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Einstein, Anais Nin, Woolf, Schrodinger, and Blake Take On a World in Peril

conversations cauldron at edge mist

I went to a secret prison for IS [Islamic State terrorists] … Mosul’s Badush prison … where they take the women and girls after they kidnap them. They are gang raping girls, 14 years old, and selling some for money as wives for IS men. 

Kidnapped Prisoners of IS(Daily Beast)

When they first seized this prison and opened its gates, they immediately executed 670 Shia inmates. 

In my life, I used to say …”For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” My breath moves through spasms of horror as I return from this ‘mistaken dream’.

Even if these girls are rescued, their own families may reject them.  How can this be? Yes, Anonymous is a woman. It is a girl.

I want to rant about cowardice of men who rape and violently efface women and girls because they are not courageous enough to love them.

It takes boldness to love.

conversations virginia woolfVirginia Woolf blurts this out to all who are sitting around the fire.  

Einstein standing by himself at the edge of his closest friend … does not turn to Virginia.  Instead, he continues his silent conversation with the cosmos.Einstein sitting with hands folded and a serious look

The dreams they entered in the Cave of Mistaken Dreams, have riveted them.  

Dreams. If only humans knew how real they are. They dream of violence to find some sense of immortality. Violence is expanding in the world. 

Too many people have depths of insignificance and powerlessness. They are not feeling a part of anything that gives them hope. They don’t believe that they are valued in their own community, and most certainly in the world as a whole.

They revert to violence to give them the recognition and the sense of immortality that they seek. Beauty could also give this to them. But beauty is so far away or it comes in snippets, just enough to tease and remind them of their minimal access to something that so many others can enjoy. So they deny its value and replace beauty with violence.

Others around the fire, can hear Einstein contemplating into the cosmos … as he is also aware of Virginia Woolf’s dream.

Einstein turns to them:

‘Anonymous’ is also a man who happens to be compassionate, perceptive, and who loves. 

For IS [Islamic State], Anonymous is anyone who does not willingly convert to their violently denigrating laws.

What does this kind of world want us to know? Are they addicted to the horror and humiliation that they inflict on others who are more vulnerable than them?  


IS.  Look at this name.  IS.  Maybe many of them have become so lost in the violence and horror around them, that they have completely lost touch with their own sense of mattering, so they make up a god that gives them reason to act out the atrocity and tragedy of having lost all true sense that they matter and belong … in any real world. 

Friendly worlds are seen as lies and attempts to seduce them so that they will be treated like they are treating their prisoners … their women and girls. And any of their men who have their own thoughts. 

Love may not be a reality for them.  Compassion is not real for them. Honor and respect are irrelevant. 

They have no sense of really belonging anywhere, except with a violent, vengeful, hateful,god — who acts just like they do.  

The ‘hope’ they have to overtake everyone they can, and submit them to denigrating acts that attempt to erase their human love and life … is a very cruel hope. It is a devastating hope.  

But it may be the only hope they have. And if a human being loses all hope, that human being will die.  

So maybe they are trying to survive in a world that they perceive would rather they not exist.

Schrodinger:conversations schrödinger close up

Oh, I see.  I know this seems absurd but I am thinking of my Schrodinger Cats.

It is the between that holds the deeper understanding.  It holds the secrets that the world needs in order to change.

People take sides and then stand adamantly opposed to the other side. It becomes a polarity and each side holds fear, hate, deep mistrust, resentment, terror, and even horror … toward the other.

When this happens, each side wants to have the other – go away.  This never leads to a long term solution or resolution for either of them.

Now, I’m remembering the dream that I entered, in the Cave of Mistaken Dreams. 

I was in Palestine. A grandfather was weeping over his lost grandchildren who had been blown to pieces by the Israeli bombings.A grandfather of three Palestinian children cries outside a hospital morgue in Gaza City His agony was too deep.  

Where would this lead him, in his life?  Do the Israelis consider this when they bomb civilian areas? We know that Hamas will sacrifice the people to serve their own agenda.  But they are a known terrorist group, even as they proclaim to govern their people with protection and active support that the Fatah has not given them.  

Israel is supposed to be a democratic country that believes in the freedom of all. That is what the United States of America was founded on.  

What happened?

The people of Palestine want to move forward.  They want freedom, too.  

What happened to the very foundation of freedom with responsibility.  

Israel needs to hold a level of responsibility out of its own sense of valuing freedom … to support this for all.  The United States has a responsibility to support ‘freedom for all’ … as a higher priority than to support a bully leader of Israel. 

What choice have the Palestinians had? They are locked in one tiny strip of land with few resources. The Hamas promise them things that they want to believe. Hamas is lying.  But when you are desperate, you want to believe anyone who will offer you a way out.

Israel and Egypt have closed access to their boundaries, so the people of Gaza can not gather the resources they need for living their life.  They are in crisis.  Who will help them if every side is only willing to respond with their own agenda, at the expense of little babies, children, mothers and fathers, young people who have dreams to be soccer players,doctors, artists …

Children’s and teacher’s lives are wiped out in a second because Hamas hid in a school and Israel considers that the end justifies the means. Haven’t all bullies and tyrants believed this way?

President Obama stands for an independent state for the Palestinians, and to end their suffering;conversatoins palestine:isreal President-Barack-Obama- and he is criticized by his own House and Senate, many of whom are being paid heavily for supporting Israel’s bullying by the AIPAC, who quietly threaten members who oppose them.  Why is this? Why did people settle for their Congress being paid off for their votes? What happened to the government of the U.S.?  Where is that beautiful spirit of freedom that began the very life of the U.S.?

I realize that I am ranting!


If we don’t rant, then we won’t find the hidden secrets that hold solutions and resolutions for the world.  

You said something that sticks with me.  You said that people hold on adamantly to their views and then they want to essentially get rid of the other side to end the threat they perceive.

And after their attempts to destroy the threat, there is so much damage that it becomes harder and harder to find any solutions at all. Too many lives have been devastated.


Yes but they can only begin now … in the midst of the devastation and feelings of such hurt and betrayal. If not, they risk freezing their hurt into hate, amped up violence, bitterness, vengeance, righteous indignation and even the worst of all – indifference to life itself …

They need our help.

We need to find a way to reach their consciousness, as humans, with our love and with the possibilities that can help them to lift beyond a place that now seems impossible to them.  

Neither side is acting wise. Neither side has left their own narrow positions. One side has been battered in such a way that their future is at risk.

What they don’t understand is that the world now … can not exist as a conglomerate of separate entities in the way it used to.  If one country doesn’t make it, the entire world could end up in crisis.  Things are different for the world now.  It is imperative that countries work together more.

This is one reason that the terrorists groups are gaining more momentum.  Their terrorist attacks are meant to make people so afraid that they give up their own power, and stop thinking for themselves, so that they are more easily manipulated and eventually become good prisoners.  

If you truly believe in freedom, you don’t set up environments that feed this response.  Taking adamant positions and wanting the other side to disappear … feeds this response.

This dismisses the value and significance of the other side.  And when you try to make someone feel irrelevant, they will fight you to survive.

Anais Nin:Anais Nin beauty

What would happen if each side could find something to value about the other side?  And it could be even more powerful if each side could look deeper to see what they have in common.

You could begin with survival, and then move from here to include that they both want to live a life where they can live with some kind of purpose.  Also where they can feel free to express that purpose, in a environment that gives them the freedom to do so.

Maybe they also want a place that is safe for their children and their families to live and to live with enough resources to support a good life for them.

Would terrorists be so prevalent if leaders treated their citizens with respect and honor?  

If the citizens were significant participants in helping to build governments that would enhance their lives rather than exploit them to serve the leaders’ greed for their agenda, dominating control and opulent wealth … some times even at the expense of the survival of the very people that they are supposed to serve.

Why are people so afraid to give?  

One thing both sides have in common is that they want the other side to give them what they want. Why? So that they can feel safe and have a good life. 

What would be so bad about helping both sides have this? 

Anais then looks into the cosmos and begins talking directly with the current world, as though it could hear her. 

I know all of your excuses — like the terrorists would come over and bomb your people.

Would they?  They bomb your people now.  

Maybe both sides would begin to feel safer and you could begin to have relationships with one another.  And in doing this, you would see into one another.  You could see into the souls of one another.  When this happens, I don’t believe that you will want to destroy one another.


This is the answer, Anais.  It is in the hands of the ordinary person … to become extraordinary. There are groups of Palestinians and Israelis who refuse to fight each otherconversations gaza jews and arabs together … and who meet to get to know one another.

What would happen if these kinds of interest groups got together online … shared their art, their ideas about parenting, their dreams for their life? 

I wonder what would happen if they started finding ways to help one another with bringing some of their dreams into the living of their lives?

What would happen if people all over the world began to think for themselves? 

Anais Nin: 

Paulo Freire was an amazing educator and philosopher, who was living my lifetime. 

In this moment, Paulo Freire appears in the bon fire, conversations paulo freire responding to the call of Anais:

Leaders who do not act dialogically, but insist on imposing their decisions, do not organize the people–they manipulate them. They do not liberate, nor are they liberated: they oppress.

People who are being oppressed need to come together in large groups and take their stand. When they do this, the impossible can become possible, even probable … because something happens that is beyond words. 

William Blake:conversations William-Blake-9214491-1-402

I found myself in Syria, inside the town of Manbej.  My dream began with the impossible becoming possible …

Manbej is city led by a group of young people, mainly in their twenties, and they are committed to democracy. 

In a moving display of solidarity, after the city fell to the Islamist terrorist group IS, hundreds of thousands of city residents launched a strike, a nonviolent action that forced IS to negotiate with the town.

A group of dedicated human beings believe they can change the world. While these leaders are not able yet to change the political and violent conflict around their homes, they are able to save and inspire many people. They are a true hope of Syria. 

They dared to take a stand, even with one of the most violent terrorist groups that exists. They stood together as ‘one’.

It is a mystical secret with profound power.  Stand as ‘one’ … and your options become unlimited.

Why did these IS terrorists back down?  They claim that they will destroy anyone or anything that defies their Islamic State laws.

These people stood for democracy.  Yet, the IS backed off and negotiated with them.  What happened?

Maybe there is another secret here:

Even if you threaten me, I can join with many many others who hold my values of freedom and human dignity.  I do not respond to threaten you back. If I am not a threat then maybe something not before imagined, can come into play.

Einstein walks over to Freire and Blake:

At a deep level, it could be that as humans stand together with focused cause, their power in standing as ‘one’, moves between and then beyond … either side as the enemy.  There is ‘one’, standing between all positions of ‘conflict’ … standing as ‘one’ … with ‘one’ will … ‘one’ vision … undivided.  

There could be untapped power here … that could change the world.


Love seeketh not itself to please,

nor for itself hath any care,

but for another gives its ease,

and builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.

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