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Lyn Marsh,PhD

A New Series: Cafe Between Worlds

Emma is not sure where she is. Everything around her is blurry. Something feels strange… Since things around her feel so weird, she turns inward. 

I am 19 years old. I wonder why they call my generation – the Gen-Z’s… Are we the end of something? I mean they gave us the letter Z, last in the alphabet. Or maybe they just didn’t know what else to name us. That would reflect their limitations, not ours.

I think I’m ready to take on the world… well maybe… at least I’m going to try. Maybe they will call the next generation Re-Gens because they will regenerate a new life… after the horror and damage that the president and his alt-right gun loving mentality has impelled into my life and the life of my friends and my family. My best friend was murdered in high school by a 17-year-old kid who had racist views. He talked about sexist and homophobic kinds of things, and he loved guns and violence. I can not comprehend how people accept life to be this way. It changed me. I lost my childhood. It knocked the light-hearted teenager I was… off the planet…

She thinks about how she feels an obligation to be an activist to stop the NRA and alt-right groups… and of course that dangerous soul crushing president from taking over her country. Yet, if she were living in a different and safe world, she would paint, write books, daydream, maybe invent things with her brother, study mythology, be part of a group exploring the mysteries and secrets of life… She has always been more of a dreamer than an activist at heart… Emma has lived in her imagination most of her life. 

Emma’s thoughts continue:

When I was 7 years old, a neighbor visiting my family told me I would rust if I went out in the rain for a long time. I loved playing in the pouring down rain. The raindrops on a warm day felt like hundreds of kisses from the heavens. I was sure then if I leaped, I could lift into the current of that turbulent air and fly like a hawk riding air currents on a windy day…

My neighbor expunged the ecstatically fun times I was having – for a few days while I was looking for the first signs of rust I expected would soon eat through my entire body. Luckily the rust never happened, and I stopped believing things that grown-ups told me. I would figure things out for myself.  

When I was a toddler and had begun to walk, my mother was taking me across the street, I pulled my hand away and held my own hand as I leaped into the intersection. So maybe somehow I have always known I would make my way.” 

Emma can now hear clattering sounds of china cups clacking into saucers… The sounds of conversations fill her mind. She can’t understand them. There are many… all happening at the same time. Things are a little clearer now as she looks around and realizes that she is in the weirdest cafe she has ever entered. 

The floor of the cafe is octangular and made of crystalline material. The eight walls of the cafe are all under a domed roof… and they form the room into a domed upright octagon tube shape.

She notices that the kitchen area is triangular shaped and has its apex in the center of the cafe. If you stand in front of the apex, you can see the two side walls of the kitchen extending all the way from the left and right corners of the back kitchen wall, coming together to form that apex.

If someone would fly over the kitchen with the domed roof removed, it would look like a slice of pie made up of a swarming kitchen bustle… with a huge oil painting of an archway covered in roses – hanging from what would have been the domed ceiling, about 3 feet in front of the kitchen’s back wall – a wall that would frighten most anyone if they came upon it because it undulates with an eery glowing light. And if you would stand close to the painting, you could barely hear a song more beautiful than anyone has known beauty to be, especially if you would touch the painting. Since beauty can be frightening to some… most of the kitchen staff do not see a painting. They see a wall that looks like all the rest in the cafe…

Two of the kitchen staff know the secret of why this cafe is known throughout the universes for the exquisite of scrumptiously divine food they cook and prepare. It is the music coming from behind the back door… It works its magic whether it is heard or not. They do not understand all of the functions of the music though…

They pass the food and drink orders through both sides of the kitchen. Emma can see seven of the walls in the cafe which appear to have doorways or swirling like portals because she notices that regular people like her, as well as weird looking people or even creatures who look like they are from other realms… are entering and leaving the cafe through doorways that open for them as if appearing out of nowhere in the walls. This is definitely the freakiest thing she has ever experienced. 

Einstein moves through a doorway of mist into the cafe… He has been here before. Most humans from earth who end up in the cafe have entered from their night dreams. They could be summoned by a higher consciousness: their higher self or soul… or an unseen friend or guardian angel…

They may also sit in the cafe having tea with someone who gives them suggestions or asks them questions that challenge them. Sometimes they just come for a glass of divine wine, or some mind-altering herbal tea or coffee – to have fascinating experiences with friends – human or Other… And then there are those rare few who come here… and leave out the back kitchen door. No one knows what happens to them. No one has ever witnessed anyone entering through that wall…

Einstein catches Emma from the corner of his eye. She is standing still, looking disoriented. He walks over to her and invites her to sit with him. She nods as he gently interlocks his arm with hers. She doesn’t recognize him.

Someone calls his name. “Albert!” Einstein looks around to see a round table filled with human beings – some alive on earth now in 2019, some in their afterlife, or others living future lives… He knows some of the humans here from his last lifetime… He walks with Emma, over to the large round table calling out to him… 

Maya Angelou jumps up from the table and leaps through the ‘air’ to give Einstein a long hug… He is still… and drinks in the soul-filled love and peace of her presence… Einstein knows Maya even though their lifetimes had only a small overlap. She has visited him in his Between of the Cosmos occasionally, from her dream states as a human before her death and after her death.

Maya Angelou, takes Emma’s other arm, and the three of them sit at her table. Emma does not know who she is either. Maya turns to others at the table and continues her conversation with them:

If we can help people feel safe, they will naturally open to more love… People need a safe place to be. This cafe can be part of their dream. We can touch them… and remind them that they are not alone…

A feminine god being, Sita, from a Mental Plane where gods and goddesses reside, is sitting at the table next to Angelo’s table. She leans across and responds to Angelo:

I follow humans now in the ‘Land of the Free’.  Some people have unfortunately separated far from who they really are… They blindly follow one who is as – the evil king, Ravana… from my legend. He had many positive qualities, but he gave them to his negative ego… and because of this, he lost what was good, true, and beautiful in his life…

The land of freedom that they call the United States of America was founded so that the inhabitants would eventually be an inspiration to others on earth. But the people of this land are at risk of surrendering their government to the negative ego of their Ravana president who is now attempting to destroy the core of their constitution… a constitution that was created and written by humans… who were being guided by the gods from my realm, from Other multidimensional gods, and beyond… These gods are mystical gods … mostly Shining Ones and Ancient Ones… who came to help long before there was a concept of a ‘land of the free’.

Maya Angelou:

Sita, what you are saying is true. Humans have gone too far to turn back. They need to move forward.

They will need to reach beyond where they have looked before… They must put down the illusion that they are victims.

If not, they can lose their freedom. If they lose hope and become cynical… if they judge those who are different- to be evil or not worthy of dignity… if they lose sight of compassion and understanding – then they can lose not only their freedom, which would be almost impossible to recover… but they can also become separated from love… and alienated from who they really Are… If this happens, the pain can be overwhelming. They could lose everything that matters to them…


Yes, human beings who are creating themselves anew are preparing a new way. It is a path of beautiful futures…  Those who reach for these futures can be lifted. Most will live a more hopeful and peaceful, loving life. A rare few will leap through a hole in the fabric of humanity… into a whole new fabric… There is a profound mystery here… Future humans will one day follow their maps.

They are the ones who find the courage to stretch beyond the boundaries of their beliefs and their imagination… into the Unbelievable… into the Unfathomable… where the Unknown/unknown… becomes their way of life… As they do this, they will once again become the god beings they are meant to be… while living on earth…

An old hermit holding a nap sack, who sits at Sita’s table, begins to softly and joyfully chuckle. His name is Ama. It is a feminine name in the human world that means – One Who Finds Pearls.


I know the humans will prevail. They will not destroy themselves. I can feel this. And I know it without needing to be certain.

So many are frightened… and in their fear, they have isolated themselves from others different from them or who have beliefs which they can not understand. This is not who they are…

Ama’s eyes glow and become almost transparent:

If they could only see what I see of them… they would hear the music… and they would sing… In the music, they would recognize themselves for who they truly Are…

Ama turns back to participate in the Other unfamiliar conversations at his table.

Anais Nin who is sitting with Einstein and Angelou leans forward with a jolt of passion to get Ama’s attention:

I agree with you Ama. I know that people have so much more to them than they have imagined themselves to be. They have passion… and music runs through their veins. I know something can tap them into the music of their souls and they can hear that music again. They can awaken their own sensuality and ecstasy… the essence of pure joy… which can ignite the exalted of their imagination and creativity. This is there for them. And I believe they will succeed… I failed to reach this in my life as I had hoped to do, but I can hold this vision for them.

Just as Anais finishes her last sentence, Angelou jumps in, and Ama slightly glows as he turns his back to their table. 


We all fail colossally, in our personal lives, Anais. It is what we do with our failures that matters. I personally am delighted by your presence.

Anais Nin cannot hold back her tears as Angelou continues:

Most religions have thwarted evolution because religion has taken power from the people and given it to their mostly male appointed ‘clergy’ or their venerable chosen ones who hold ‘higher authority’ over others. The Divine does not want to have power over anyone. It desires ‘power with’…

Pearl, a friend of Einstein who has previously journeyed with him in the Other Realms, and who lives on earth in her current life, breaks in and responds to Angelou:

There is a more personal spirituality that is stirring on earth, beyond what we as humans have known religion to be. Some are expressing this through a new kind of religion… honoring more of the Sacred Feminine… which will inspire people to come together, and share their unique individuality, while at the same time, they will function with more complexity… as a whole… to give and receive… in a world where every human matters…

Einstein responds to Pearl:

This can happen as humans become more whole within themselves… as you have become, Pearl… where they come to accept all of their aspects, both dark and light… Forgiveness can be their partner. They will need this to move forward.

Some people on earth now, in 2019, are coming together in their uniqueness to ‘live’ their personal spirituality… As they allow and receive this, they can share their own clarity and purity… their knowing and wisdom – with one another. They can only do this as they realize that they are not separate from a vast and magnificent Unfathomable force of Feminine Love… And the paradox is – that as they accept and receive this, it is then they can receive the Unbelievable and Unfathomable of Masculine Love.

Chauvinism, sexism, and misogyny – emasculate the truer nature of the masculine in men… and dismiss and oppress the truer nature of the feminine in women. And as well… they emasculate the truer nature of the masculine in women… and dismiss and oppress the truer nature of the feminine in men.

When men and women wake up to this, they can embrace a truer feminine and masculine within themselves… They can become more whole… and come to embrace more of the Oneness that can unfold as they accept more of their own divinity to be inseparable from the Essence of Divinity Itself… from the Essence of GodGoddessAllThatIs… of the Goddess…

And as you also mentioned Pearl, I have seen from my journeys in the Between of the Cosmos… that there is a new kind of human being emerging on earth, not born of the past… but created/imagined/received… from the Future… the Unknown… the Unfathomable.

Barack and Michelle Obama have drifted into the cafe from their overlapping dream states and have taken their seats at Angelo’s table. Michelle Obama talks as if she has already been part of this ongoing conversation:

Some people are so scared that they can’t receive and so they can not change. We have to help people feel safe enough to live more of the truth of who they are… To change, they will need to live in a world that is safe enough for them to love…

Barack Obama jumps in:

Right now we have a man in the presidency’s office who is trying to provoke a war with Iran to distract from all of his devastating impact on our country and on our democracy. I am very concerned for the welfare of our people and those in Iran… and for the future of the world… A war with Iran could start a World War, which could destroy our world.

In addition, the man who sits in the office of president of the United States of America is accusing four former federal officials who have criticized him… of treason… and reminds us all that death is the punishment for this. His yes-man, William Barr, who was hired to function as the country’s Attorney General, has chosen to participate as his pawn. These are the workings of a tyrannical dictator.

That may sound like hyperbole. It is not. We are in peril unless we remember who we Are…

Einstein interrupts and finishes Obama’s sentence:

…and that we return to an ancient promise that we once made – to remember we are not alone – to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Universe… with GodGoddessAllThatIs… with the Goddess… to return to our promise to come Home.

Barack Obama jumps back in:

I could never call that terrorist group – by the name of ISIS. I called them ISIL. ISIS is an Egyptian name for Goddess…

I believe the man who calls himself our president will try to take us all down if he feels that he might go down. He would be willing to destroy an entire world because he lives in his negative ego. And the function of ‘negative ego’ is to destroy everything that matters…

Therefore Michelle and I are producing shows through Netflix to empower all of us to lift our hope and expectations to new levels… to live lives that reflect the courage, strength, power, and talent – that we have and that we are… Michelle and I also hold a resolute vision of triumph for all of us and our country… as well for as our world…

A huge round woman with a misty glow floats over from a nearby table and addresses the Obamas:

Your passionate resolve calls me here… Passionate resolve can be a bridge for the people of your world. Without passionate resolve, what do you have? You are more vulnerable to put yourself at the mercy of other forces. This has happened. Too many people have given in to a charismatic bully because so many have wobbled in their resolve. And I am not speaking only of the followers of this negative ego president. People have become alienated in their lives and lost hope that they matter in the bigger picture. They have been susceptible to being manipulated by a bully who promises them he will take care of them. He is hypnotizing vulnerable people in his attempt to take power away from them and use it to feed his negative ego.

This does not mean that humans are failing in the bigger picture. It is all part of the journey they have allowed and created. And who is to say whether it is a long way or whether it is a more elegant way… It is not the ‘most’ elegant way. If all the ways had been previously set in motion to be the ‘most’ elegant ways, then humanity would not have the opportunity of free will… to make their own choices. And failure is integral to their future innovations… which can lift them into worlds beyond their wildest dreams…

Peter Buttigeig moves through a swirling vortex in one of the cafe walls, and a lightning bolt like force moves him to sit down at the table across from Emma. His night dream has overlapped the conversation at this table in the Cafe Between Worlds: 

Emma, you and I are the younger generations. I feel, as I suspect you do, that I must be active and responsible to help guide our country out of peril. I want to inspire your generation to vote. I believe you will vote for a compassionate, progressive and future-oriented political vision. So I am running for the office of the presidency. I know I am young, but we need a young person and a young following to break through the quagmire of old thinking where it is the norm to take power from the people and to dominate them… rather than create a government with the people and together create programs that support their welfare while holding the future vision of a new kind of government. I believe some of our forefathers could sense this even though they could not yet imagine. 

Many of the progressive Democrats in Congress continue to entangle themselves with lobbyists. I just don’t believe that this is a new way. Benevolence is good… but it does not necessarily reach beyond old patterns into a new way of governing… into a new way of living life… a new way of what it means to be human… where the nature of how humans are being — is more unknown than known.

Emma responds to Buttigieg:

My generation dreams that someone like you, Peter, could lead us forward with visions born of the future. We don’t want even the most benevolent of progressives who have engaged with lobbyists. And we don’t have to have a woman president win. We want someone who has the courage to supersede the present distortion of a government that was originally created – ‘of and for the people’… but that has unfortunately become a government for the lobbyists… which has set a tone that has allowed for our present government of white male billionaire sexist, misogynist, chauvinist, self-serving men who plan to diminish the freedom and rights of all women and people of color… and force them to function in service to them. I will give everything I am… to help lift us out of this old corrupted government to begin – New.

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Thank you Mai Watts and Peter Lacoux for the idea and name for the title. I hope we continue playing together.



The Mendicant, Spring 2019, vol 9 no 2