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Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

Einstein, an Old One, the Cosmos, and McClintock

Einstein and the Cosmos have found one another again, even as he is pondering what Schrodinger said earlier in their conversations. The Cosmos absorbs the awareness of his thoughts and feelings … and forms new constellations of light dreams. He is exhilarated and his joy ignites the flow of his presence…. into endless pools of eternal peace and love …

Out of nowhere, his thoughts return to him… as he continues looking out into forever…

The Old One appears on the other side of a swirling vortex, a portal, with 2 pillars on either side.  When Einstein sees her, he walks through the opening … and there is a richness of tone in the whispers … as he explores this edge of the cosmos …

Old One turns to him:

What would a ‘world’ experience… if it would give beauty and love greater meaning and significance than it gives fear and defensiveness?

You were called naive by the Truman administration because you came to realize within yourself, that it was not helpful to have a weapon that was bigger and better than the potential threat from another country. You held your innocence in a world that was losing so much of its own innocence and replacing it with hubris and separation. This led them to their solution … to destroy and dominate others who would come to threaten them.

The world was losing its enchantment with life. Enchantment is a treasure. It is part of who you are…

The solutions you had, in your lifetime, couldn’t work, though. And there were no resolutions. They had not been born yet.


 Later in my lifetime, I argued that unrestrained capitalism would produce greater disparities of wealth, cycles of boom and depression, and festering levels of unemployment. I thought it encouraged selfishness instead of cooperation … and a focus on acquiring wealth rather than serving others. To me, it promoted people to be educated for certain careers rather than for their love of work and for their creativity. And I also said that political parties would become corrupted by political contributions from owners of great capital. In my dreams, this is what I see … of the current world. Is this true?

Old One:

 Yes, in the current world, in the United States, they are now at a crisis with these issues. You were correct in your vision of their direction. Your solution of world government could not have held a viable direction for them either. Your idea of the world coming together was beautiful. And your fierce protection of the rights of the individual were powerful. But giving over to a world power, would have restricted the rights of the individual nations and their people, which is not what you really wanted.  Resolutions will become possible only later… as new unfathomable futures have more influence.


 What do you mean by saying ‘as new unfathomable futures have more influence’?

Old One:

Futures become possible as people change. There is an endless ocean of possible futures… and they can only be perceived, as people can fathom them. It is like the Magellan ships. The natives couldn’t see them, even as they approached and were anchored within their sight. There are so many futures that present themselves, but people can not hold them as possible, and so they do not give them attention.

People make things real by giving them attention and by reflecting upon them. They have to have intention to receive them into their lives. And they need to make moment by moment choices that honor all of this. If they can’t fathom that a future could be true, how can they attract this future to them?

Yet there is a paradox. There are futures that are unfathomable in beautiful ways beyond words. And they come into play as people are giving attention to the positive futures that they can imagine and believe. As they do this, their resonance changes and they become more radiant. In this resonance, something profound can happen. Those futures that are still unfathomable… can be ‘received’… And when this occurs, profound changes happen, as if out of the blue…

You see, futures and pasts — are streaming everywhere around and throughout humans and their personal worlds. They are much more fluid than people know.

You are discovering here, at deeper levels, that the world is truly an illusion… You are overlapping your afterlife with a shared illusion of life on earth… as a new world is being birthed.

There are spiritual beings who are also humans living now, who are part of birthing this new world… they are co-creating/co-dreaming… a new kind of world… with Unseen Friends. You are overlapping with them, because of how much you care for all of humanity… because you want to be a part of this, from your afterlife.


I feel and sense a communion with you, with the world… with the cosmos. I feel a boundless love and I sense eternity everywhere… in everything… in everyone… in the nothing…

I couldn’t hold this, in my life. But I am realizing that my life was a moment within eternity… a precious treasured experience that is over, yet some of the moments that I experienced and received are now a part of who I am. I had no idea of the meaning and significance. Every choice I made, directed my life. My dreams and visions offered consciousness to the choices that I held. It is intricate and complex, isn’t it?

Old One:

 Who are you?

Einstein moves his focus within, and finds himself standing on the other side of a swirling vortex. He is looking for the Old One to lead so he can follow. Instead of the Old One, an ancient woman with flickering light in her eyes, disappears.

He walks forward into a field of corn…

Barbara McClintock smiling photo

Barbara McClintock is holding a corn cob in her hands and notices Einstein standing near.:

Oh my, where am I? I was marveling at my new corn crop. It has so many new mysteries. I could see the cosmos within each kernel. I think I may have entered a kernel of corn, and ended up here. There is a bench in my corn field, and often a very very old woman, who calls herself an Old One… comes to be with me, as I marvel…  You look familiar. Are you an Old One?


 Well, I like to be old, if that is what you mean. I notice that you do, too.


Yes, I like myself in an old person’s body. I don’t have the aches, but I feel a sense of freedom in this body.


 Yes, that is also true for me. So many create their new bodies to be young. I wanted to explore the mysteries, without a distraction related to what my body looks like.


Could you have been Albert Einstein?




One of the things I talked about toward the end of my life, was how I couldn’t wait to experience more of a major and marvelous revolution in research that I saw coming in the future. I saw future researchers realizing the significance of all things having a relationship with one another… that everything is connected within a whole. You have to have a feeling for the organism, if you want to know the details of how it functions, even at the level of its DNA. You have to come to know this organism, in your heart. I fell in love over and over again… with every kernel…

I was ridiculed for many years, for my research, because no one could understand it. I was looking into the corn, as I was feeling its essence of being. I saw things that they couldn’t even imagine to exist. Most geneticists and other related researchers thought I was crazy.

I had and continue to have a deep reverence for nature. I believe that it is at the heart of who we are … and as we study nature, we can see into everything that is …

I was known mostly for transposition of genes in maize (corn); it is a two-part process, involving the release of a chromosomal element from its original position and its insertion into a new position. In other words, there are patterns of influence upon genes and chromosomes that were not imagined, much less understood. They are not separate from their environment. They have a dynamic interaction with life.

I became one with the corn and its essence, and it revealed so much to me, in my life.  Now, I am continuing my exploration, in my corn crops, here. I am discovering things that I could not have dreamed, in my life time.

Blue Flowers photo

Can we explore and be together for a while?

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