another? I’m seen as the ‘old school’ and you are in the younger group in congress. I want to help bridge a way for our country to move safely beyond the horror being expressed in our government. 


That is what I also want to do. I have conservative leanings in my background, and I have had corporate interests. I voted against protections for sanctuary cities. I have broken down with grief over some of my positions. But I see now where they might possibly help me in a general election, even though I don’t hold them any more. Maybe they would help bring over the undecideds.

Recently I co-sponsored  Bernie Sanders’ single payer health care bill and I now support a path to citizenship.


Maybe I’m here to let you know I am interested in having you run as my vice president. I have a deep intuitive feeling I will win the 2020 election. I haven’t jumped in yet because I want to be sure that I am willing to serve as a bridge to help our country move forward beyond the nightmare of its present existence.


I have a feeling that you will win as well. I am running in 2020… but In my dream state; I know that our country is not ready for a woman. A black man or woman of any race… could provoke the alt-right conservatives to erupt in violent resistance which in the long run, could cause more damage than the benefit of having a woman president. Since you are a white man, you could be a bridge for a person of color and/or a woman to succeed you. I would love to be part of that bridge with you…

Einstein appears again, standing at the gate in the garden of Biden’s dream. Out of the blue, Tulsi Gabbard, a senator from Hawaii, walks up to the gate to stand with Einstein, arm in arm. 

As they listen to the conversation with Biden and Gillibrand, Gabbard turns to Einstein: 

How do I know you?


You are elected to be President of the United States in about 10 years, and you help change the nature of the presidency in unprecedented ways.


I am not the woman they are talking about, am I?


I don’t know. I do know they elect you in 2037… which is a future I have been supporting… And I believe the world will benefit from that future whether it is the actual future they choose or not.

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