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Lyn Marsh,PhD

Einstein and Obama Alter the Course of Humanity as the Imaginal is at Play

Einstein sitting with hands folded and a serious lookEinstein’s imagination responds to his suffering…

What does it mean – that a country would allow a man who could step over a starving child while ravishing his McDonald’s quarter pounder as it drips onto the child’s boney forehead as the child looks up and hopes for someone with a soul to notice her before feeling hopelessly disappointed at seeing an empty void of disconnected synapses… haphazardly aimed at disposing of little children like her?

I experienced this chard of heart’s blood with the Nazis in my lifetime. And I honestly thought the world had healed enough from this and that there would never be a time again when the free world would allow even a hint of this spirit slicing behavior.

I am still here in this Between… witnessing this. Well, more than witnessing… I am suffering. And I believe even the Divine suffers from this denial of human innocence… of human fragility… of the human soul…


Barack Obama reflects upon the situation at the White House on a cold rainy evening… sitting at his kitchen table, looking at the window over the sink which is choked by fog…

Only a broken mirror of a man could perform his last role play… of pretending to be president… at the expense of a free country’s possible collapse. This is a true depiction of how far down someone can go when they have sold their soul to their own negative ego.

Then again, he could be the black dog we have allowed to tear the fabric of our government apart so we can take the remnants and weave out of them… a whole new tapestry of life – a new government… created out of the truer grace of what it means to be a human being on earth.

We need to be so careful not to let the black dog get out of hand. If he rips the fabric into shreds, we will have nothing from which to weave anew… That would be a colossal failure I will not let happen.


Einstein turns his mind and senses a ‘Being’ he has not yet encountered. At first, he feels a presence… an unusual substance of being… He can sense the light and a blanket of warmth, the kind your grandmother would lay over you at the end of the day as you were falling asleep on the couch.

He listens with his senses until he can ‘see’ deep blue light. It shapes itself in the form of a fragment of DNA… with legs and arms… strange. The DNA Being turns to Einstein and communicates through his mind…

DNA Being:

I am connecting with you because I see your depth of caring for a world you have left, yet you remain in a Between… with your love for this world… wanting to reach this world… to help them have a more transcendent perspective of who they can become… and of who they really Are…


The DNA Being coils itself around Einstein’s afterlife body until both are inside the DNA of an elderly woman (whose physical body is of Native American and Hispanic lineage)… sitting in the park with her 5-year-old granddaughter who is crawling all over her in ecstasy and joy. This is their favorite time together… in the park as the girl’s mother works the afternoon shift.

The DNA Being then arcs, with Einstein, into the DNA  of the 5-year granddaughter who is crawling over her grandmother. The Being is from a multidimensional universe different from the universe of the grandmother and her grandchild. The DNA Being is now in the DNA of both the grandmother and her granddaughter…

Melon got her name from her grandmother, who everyone called Cante. She named her granddaughter, Melon so they could pretend to be fruit in the cornucopia of life.

Cante talks to Melon who is now 9 years old, sitting under a tree:

You are the Melon and I am Cante the cantaloupe. Why are we named as fruit?


Well, grandmother, your words are like the taste of a sweet cantaloupe. I take them in and then I always feel happy and fulfilled. Maybe that’s why.


Well Melon, how about you? What do you think your words taste like to me?


Oh, maybe you like the taste of my words too.

She grins.



We are here to bring something sensuously and sensually sweet and nourishing… something that reminds others they can grow from this rather than from the bitterness and bad tastes of what some people believe to be life. We came to bring a message to this world, Melon. And you will someday take part directly to change the world with your nectar of hope…


Barack Obama is now sitting next to a Weaver Woman, as though he has always been here. They are weaving together a new tapestry… out of the tapestry that has been unraveled by the black dog. The tapestry is becoming more beautiful than he has known beauty to be…

Obama walks through the tapestry he is weaving with the Weaver Woman as though it is a doorway. without thinking about what he is doing. He finds himself in the future. It is strange. Time doesn’t move as he has known it… and he senses himself to be in a multidimensional world… and to ‘be’ in more than one place… His experience of himself is a gestalt kind of awareness of the different dimensional worlds in which he is consciously taking part at different times and in different spaces.

In a world of Imagination, he realizes that everything he imagines precipitates everywhere… without a logical connection. Moment by moment, his imagination creates worlds of which he is also a participant. He doesn’t have time in that old way he used to where he would just think about what has happened and try to figure out what is going on.

It seems here that he creates thought, maybe from his imagination… no, more than that. His imagination is not separate from the imagination of AllThatIs. So imagination itself seems to imagine in synergy with his own personal imagination which is not really his personal imagination… as he has known it to be – in his human life.

He realizes that he is different and can not relate his experience to who he has been… He feels confused and chaotic… lost… until he surrenders his illusion of separateness from AllThatIs… from the Divine… from GodGoddessAllThatIs… from the Universal Forces that Be… where he feels Home…


Barack Obama and Albert Einstein are now standing on the Edge of the Cosmos… in the Between… as Einstein leans to whisper in Obama’s ear.


You have had a touch of personal experience from a future you can not yet imagine… What you are doing now, matters more than you can know.

Einstein continues:

When a girl named Melon becomes 70 years of age, that Imaginal world you have now touched into… will pull her in… as she also pulls that Realm into her… She will slip into a world of dreams where she is conscious of being both the dreamer and the dream…

The ‘Blue DNA Being’ activated her DNA… And Melon being loved by her grandmother who also carries the activated DNA… continues to communicate with her grandmother in her grandmother’s afterlife… Melon never lost her grandmother in the way humans normally experience with the death of a loved one. Their love along with their activated DNA… gave them the courage to bridge worlds until they could also share their own worlds with one other.



Why do you tell me about this, Albert?



Because your world is going through a metamorphosis… as are you… This is why you are always looking for the good, true, and beautiful visions for the people in your world. You offer visions of a world with compassion and community where everyone has a place to call home… to feel a sense of belonging and valued participation. You inspire the people in your world to ‘see’ and understand… from new perspectives… to have new visions… of a friendly world of hope, filled with possibility and beauty…

These visions are more important than you can yet believe.



I am trying to do all I can to help this world move beyond the horror of this current presidency.



Let yourself muse over our conversation here… Play with it all…

You are on the right track to invite people to move their focus beyond the horror… to the possible… to remember the compassion… to remember the love…

More is happening than you can yet know… or even imagine…

It won’t be long now…


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