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Lyn Marsh,PhD

Dialogues Among Foes and Advocates in the Lotus Caves

Einstein wakes up in the Lotus Caves. One thousand caves form the geometrics of a rose or lotus blooming as it lays open its petals. In the heart of the caves is a mysterious domed room filled with mirrors scattered in a seemingly chaotic pattern throughout the curved walls that demarcate this mystical room, out of which the Lotus Caves unfurl.

“I have been expecting you, Albert Einstein. We will do this together.” The Old One Crone breaks into Einstein’s thoughts.

Einstein thinks to himself. “As I look into her eyes, something surges in me, and I sense that we can help that seemingly imperiled world of 2018… I hope this is why we are here…”

The Crone is silent as Einstein notices that nine of the mirrors in the wall are glowing. He moves closer and looks into one of them.  A woman wearing a hijab is looking straight at him.

“You are seeing her soul’s presentation of her from her unconscious,” says the Old One Crone.

“Why? He asks.

“Because she is one of the humans willing to have a conversation. So many have stopped being willing to converse. They have their talking points, often riddled with blame and negative judgments… which have escalated to become dehumanizing perceptions of their fellow humans – because they hold different and conflicting dreams for what would make their lives safe and happy.The rage, hate, and debilitating negative judgments along with their accompanying attempts to humiliate and shame… damage their hearts and confuse their minds. Their souls retreat. It is time to go Between it all. There are no solutions when it reaches this point.”The Crone responds as she walks next to Einstein, looks into the mirror and invites the Saudi woman with her Soul… and her Mind… to join them in the domed room.

As she does this, Einstein looks up into the huge dome overhead. The dome is formed of liquid light… or liquid crystal… or it could be a mist… or the luminous white of a fire’s light. It umbrellas the ground floor cushioned with a living moss aware of every move he makes… as though it is not separate from him… from his essence. Einstein realizes that everything here in this domed shape heart, has a consciousness that flows… into and through the crystal caves… as the crystal caves flow into the heart, never ending or beginning… yet always becoming more…

The Old One Crone lets Einstein know – the Lotus Caves call for a meeting of those who desire to come together to create a conversation with their minds and hearts – in the Between of the year 2018. 

“They are coming from their dream state, from which they have taken themselves into their unconscious where they receive the invitation. Then returning to their dreams, they make their choice. Nine human beings on earth have responded to this call.”

As the Crone is flowing information into Einstein’s mind and heart, Einstein sees the remaining human beings move through the glowing mirrors into the ‘living’ and mysterious domed room. The nine human beings find a place to sit, leaning against the curved walls of this room. The Saudi woman, Norah, dressed in a hijab with multi colors of pinks and oranges which drapes her clothing, folds her arms around herself. A middle-aged man from Yemen, Talib, sits across from Norah in his tattered drab clothing.

David Hogg, a Parkland high school student present at the mass shootings in 2018 leans himself against the wall as he stands… And a Columbine student from 1999, who calls herself Pam to disguise her real name and who was friends with one of the teenagers responsible for the massacre, sits next to David. The other two, Candice, a beautician from South Carolina and John, her husband who works with metal, find places to sit and lean into the wall. The wall receives and supports them. They seem to become part of its fabric.

Joe Biden, along with Barack and Michelle Obama, walks among them before they settle into their midst. Einstein stands next to the wall, while the Old One Crone walks to the middle of the moss floor which moves with Her,  to talk with those gathered.

Old One Crone:

You all have different ways of perceiving what helps make you safe in your life… You have different dreams and visions. And each of you has misunderstandings and judgments. Yet you would not be here if you did not have a heart and mind… a soul… ready… to begin a new way of being… It will be different for each of you, yet you can allow the others here to help you become more of the person you were meant to be. What you do here will change something in each of your worlds if you allow. Even a small change can take your life and the lives of those in your world… in a more beautiful direction.

Norah, awed by the Crone and the respect she shows for all of them, can not hold herself back.


I live in a quiet fear every day.  Our Prince allows women to drive now but only if a man gives us permission. As a woman, I have no true rights on my own. My country has a Prince who tortures and murders his own citizens who resist him. And our husbands can punish us without repercussion.

I dream every night for a life where I am free and recognized as an equal citizen… where my life truly matters.

Candice(from South Carolina) jumps in:

Well, we have freedom here in the US and everyone supposedly matters, except the whites and the real Christians. Those Democrats are trying to make us pay for lazy colored and poor people who want us to pay for their health insurance and who want us to suffer because they come in as immigrants who will work for lesser wages and take our jobs away.

And the ‘metoo’ women just whine about being touched the wrong way. Whine whine whine. And Norah. I want more protection from men and from my president. My president is the only one who can save me. He hates the Democrats as much as I do. They are communists and he knows this.


In my country, I’ve been raped and there was nothing I could say or do. Is that what you want in your country? If you want the men to handle your protection, you will need to give up many of your freedoms. In my country, we are trying to gain basic freedoms like going to a movie without a man’s permission. Your president wants to be a Prince. You should worry about that.


Norah has a point, Candice. If you give your power over to your president, thinking he will save you, he can take it and use it to serve his own purpose and you can lose your power to him to use at his whim.  He is so corrupt that my concern is that you are getting used to that level of corruption… and you are at risk of forgetting what it feels like to have a leader with dignity and character… and to have true visions for your life and your country.

One of our most important freedoms is to choose our own president and our congress through free elections. If we allow anyone or any party to manipulate our elections, then we have lost our freedom to choose. Do you want that Candice?

Talib interrupts:

I live in a nation that your country is helping the Saudis to obliterate. Fifty thousand of our people have starved to death over the past year or two. Candice, your country aids the Saudis to blocks us from receiving food and aid as they bomb us and massacre us. You have a president that is helping the Saudis rape and starve us. We have had so much violent loss in our country. Why doesn’t someone help us?

Your U.S. president knows how the Saudi’s have betrayed their word and that they are beyond inhumane. But your president has no morals, integrity, or character of his own. He is ok if we die of the most massive famine in the world. What will it take to get someone’s attention? Why doesn’t someone stop the Saudis from blocking aid to help us? Where is the world’s humanity? What is wrong with you that you sit by while they treat us worse than useless animals? We are losing our ability to have hope for anything. We had so hoped that you would come around to help us, America. But instead, you elected a Prince.

Barack Obama:

I helped the Saudis early on because I was trying to keep the Houthis, a terrorist group, from taking over your country. But the Saudis murdered Hilal, the mayor of your largest city, Sana’a. They broke a sacred agreement not to bomb while Hilal and his people were attending a funeral. Hilal was trying to bring things into more balance for Yemen. The Saudis used weapons we sold them to bomb the funeral. It is so important to understand each leader individually, regardless of the group from which he emerges.

Our current president now wants to sell them more weapons, even after we have detailed information on how the Prince had a dissident journalist chopped up into pieces.  He has sold the Saudis his own soul because they give money to him personally. He has more in common with them than he does with the ordinary citizens of the US. He has no real compassion, which a leader must have to act to support the welfare of our country and for your country Talib.

Joe Biden:

Talib, if I am president, I will do what I can to help your people. I want you to know we are not all like our current president. We are actually horrified beyond words that he is our current leader. And we are also horrified at what has happened to the Republican Congress in their complicity with him.


Talib, our Prince is treating your country like a woman who has rebelled against the word of her husband. Many of us are valueless except as we serve the needs and desires of our men. There is no humanity left in that act.

John: (from South Carolina)

Talib, you are the kind that would love to take over our country because we have what you don’t. We have enough money to live and we have jobs. Thanks to our president who is making America great again.  If he’s giving weapons to the Saudis, then there is a good reason. I don’t have to know what that is. He will make sure I can keep my guns and keep those communists and socialists from making me pay for people who don’t want to support themselves. And those criminal immigrants in that caravan are coming to take over and trash our country right now.


Did you know those Honduras immigrants have left their country because their own military is killing its own citizens? Their current president rigged the election even though the people voted for someone else. People have no safe place to go. They are desperate for help. 

There are rival gangs that kill teenagers and citizens at will. A large percentage of their people are killed before they can even grow old. The women are raped at will. Wouldn’t you want someone to help if that happened to you? What would you feel if you could be shot down on your way to work or your wife raped on the way to her work?Aren’t we here to help one another as countries? Wouldn’t you help one of your neighbors in trouble?

We will not let the immigrants take over. We have a complex path to citizenship and most of the people will be sent back. But what matters is that we treat them humanely with compassion and understanding for what they are going through.And we help them find a resolution. They love their children too. They grieve when their loved ones die, just like you do.

Pam, (a student at Columbine in 1999) breaks in:

My friend took his semi-automatic weapon and massacred students at our school one day. He had been shamed at school. Some guys humiliated him… many times. He became involved with a neo-nazi/racist movement, which wanted to exterminate or at the least renounce all citizenship and export people in our country who are not white. It advocated violence as a solution, but for once he felt he belonged somewhere. And over time he got used to the hate and violence. When you combine that with the fact he didn’t really feel he belonged anywhere and how he felt defective and alone because of the horrible, humiliating way they treated him, while teachers watched and then walked away… maybe we all can hold just a little understanding.

People can lose what really matters… and when they do, they can do unspeakably horrible soul shocking things.

David Hogg:

Pam, I didn’t know that about Columbine. I’m sorry you had to go through that. It must have been so painful. Our killer at our high school in Parkland had a fixation on guns and also with racist images. He was kicked out of our school a year or two before. I think of all the students who died at each of our schools. They lost their future and the futures of their parents and loved ones … were changed forever. And the guys that killed them, never really saw a future for themselves.  That‘s why guns should not be put in the hands of kids. There is no real reason other than conspiracy theories for why we need semi-automatic weapons. They are made to massacre people. At least make it harder for lost and homeless kids and other dismissed and lost people to kill off others because their own pain and emptiness just feels too much to bear.

Michelle Obama:

I agree, David. Why make it easy for them? They are so lost. Maybe someone would eventually have helped them find another way to deal with that level of unbearable pain… instead of causing so many others to suffer those incomprehensible tragedies.

We need better leaders to serve as examples for people. And we need them at the local, state, and federal levels. We need our president to lead with dignity, character… with vision for our people and our country. We don’t have that now.

Joe Biden,

Exactly. Our president is teaching our young people to cheat, lie, make excuses for murderous acts, to humiliate and denigrate… We have never had a more corrupt, depraved president in the history of our country. I think our country is in shock… and in crisis.


You don’t know that! How do you know he is corrupt? You can’t prove it. People are just trying to get us to believe he is corrupt so they can take our jobs and guns away. He has warned us about real things, like that caravan full of criminals. And he really has good ratings. The news media make his ratings low. And he isn’t really going to take pre-existing conditions away on my insurance. He told us that the Republicans will always protect us if we have pre-existing illnesses. You are trying to brainwash us.

David Hogg:

John, you accept what he tells you. Please, just look up things on the internet. You are repeating his lies exactly as he says them. He uses his rallies to manipulate you into believing his rhetoric. Can’t you see how he talks to people? Do you really listen to how he talks about people he doesn’t like? Have you read the research on the number of times he has lied… or the number of times he has cheated on his wives? This is not a man of honor or respect. I believe you are probably way more respectful than he is. And you deserve a leader you can trust. It is a fact that this president is not trustworthy. It’s just that people aren’t really checking out what kind of person he is. They are just listening to him because they want to believe he will help them feel good about themselves and help them have good jobs and more money.  But John, he has already taken more of your money away and given it to his grandiose egotistical billionaire friends.


John, what do you think about what David is saying?

(to be continued)


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