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Einstein, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Leonardo Come Forward with Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg walks out onto the stage with his husband, Chasten. The crowd cheers… and transforms itself into the movement of unsettled waves of hope, joy, and indomitability… like the waves of an earthquake when it curves the walls of family homes revealing the fragility and fluidity of what appeared to be real, just a second ago… A house with well-built upright walls supporting floors and roofs… becomes curves and waves which can crumble the entire structure in a whit of time.

The structure threatened here… is a government that has gone so far awry… it can not be put back together again – ever.

Einstein is present, although not visible, with Buttigieg as he is about to accept his nomination at the Democratic Convention in 2020. Einstein’s imagination flows out into his thoughts as he witnesses the crowd’s response:

“Something new is in the air… and I have a feeling that something else is already dead. The nomination of Pete Buttigieg threatens all that is of the old order.  Power over others and manipulation to manage others have been driving this obsolete government. It doesn’t yet know that it is already dead.

“It takes some people time to realize they are dead. They can remain in limbo, especially if they have rejected what is good, true and beautiful in their lives and in their resulting death. They can become confused and remain in a kind of empty, lonely, and isolating place… because they can not move forward to ‘Receive’. They can remain imprisoned by their own imagination until they play it out enough to realize that it will take them nowhere. 

“An entire evolution of a system of government will have its own confusion and resistance – as it comes to realize – that it is going nowhere of value – and has become misaligned –  with the founding fathers’ intentions.”

Einstein becomes still as he senses two others entering this celebration at the Democratic Convention. Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt come to stand on either side of Einstein. 

Abraham Lincoln turns to Einstein:

“I want to give Buttigieg my support. I hope that a part of him will know that he is not alone as he gathers the courage to move forward in this next phase before he is elected president.

“I was the first Republican president.  The meaning of being a ‘Republican’ in my time does not even relate to the Republican Party of this time in 2019. We freed the slaves so they could have their dignity… and fulfill their own dreams for a better life. Many of the freed slaves joined our armed forces which allowed the Union to win the Civil War so we could free slaves throughout the country. 

“I am aware of the president in 2019 taking a stand for general Robert E. Lee. I knew that general Robert E. Lee owned many slaves, from his father’s estate and did not want to give them up until he had to.  He was cruel to them and even separated them from their own families.

“We are a country of immigrants and we created our constitution to honor the freedom and dignity of all.

“A few of us sense the changes that are happening in 2019 in the United States. The structure cannot hold itself anymore. The waves of change are too powerful and the old outdated past has already released its hold… before it has even noticed.

“I said in my time that- “all men should be free; but if any should be slaves, it should be first those who desire it for themselves, and secondly, those who desire it for others. When I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.”

“I want to help people come to feel compassion for others who are being enslaved… even in the year 2019… whether it be through oppressive immigration policies or those certain evangelical religious leaders and politicians who try to inflict their beliefs on all people in their attempts to make their beliefs into laws of the land… I want to help people be part of a force that helps to free anyone… of an oppressive or overpowering force of any kind… such as the overpowering force of some prominent far-right leaning billionaires who attempt to dismiss, diminish, manipulate and use others without such wealth, in the year 2019.”

Teddy Roosevelt joins in:

“I am here also to give my energy to Pete Buttigieg, Abraham. I believe he is here to be at the heart of initiating a new government truly of the people… that is for the people… in a way that has not yet happened…

“I witnessed your funeral parade as a little boy, Abraham, and that moment kindled my ambition to emulate you… You are my great hero and inspired me to become president… to represent the “plain people” – those without the power of privilege that others more fortunate have been able to enjoy. You were the great emancipator.

“During my presidency I confronted a bitter struggle between management and labor head-on and I broke up industrial combinations under the Sherman Antitrust Act. I also set aside 200 million acres for national forests, reserves and wildlife refuges to protect them and make them available to all of our citizens, not just the privileged few. 

“I want to support Buttigieg as he stands for all Americans… for their dignity, their rights to direct their own lives within a complexity of the whole. All people matter and when this is realized, we can reveal and then implement a government that stands for what is good, true, and beautiful… a government that honors freedom and dignity for All… not just in our country… but for All in our world.”


“Yes,  Teddy, we can end the embedded system of a congress in which most senators and members of the House are ‘paid’ to represent certain groups who have lobbied them. This is not a government of the people. This is a government run by lobbyists and the greed of Congress. And with the current president in power, it is a country also run by schemes he conjures with murderous regimes. This government is in its demise. And in its death, it flares up to get our attention- negative or positive, because it can use any kind of attention to survive. 

“We will give our attention to a new way that moves in dominion with what is good, right, and true… a new government of the people… represented by the people and for them.


“I realize now that all three of us are innovators. We initiated new ways of understanding and responding to life. And we stood with courage when the old systems preferred that we disappear. We each triumphed in our own way, even though there was tragedy in all of our lives.”


“You have touched on something profound, Abraham. It takes much courage to initiate something that has not yet been realized. And yes, there can be tragedy. It can happen. It does not make us less of a person. It does not make us more of a person. There is a complexity to life. And it matters – what we do with the tragedies in our lives. They rip the fabric of life as we know it… They can shatter us. They shatter who we have been up to the moment of the tragedy.

“It matters… what we do with this tragedy. If we can allow ourselves to let go of who we have known ourselves to be… as unbelievably painful and horror-stricken as that may be… then we can… out of nothing… create ourselves New… And I believe it is here… that our lives can transcend the tragedy we have suffered… We can grow and change from love, peace, joy, celebration, compassion, wonder… through our imagination and our creativity… our talents and our strengths and powers… in a way that is now unbelievable and maybe even unfathomable to us…

And this is not a linear process so it is important to have compassion for ourselves and others as we experience tragedy and what we interpret to be our failures.

“I wonder why I am referring to ‘we’?”

Roosevelt ignores his question as he responds to Einstein:

“I believe that what is happening for the United States now in their time of 2019 – is deplorable. Their president and what he has done to the country is a tragedy in the making. It has already shattered the country… and its people… even before they have realized this. There is more to precipitate. But it has already happened. 

“We are here to help people find a new way. And Albert, you also bring a message – we are not alone… ever… in our human lives… or beyond… 

“I know this, in a profound way. I am also alive in 2019. I am a bridge for the human world… and the worlds beyond. I am conscious of myself here in the Afterlife… and beyond this Between of Afterlife… And I have a conscious awareness of this… while being alive as a human being in 2019… My human self and I dialogue with one another.”


“Maybe we are each alive in 2019, also as humans. Maybe that is why we are here, in this Between.” 

Before Einstein completes his communication, Leonardo da Vinci appears with Einstein, Lincoln, and Roosevelt… smiling… as did the Mona Lisa, he painted.


“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they (those) whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”

“I bring this quote of mine to this conversation. I also had tragedy during my lifetime. I was gay… humiliated and threatened with persecution. I think my greatest regret is that I turned on myself toward the end of my life. I could not see the legacy I was leaving for future humans… because I focused on ‘if only’ I could have done more…

“I am here to support this man who is also gay, Peter Buttigieg. He is courageous to let the world know who he is. I could not do that in my lifetime without dire consequences. He is also a renaissance man in his own way.

“Yes, I also have a lifetime in 2019.”

Abraham Lincoln becomes still as he reflects:

“I know I am a human being also in 2019. I believe I would have come back as a black man who would have become president. And I sense that I can back Pete now that he has won the Democratic primary.”

Pete Buttigieg steps up to the podium to begin his acceptance speech.

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