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Lyn Marsh,PhD

Biden and Einstein Deliberate in Troublesome Times

(Hilma af Klint)

Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,

Enwrought with golden and silver light,

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Of night and light and the half light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

 William Butler Yeats


A teardrop falls from the corner of Joe Biden’s left eye. He quietly contemplates what it will mean for him if he runs for president… He falls asleep and slips into his dream.

Joe is standing on the beach as the moon shimmers into the night sea. His mind is still…

When have I ever felt this peaceful?

He turns around and he is on the Edge of the Cosmos in the Between with Albert Einstein. They sit together in the circle of chairs as Einstein looks into Biden’s confusion with his tenderness until Biden leans back into his chair with a soft sigh.


You are not sure about whether you will run for president, Joe. Why?  You are a bridge maker… You know how to bring together – different factions… so they can function in a complexity of oneness… In this time… your country needs this talent of yours.


I am not secure now.   My son’s death fragmented my life… I have lost members of my family more than once, but I can’t seem to root my feet into my life since I lost my son.

I want to bridge myself to the future… to my visions for my country and for the world. To do this, I need to step beyond who I have been. And I feel unsure of where I am going.


That is a good place to begin, Joe. How can you know where you are going? Bridging yourself to the future has no set plan you have ever known. It has yet to happen for you.


Oh yes, I see that. Everyone seems so sure of where they are moving. They all have a plan… My plan is yet to show itself. It seems to want to come out of a somewhere that I have not lived yet. I feel so strange talking with you about this.


Well, I am a good one to talk with about strange things. I live Between your world… and that… that is beyond all worlds…

It helps to pause and remember who you are… to receive the gifts you are… and that you bring to the people of your country.

You bridge the working people… You bring them forward and help them embrace new visions for themselves. You help them have more hope.

You know how to help them feel valued for their unique contributions. Most politicians want to overtly or covertly diminish certain socioeconomic groups to promote their own focus. You hold a sense of dignity for all people… that seems to transcend their socioeconomic status.

Your country needs you now, Joe. It needs you to help it bridge this abyss… so it can weave something new on the other side. All it needs is a bridge and the country will innovate itself…


There are so many more extraordinary young people in Congress now. They seem to be ready to ignite a new fire… a good fire… to burn away the old… I can be a bridge for them…


You have principles. Your country needs a leader with principles… with a character and a sense of integrity…


I cry at night sometimes for those beautiful immigrant children and their parents being ripped apart so they can not find one another again. Those young little toddlers have been changed forever. The damage to their innocent hearts cannot be measured nor expressed in words. I can’t stand what is happening to our country.

If I think of the most important reason, I would run for president, it is to protect what is innocent and beautiful… to protect what is true and good in our country… and in our world. This is being eroded and we are all at risk.


Yes, when you have someone in power without morals or principles of merit, they can do so much damage to those who are innocent and vulnerable.

This president also ‘feeds’ corruption by filling his staff and other government positions with corrupt friends and then from my perspective, he uses the extreme righteous religious groups who want to run your country like they run their churches – to manipulate people into giving up their freedom.  This can oppress and then damage the freedom out of which your country was birthed. It wasn’t and isn’t perfect. But you are now at the peril of losing your freedom and if you do, it will be a very, very long time before you can regain it.


Sometimes I am frightened that we will not get that guy out of office. It gives me the chills, and I feel nauseated in my soul. My passion erupts in flames… when I think of knocking him off his imperium chair – which he has attempted to substitute for the Office of the President of the United States of America.


Yes, Joe. It is strange. His way with people is to use them to service himself… Yet I believe that he is being used by the Republican congress so they can plant their agenda in the courts and in all levels of the government.



Yes and it looks to me – that Pence is drooling for that moment when the president’s corruption is out in the open so he can take over and direct the country into a religious regime where women are at the mercy of the men who will claim power and authority over them… and over the rights and freedom of all citizens – in the name of ‘God’.

I believe I would be a good bridge for our country as this demoralized government dissolves and a new government unfolds. I know we need more people of color in our government. I’m not that. But I will support this.

Sometimes it seems to me, that Kamala Harris would make the best president. And I think she would be fantastic, except that the far right have set themselves up for the possibility of enacting devastating violence. The president will incite that violence if he can. And if the next president succeeding him is black or Hispanic, he could use that to start a civil war.

People think I’m too moderate and yes I’ve made mistakes. But I believe by having me be the bridge, the transition would be less violent… and would achieve what we want more elegantly…

Sometimes I feel alone here. But the American people are present with their own wishes and I am at the top on their list.

I feel a deep sense – that I am going to run for president.


Who would you choose for vice president?


I will choose a woman. I think it will be Kirsten Gillibrand. I would choose her because her focus is to stand for the rights and dignity of women. The intensity of her focus is strong and I believe we need the feminine energies to bring in this new government following this misogynistic presidency.

I am in two minds because it feels ‘too white’ with both of us running together. But this is just for a short time… as a buffer to transition to a government with more color and more women… And I think we can do this with less violence… if we go this direction.

There are many others who disagree with me, even some of my closest friends. They could be right. But I’m going with my intuition. And then I will fill the government with women and people of color so that our government will begin to reflect the truer nature of our country.


I am drawn to your insights.

I like that you would choose a woman who focuses intensely on feminist issues. From my perspective, your world is steeped in chauvinism… 

Women are not valued to be as significant as men… Most men do not see a woman as another ‘being’ with which to share life or love… They respond to women consciously and if not that, unconsciously… as sexual objects (through the lenses of chauvinistic consensus views of what is beautiful) to benefit themselves…. even in professional settings where women are highly educated and where they have achieved public acclaim.

This was also true in my lifetime. I  participated as well, and I also stood up for the dignity and honor of Marie Curie when they tried to trash her because she had a love affair with my physicist friend, Paul Langevin.  He was the one who was married, yet they trashed her, not him.

From my perspective, many relationships have become more about distracting from the underlying pain of a world that has separated itself from ‘Its’ own truer nature… than about exploring what is possible in love, intimacy, and caring… together…

It seems from my perspective that this has diminished the potential of sharing true sensuality… one that is birthed of the mystery and wonder of enchantment… of the truer dance of soul and spirit as they find their way in a oneness…

I know I am talking esoterically. I discovered and developed my innovations from opening and thinking… from feeling and allowing my imagination to be freer than my culture directed imagination to be…. It wasn’t always free at all, but there were those moments when something mysterious touched me and changed my direction in life…


I have struggled with those issues in my own life. I want to be a bridge to something new.

White, heterosexual, wealthy, and often compromised men have been running our country and they don’t want to give that up.  And as you mentioned, there has always been a faction of righteous judgmental religious groups who try to get their people in high governmental positions so that they can use religion to keep male domination as the rule. This is why they relate the significance of women to either sexual or motherly roles. It defines their value. It keeps them from fulfilling their potential and from being a threat.

I want to be a bridge to a world where our country is run by the people… and where our government reflects and fulfills our truest values… of freedom and dignity for All…


Joe Biden opens his eyes to Jill leaning into him, deep in her sleep. He remembers his dream and shivers with the realization that their life together may never be the same again.

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