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Christine Ford and an Old One Crone Change the Course for America.


Walking on the moon tonight
In its gentle beams of light
I look down upon a sight
Of me on that awful night
I see clearly the things he does
No more questioning who it was
Looking past the mental fuzz
From on top of the moon tonight.

(Christina Enevoldsen)



Christine Ford tells the media about how Brett Kavanaugh tries to sexually molest her during her teenage years. She is a research psychologist. Research psychologists search for truth backed up by advanced research method. They are not the people who tell drama lies. 

It takes more than courage for Christine. It takes daring to stand up for what she knows to be true, to face a failing compromised Republican Congress which has lost its connection with its true destiny… to represent the people.

The ends justify the means for this Congress. Their character, morality, and integrity are at risk of becoming irrelevant in influencing their choice of action.

Ford and her family had to move to a safer place. She is now asleep in her dream state talking with an ancient woman.

Ford to the ancient woman:

I have worked in a quiet world of research. I love that life and my work. I love my family. My life, as I have known it to be, has been pulled out from underneath my feet. 

By exposing Brett Kavanaugh, I hope I can help other women stand up for themselves, in a country which seems to have become dominated by white ultra-wealthy men who believe they have power ‘over’ women… and those ‘less’ than them… such as people of color… gay and transsexual men and women… 

My life is about finding results to help us understand more about our lives. I want to understand what is happening. How did our country stoop this low? How did white conservative men come to support would-be-tyrants? Are they trying to hold on to something? Why do they try to keep women under their thumb?

She pauses then continues.

There is a spark of hope I also see. Women are standing up and they are not backing down. Young people and those leaning more progressive are taking a stand with women … and with their dignity and freedom. Can you help me understand this?

Old One Crone to Ford:

It is the feminine in us… who dreams our dreams.  The masculine turns these dreams into projects… movies… businesses and creative works.  It is the feminine who initiates and the masculine takes the action necessary to implement what she has initiated. As the masculine embraces the feminine… and as she embraces him, new dreams that inspire creativity and innovation – are born… Innovation requires a balanced masculine and feminine – working as One. 

You can see evidence of the dismissed feminine and the diminished masculine, in your country now. Male chauvinism reduces a man as he tries to intimidate, dominate, and manipulate others with his false facade of ‘See how powerful I am’…

And it is important to know… when men try to oppress women – dismissing their true value and significance – these women can stop dreaming… And the same men become dull because they have beaten down their muse. They become boring to themselves, each other, and to their women. So they look elsewhere for new unused women… and the worth of their women now lies in the size of her breasts or butt… in how conventionally beautiful they consider her to be. Her worth lies in being a mother and acquiescing wife… whether or not she is considered beautiful.

These men try to buy their women to attract them… with their bravado or by using other manipulative means… They find women who will bear their children and raise them with the values they (men) espouse. The woman must come to take these same values for herself. This is especially true in the conservative Christian religions. Keeping control of the women and children is imperative to sustaining the religion in which men organize, control, and dominate.

Dominating men and their conservative Christian religions can come to believe women and children are in their possession – to service them as they want. You can see this in the sexual molestations of the Catholic church. And what has happened to the morality and righteous indignation of high morals and character… in the conservative religions? They have exposed their truer intentions… to keep a corrupt, sexual abuser and compromised president in office… so they can come to dominate the undercurrent in government to keep women in their place… to take their freedoms away…. to dominate and manipulate them into subservience.

A substantial amount of women in the ‘alt-right’ and in conservative religious groups have lost their truer voice. Despite their short and limited spurts of self-respect, they mostly fall silent or flail hopelessly at indifference from their men and their religion… They have lost their self-confidence. And they have belittled and severely restricted their own sense of self-acceptance … They have replaced this with a false sense of self-confidence and self-respect, as defined by their men and their religion.

If these women would, for one moment… drop their accommodation and acquiescence, their men, with their chauvinistic religions, would crumble… And new life-enhancing ways of being together… would become possible.  Their religions could become more authentic in their attempts to approach a more real spirituality…

Both men and women need the feminine because the true feminine creates the fertile space… filled with dreams and possibilities… for the true masculine to find and join his light with her light… to create and innovate… the yet unimaginable… This is a natural function… a function that lies within the truer nature of all things… It is in everything… in All That Is… And All That Is… is in this Function… 

But male chauvinism projects its own intentions on to the feminine… that she would also want to dominate and manipulate as he does.

She wants to work together. Chauvinism cannot fathom this way of relating. So male chauvinism tries to hold on to his dominant oppressive past with everything he can. 


I can see now how it is the feminine … in both men and women… who has the power to initiate something new. 

Old One Crone:

The world is waiting for the feminine and masculine, in men and women… to say NO to male chauvinism. 


Yes, I have been manipulated at times in my life. I remember men insulting me with such comments as:

“That is ‘just’ your imagination.” 

“Your intuition distracts from how things really are.”

“Someday, you will look back and realize that you are who you are, because of me.”

Old One Crone:

It is time for you… for women and men… who honor the feminine within… to step up even though you may be uncertain of what you are doing. Great changes happen when those daring and courageous few of you… step off your familiar playing field… on to new territory – you can not yet see… You have to take your step before the ground is there. The secret is … when you do step, your new ground will be there for you.

If not now, when? If not now, there may not be a ‘when’ available for generations to come. The time is now.

 Christine Ford wakes up from her night dream, and can hardly believe that she has had a dream of conversations with an ancient woman. 

Who was that old woman, talking with me? 

She sits up in her bed… and doubts herself all over again.


I can’t go through with this. I don’t know what got into me. Why did I tell the news media this information? I should have just kept quiet. 

I guess I couldn’t keep silent about Brett Kavanaugh. He is dangerous to women. He would delight himself in eroding the rights and freedom of women. I remember what happened that night. I saw who he really is. I couldn’t live with myself if I had kept quiet.

I’m private about these things. This is shaking me up at the core. I’m terrified of the people who want to kill me for telling the truth about this man… Some of these people want to rape me themselves. It takes all the courage and daring I have to keep moving forward… I am frozen in terror. 

But my dream… I have a feeling that my dream is calling me… to keep moving forward… I can not back down. Not now… 


2021 Celebration Conference organized for the Success of the 2020 Elections


One of the many speakers at the conference, Brooke Hampton, gives a short speech as the last of several women who are introducing the new Majority Senate Leader:


I am an author, not a politician. So I’m honored to be part of this moment. I’m just fortunate that our Senate Majority Leader finds value in my writings. 

We finally let go of Chuck Schumer as the senate majority leader. If Schumer’s goal was to put our financial system at risk… and leave voters even more confused about which party Wall Street controls, then he had success. Yes, I know he had real successes too, but the lobbyists also influenced his decisions, even at the detriment of the people he was supposed to be representing. And I celebrate that his outdated shifty ways of governing… are over.

I want to share one of my quotes from my writings. It says best what I want to communicate to you. My language might shock you a little, but I think it has its place.

“Follow your heart and take a chance that you’ll be wrong. Take a chance that maybe you’ll fuck it all up and everyone will say you’re crazy. What’s the worst that can happen? Face that fear and accept it. Because to silence your heart and forget your dreams is to die while living. LIVE. Don’t let the world scare you into being something you’re not. Get out there and risk the unusual or you’ll have to settle for the ordinary. So, no-one else has done it before? There is no road map for you to follow? Then, you be the first! Pave the way for someone else. Find your courage and follow your heart. Be brave, wild one, be brave.” 

People in the crowd have tears in their eyes as they shout ‘yes we can’. ‘Yes, we can.’

Hampton continues:

I remember that expression in the ‘good old days’. President Obama said it. 

I am relieved that our majority leader in the Senate is now a progressive woman who will truly have the will of the people in her decision making. And here she is… 

The crowd breaks out into cheers before Hampton can finish her introduction. The new Senate majority leader takes the microphone.

Senate majority leader 2021:

Thank you Brooke. Your books shake up the ordinary in life and inspire each of us to become a little more extraordinary. I want to help people take back their power… to actively participate in our government… for and of the people. I want to help the Senate to remember this… and act on it.

The people surrender themselves to the music of joy and celebration moving through them… 

She continues:

It will take a while. The White House and Republican Congress have done much damage to our country… to this earth… and to our world. They have toppled our ‘standing’ in the world. We must get up again and create a ‘new standing’. We can do this. 

We need more progressive and/or balanced women and men – to run for office. We need more politicians who commit to representing the ‘people’, not the lobbyists or their unqualified and compromised ‘best buddies’… 

There is a lot to do… The opportunity for us… is now. There is a new beginning and we can help bring it in… A true leader is one who inspires others to become their own leaders… We need our world to be full of people who see themselves to be at the heart of their own lives so they can share that heart… by telling their stories to help others aspire to be more than they have believed to be possible…

This is who we are now. The democratic senate elected me to be their leader and considering I lean progressive and I am a woman… This is astounding. I will do everything I can… to stand with you… to have your back! 

The crowd breaks out into applause before she continues:

And let’s hold in our hearts – that small group of Republican senators who took their stand against Brett Kavanaugh. They had courage and we can begin a dialogue with them.

We will have a balanced Supreme Court now. 

Claps and whistles … cheers and tears … fill the air … as she continues:

With the new Democratic majority in Congress… we can cultivate more people who value dialogue… We will have a more balanced and productive Congress…

Maybe we can find our willingness to change – to find new ways of relating and working together, where we listen… where we take the time to hear what is being said by one another.  I open to see things from your perspective… and you open to see from mine. We look deeper beyond what seems obvious… beyond what we are witnessing in the room… We reach out for something not yet realized… so that something new… not before known… can change the course of our government… and of whom we will become… 

Life is wondrous. Maybe this means that we are too… 


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