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A US President and Her Inaugural Crowd Celebrate Changes in the Nature of Government

Einstein senses himself moving through a deep swirling funnel of spiraling energy while at the same time, he continues to be present and focused on the new female president giving her inauguration address in 2029.  The spiraling energy calms and Einstein realizes that he is standing next to a teenager passionately demanding into a microphone, her face wet with tears. “Vote them out. Vote them out. Vote them out.”

The crowd chants with her as the sound reverberates throughout Washington DC in the year 2018. There are hundreds of thousands of people here.

He follows in awe, the pattern of this uprising – of the students and of women, along with men who all value their freedom to create a world where it is safe to live and love one another.  They now realize that the freedom to bear arms has been distorted and maimed by congress and the NRA. It has become an imprisonment and a threat to their welfare.

Einstein’s heart pauses in respect, as President, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, quietly let the students know, “We have your back.” 

They lean into his powerful words and the support offered by Michelle … as they also lean into their own words. Their words remain untarnished by corruption, yet vulnerable to being manipulated by those who know how to twist their thoughts. President Obama helped them know that some very powerful forces are ready to walk with them. And Einstein knows without needing to be certain, that this begins a change in the course of history.

Einstein reflects:

When the constitution was written, people had muskets,  Never could they have imagined an AR15, which was made to mow down masses of human beings. These people rising up realize that they have become imprisoned by the NRA’s hijacking of their own government. This was accomplished because of the greed of congress and through the corruption of their president. The founding fathers would not have fathomed this.

Einstein notices how this new emerging resonance is reverberating throughout the country with people waking up and standing for what matters to them as they celebrate and protect their freedom, their inalienable right inherent in their constitutional government – of and for the people … and in their inalienable right that is inherent in their very existence … to create a place where it is safe to live and to love.

Einstein continues  … :

I see the passionate determination of the people in these uprisings … to stand for what they believe to be right … Their government has disregarded this right. But as citizens, they are not willing to collude with their compromised government which now serves mostly white chauvinistic billionaire men who have been put in charge of their country … They refuse to act as a acquiescent woman would be expected to do when servicing a chauvinistic man.

Einstein moves into an ecstatic state of realization that people are ready now …  to let in a future, with luminous and numinous hope. They are ready to change … yes … but more than that they are ready to begin … to be ‘new’ in a friendly world that will someday move with them, in dominion.

He realizes that he is present in 2028 as well as in 2018 …. sensing the progression and evolution of the people … all of this in the same moment of awareness. Is the year 2018, where it all began … or did it begin in 2029 with this new president, and then create the past in 2018, differently?

Einstein is fascinated that humans have yet to touch the edge of their capabilities and the possibilities that will exist for them. He trembles from within the DNA of his Soul. An unexpected feeling of dread creeps out of nowhere and envelopes him … He knows that this is part of what he must be willing to feel in order to become more of the transcendent Being that he can Be. He is not  thinking in words. It is a deeper knowing that can not be contained in words.

Einstein continues his reflection:

I can not relate to myself from my past as I once did. Yet this is how I have understood myself.  I can attend to myself now … from the being that I am becoming … So it is for my well being that I allow that future me to be more real so that I can receive more of what that future can offer me. This is how I become more. 

I can’t seem to hold myself together as I also realize that I can be anywhere or everywhere …  in a given moment in time. And I know that here, in this Between … there is no actual past or future. I am not in space/time any more. There is no time. It is my living imagination from which I connect with everything and everyone … with AllThatIs.

Humans pretend that time only goes in a linear direction so that they can give themselves room to make mistakes and then learn about themselves without ruining their lives. They do this until they can become more conscious. 

This freedom that I feel inside is beyond anything I could have before, imagined. And what blows my mind … is that I now realize that humans can someday live this way too. They can not yet believe this to be true. But I know that someday they will. I don’t know how I know this, but I do … 

In a blink Einstein is fully focused on the Inauguration crowd in 2029. The new female president pauses her speech and the crowd becomes still.

A 27 year old woman and a 28 year old man nearby shout out into the silence, “ We voted them out.” And waves of people echoing this could be heard throughout the Washington Mall. “We voted them out.”

The crowd became louder and louder until everyone in the mall … and beyond … are shouting together. “We voted them out.”

In a rhythmic oneness  … the sounds become more and more melodic, softening into a musical score that had been performed by a singer songwriter from 10 years ago. She and her musical band began singing as an impromptu performance. The crowd couldn’t wait. And the new president paused in joy to allow them their spontaneity of song.

We did it all.

We had to

On that day

Our hearts died

To the children we were to be.

As we lost our family.


So young we were


On that day

Our hearts wailed

From an AR15 allowed by congress in greed.

From a president’s corruption on speed.


If we just stand here

Together with our hearts

Will you sing with me

Until we remember

Who we be together

A new kind of humanity

Empathy squared to Eternity


We vote you out

We vote us in

We dialogue with others

Old, young,

and in-between


We vote us in

With the Ancient’s song

The unfathomable

The impossible

We sing our country home.


If we just stand here

Together with our hearts

Will you sing with us

Until we remember

Who we be together

A new kind of humanity

Empathy squared to Eternity


We do it all

We want to

On this day

Our hearts scry

Who we Are to Be


A new kind of humanity

Empathy squared to Eternity


The crowd screams with joy as the song ends.

This new Female President of 2029, steps up to continue her inauguration speech:

Thank you for this interruption.

(The crowd wet with tears, bursts out in laughter and joy.)

We need interruptions that lift us. They create a hiatus, in which we can move between what we have planned. It is in this between where anything is possible … where the unfathomable … the unbelievable … can slip into our lives. It is here where we can discover new possibilities, along with new opportunities and second chances. And today, we slip into the ecstatic joy and celebration of where we have come … of whom we have become … and of whom we are now becoming. Thank you for this unexpected and transcendent experience.

A few in the crowd begin to shout, “We voted us in. We voted you in” … until millions of people are shouting this in unison …  The new president interrupts.

Yes, you voted ‘us in’. And we do this together. As I speak with you, I think of our country and how we are not separate from other countries. We all belong to this world. We all share this earth together … and hopefully now the United States of America can be an inspiration, a ray of hope for our world, from this day forward … We had our wounding … We were deeply humiliated by that president, Trump. We can openly admit, own, and move beyond this shame. And as I mentioned before, we do this by forgiving ourselves.

It is also important to forgive other countries that have had hurtful impact on us. We need to forgive them. And as well, we need to ask those countries who were so maligned and hurt by us, to forgive us.

As I say this, I feel gratitude that somehow we managed to be in this year 2029 without having had a nuclear war. I can say with confidence that there is magic out there … there is love out there … I can also say that it is love inside each of us … the love that we Are … that has also made a difference. Without this love, we would not be here now.

We are a compassionate country at heart. And there is magic in that compassion. There is magic in the air … in our tears … warmed by the sun … as we stand together on this land. As we stand together, someday becoming One.

The crowd explodes with clapping and sounds that seem to reach beyond the District of Columbia itself.

The new president continues:

I want to talk about our relationship with the countries in our world now …

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