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Conversations in a Park in the Year 2037

What a gift it is for me to write about the adventures and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife. If you feel that my blog gives to you, I would be delighted with warm appreciation and love – to receive your donation to help support my writings.

Secret Garden Entrance painting Entrance to the Secret Garden, Architect41

It is 2037. I remember the years when we didn’t know if we would make it as a country. Everything seemed in peril. Then one day, as if out of the blue, I realized… the only thing keeping me from the life I wanted for myself… for my country and even for the world – was me. 

I knew this meant that I would take part more actively by running for office… and here I am now… a US ambassador to the UN. 

I also knew it involved more than just running for office. There were so many ways to participate. I could have written a book or a blog. I could have created art or become a visionary economist. I could have volunteered to help the immigrants… or helped to support others running for office… 

I don’t mean that I was solely responsible for the prevalence of hate and violence… I knew I didn’t want the hate or pain or loss of life through violence. But … was I allowing this violent alt-right movement… the corruption of my government… and the immigrants being treated like cattle…? Why?

I think one reason is – I felt as though I was a victim of my world… of my country being torn apart by a black dog. And then one day I remembered that it is the black dog who rips apart the old tapestry… so we can weave a new tapestry more beautiful than before…

And the part I didn’t know about then, in my life… is that I can choose the function for that black dog. I am not at the mercy of anything. It is only when I fail to take the ‘baton’… when I forget who I am… that the black dog can then run a muck and lose its positive function. In fact, the black dog could take me down if I hold on to being a victim.

What does it mean to be human now? What did it mean to be human 20 years ago? 

Did I believe I had a right to beauty… to a life of love? Those are words only women and old people talked about in those earlier years. I have had certain lenses to perceive life… as I have known life to be. But what is life? Is there some other life I could live… if I could perceive it… if I use a different set of lenses?

I know I can smell, hear, touch, taste, and see. But what is beyond this that I could sense? I think of love… I express love in actions… yes. But there are levels of love I can’t perceive unless I am also using other senses… to experience love… 

How do I feel love… beyond those 5 familiar senses? How does an infant perceive its mother’s love before it has developed those 5 senses? The infant uses a different set of senses which have mostly become unfamiliar to us as we have matured in years… yet they are the only senses an infant may have. 

One thing I have in common with infants is that we dream… we have an imagination. Maybe one way to bridge to those forgotten and unfamiliar senses… is to imagine… and trust that my imagination will guide me there.

What would happen if I used all of my senses, including those unfamiliar ones (such as sensing someone’s light or substance… or sensing their voice without hearing it… or sensing the warmth or coldness of a person)… – along with my imagination? My imagination could come alive. It could become vibrant… free from my normal limitations. My imagination could soar. And it is possible I would discover the hidden powers in imagination.

Chauvinism has degraded the value of imagination. Why? It has powers that chauvinism doesn’t want women (and men who value the feminine) to use because those powers can change a world…

I think it was important to lose the infant senses as I grew up so I could adjust to perceiving a human world in a three dimensional reality. Maybe unfamiliar senses were more natural to me as an infant because they functioned best in other dimensions such as the dimensions of chaos, imagination, and creativity… with which I was more connected as an infant. I was not ready yet for linear thought… or logic…

And it is curious … that a baby is born with innate hope… a desire to live… It has hope for living life, even though it does not understand what life is yet… on earth… until it develops familiar senses later, which work best for functioning in the three-dimensional human world.  

This brings me to the question: who am I? I know I am a US ambassador to the United Nations. The president appointed me. And I would not be here if it were not for our extraordinary president who was inaugurated eight years ago ( even though our newly elected president is thankfully keeping me in my position). The gentle and powerful president elected in 2028, governed with her intuition, imagination, and compassion… more than with her logic and reason. This brought chaos to the old order, and she did beautifully well considering the myriad of responses to her in our country and throughout the world… Our country and the world are different now in unimaginable ways – from those 8 years. 

Our president in her 2029 address referred to the year 2018. She seemed to consider that year to be pivotal in the evolution of our country. It was 19 years ago, for us. And there is a quiet nudge in me… possibly implying that this year 2037, could also be a pivotal year. I don’t know why.

Something I haven’t shared with anyone is that when the UN assembles and I am present, I often sense something more than the presence of other ambassadors and leaders. I have a sense that there are other beings present and I sense them with my unfamiliar senses. Maybe they are from other worlds… It could be that we have been looking through the wrong lenses to discover other life forms.

This way of perceiving, that I am suggesting, doesn’t fit in a more linear based three dimensional world. And if I had engaged the world I knew as a child with my dilemma, it would have tried to convince me that there are only 5 senses… until I would eventually forget that I ever had a desire for something beyond what I can see or directly experience. 

Societies have channeled our desires for the mystical and the mysterious… into their religions which then give mostly authoritarian males… who ‘represent’ the divine in some form or another… access to those other more unfamiliar senses. Religion does not allow me to have them as a normal human. This keeps the power in the hands of the few mostly male religious leaders.

But I’ve never been able to keep myself in check. Something innate in me is always seeking… something more… something of wonder… of the mystery of life… of the mystical beyond what religion presents…

Maybe I am here to unlock secrets to a more powerful self alive in me… If the world is more dimensional than it has seemed to be… we are a people who have the potential to expand our awareness of the world… And as we do this, we realize that there are others who are present… beyond the humanity we know… in other worlds and dimensions… who are just waiting to help us… to help us evolve… become more dimensional… and to realize more of who we really are.

Oh, here I am… talking to myself again.

The UN ambassador in 2037, turns from his conversation with himself… as he sits in a small park in California, waiting for a conference which many ambassadors from countries all over the world, are attending and taking part. There are also scientists, environmental and renewable energy experts and visionaries, neo-economists, spiritual leaders, future vision consultants, musicians, artists… They have all come to give these ambassadors the latest available information in their areas of expertise, mastery, and artistry.

One of the invited professional visionaries sits down next to the UN ambassador on the bench in the small park. He has known her for many years. She is a visionary consultant for renewable energy.

Visionary Consultant:

It’s good to see you again. I have always enjoyed our conversations and each time we meet we seem to continue our ongoing conversation I hope will not end. 

I’m here to help other UN ambassadors and leaders understand the deeper implications of renewable energy – how it is alive… The element of air has a consciousness… Then there are the other three elements, earth, fire, and water. These elements are not toys for us to use or abuse. They are consciousness. I want to help others in our world change their relationships with these elements so they hold greater respect and honor for them.

UN Ambassador:

We see our world through the senses we use. We feel the wind blowing past our arms or in our faces… but we don’t really think about it as an element of nature with a consciousness of its own. 

Visionary Consultant: 

Yes, the air being heated by the sun rises and then is replaced by colder air which seems to be what causes wind. But is that all that moves the wind? We don’t know because we have distanced ourselves from the truer nature of the elements and we see ourselves as unrelated to them. We then ‘use’ them for our perceived benefits.

UN Ambassador:

I agree. Think about how we ‘see’ nature… We see trees and lakes… Yet we have diminished our relationship with them. They are something to have around for us so we have something to drink… or to cut down for building houses. I know that we also enjoy the beauty of nature… but how much do we respect and honor it?

Visionary Consultant:

How often do we listen to the trees… or the lake… or wonder about their truer function here, other than to serve our own interests? It can be fascinating… to let go of logic, reason, and trying to understand things – to instead… become ‘one’ with a tree or a lake… I sometimes imagine that I am the ocean, I am vast… passionate… sensually and sensuously alive… I am rhythmic movement… healing the earth with joy… 

The four elements hold and sustain life… They even generate life… In ancient times, we knew the elements would respond to us… as we would work with them. Then over time, as male chauvinism became so prevalent, we pretended that we were separate… that our welfare was not contingent upon our connection with the elements.

UN Ambassador:

Without the elements, we along with those of other dimensions and other worlds – would cease to be physical… We would cease to exist. So the many dimensions and worlds… have the elements in common with us.

What a mother and child… or partners in love… have in common is… love. Although they are each uniquely different, they would not be who they are together in their relationship… or individually… without love… We can be partners-in-love because we connect in love. Without love, we do not exist in this way. We have to realize that love is a part of who we are… before we can fall in love with life… and with others in life… We relate in love and loving relationships because we have at least partially embraced that love is a part of who we are. 

And we will have a real relationship with the elements that will allow us to can take part in healing and regenerating the earth… and relate to other possible dimensions and other worlds… when we own that the elements are not separate from who we are. They have a consciousness and they respond to us because they are a part of who we are… 

Visionary Consultant:

We are in a relationship now – with everything we see, feel, taste, hear, or touch… What kind of relationship do I have with everything? Do I love what I see, or feel or touch…? Or do I only covet what I want to take from someone else… or from this earth… Another words, have I substituted ‘taking’ for ‘loving’… and then called it ‘loving’ so I can attract its life force my way… to take what I want from it… and then give it what I need to give it, to keep it here so it isn’t attracted elsewhere.

UN Ambassador:

We need to realize that the elements are a part of who we are… as is love – before we can heal ourselves and our world. Isn’t this what we are here to do? We are here to be in partnership with the elements… not to dominate and ravage them…

Who have I become in my human experiences? Do I respect and honor the earth? Am I supporting people running for office who support a government ‘of and for’ the people of all races and individual expressions of loving and spirituality? Do I love without condition? Am I actively contributing to the welfare of my country and to the world of which it is a part? 

I know I am so much more than what I have been pretending I am.

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