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A Giant’s Step

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The future female president took a short break, amid her inaugural presidential address in 2029, and sits quietly in a room with a few of her friends and government officials. She confuses them. No president takes a break from an inaugural address.

They can hear music in the background. It is coming from musicians this new president has chosen for the celebration. One of her friends, a congresswoman from the 14th district of New York puts her hand gently on the new president’s shoulder.

“I have a feeling that you are taking a spontaneous pause. The people follow your lead with your implicit direction. You inspire them. I notice that every pause in your address revitalizes the intensity of people’s attention with you. But I am uneasy that you left the podium.”

The future female president smiles and remains silent. She walks back out to the podium, stands in silence. The music slows to a stop. The crowd stares at her… with lapsing breath… And her eyes blur again.

Female President:

In the later part of 2018, people moved their focus beyond Trump… He was still demanding attention. But as I mentioned earlier, they directed their attentiveness elsewhere.

The dehumanization of migrants by Trump and his administration outraged the public… and they stepped up together to support the humanity of the immigrants. They demonstrated throughout the country. Attorneys volunteered to represent the migrant children.

The Trump administration did not bother to keep track of the babies and toddlers so they could safely return them to their mothers… Therefore they lost track of some of them.

This is what can happen when you diminish the worth of people and you consider them to be less than human… calling them infestations. Trump and his administration did this.

People rejected the ‘America First’ mentality of nationalism…. with its separatist rhetoric. Especially after a mass murder occurred at a Maryland newspaper called the Capital Gazette two days after another one of Trump’s attacks on the ‘fake news media’, calling them the enemy of the American people … at a North Dakota rally.

People turned to their community… to gatherings… of republicans and democrats who supported the dignity of the migrants… to the Obama’s Netflix Series… to documentaries and others who offered new ways of relating with compassion, inspiration, and hope. New opportunities opened for these people… that no one would have expected or believed to be possible…

And this galvanized the citizens of our country to take a Giant’s Step… Everything changed. And we are on the other side. Some of you do not know the unimaginable leap that our country took. And some of you here took that leap together… even though you did not know where you were going…

We did not understand the power of our choices. Look where we are now.

The inaugural crowd shouted with joy, in celebration. And as strange as it may seem… there was also an undercurrent of stillness… of peace…

Albert Einstein, Virginia Woolf, Anais Nin, and Maya Angelou … look around as they realize that they are together in a strange place. Reflective triangles on the walls of a huge dome-like cave surround them. The triangles come alive and activate with their imagination. They seem to have a life of their own. The cave with its triangles is a multidimensional form of communication… The living triangles are also portals to other worlds.

Albert, Virginia, Anais, and Maya each look into different of the triangular portals… They stand on the floor of a cave in the middle of the hexoctahedron formation which has 48 faces… so that the geometric dome of 24 triangular faces sits above ground. The other 24 triangular faces of the hexoctahedron are formed as a geometrical reflection under ground… as above, so below…

Each of these triangular living portals is alive with dimensions different from those of the physical world… dimensions of imagination, creativity, and chaos.

They have experienced these dimensions in their afterlife… but never have they entered this dome-like cave. It mesmerizes them. The doorways call out to each of them… alluring them… inviting them to step through…

A bright yellow swirl of light reaches beyond the triangular portal to Maya Angelou and cocoons her. She feels a sense of communion… of surrender… and in this moment, she remembers and reunites with a Force that would always be a mystery to her… How could she put words to this? It would be impossible. She could only inspire others to reach for It… until It would find them… Maya floats through a yellow funnel… until the funnel is no longer there…

Maya looks around. She is standing in a group with young activists.

The activists are speaking about their visions for their country. Some of them recently won their primaries. They are wild with passion for a new America… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Bronx activist and community organizer has just won the primary election for New York’s 14th congressional district. She has defeated Joe Crowley – a prominent congressman in the House since 1999 – in an upset victory. She focused on the working class who felt ignored in the Bronx and Queens and she exposed the misrepresentation of special interest lobbyists, aligning herself with everyday people, receiving small donations.

Maya realizes that her most cherished dreams as a human… are crowning the womb, in 2018. She knows where this can lead. She knows the probable futures. A cheshire cat’s grin spreads her face.

Anais Nin is staring into one of the living triangular portals that has attracted her. She can see a group forming in Washington DC to demand that the Trump administration stop criminalizing undocumented immigrants and tearing children away from their parents. The crowd is unruly, untamed while exceptionally effective… People crowd into Washington DC and all over the country. No one expected the size of these crowds.

Anais walks through the portal and finds herself next to a young woman, looking down, even as others are engaged. Anais stares at her until she looks back to see Anais. Her eyes are deep brown, glistening as though moonlight has for a moment replaced the early afternoon overcast of sky.

Anais responds to this deep brown eyed woman:

Can you share what you are sad about? I would like to be with you if you feel OK with this. The woman breaks down in almost silent sobs.

Deep Brown-Eyed Woman:

My sister has a 9-month-old baby she breast-fed. She carried her baby to America to escape from being raped again… and probably murdered by a gang in our country of El Salvador. She travelled so many miles and took such grave risks to ask the United States for help. I planned to take her to live with me as she awaited asylum. They forced her screaming baby away from her. My sister went insane with grief, terror, and rage. Yet there was nothing she could do to get her baby back.

How will she or her baby ever recover from this? I know the government changed the rules so that children can stay with their parents now. But how will they even find her baby?

How could this be the United States of America? When I came here, this was a different country. I am in shock. I am in horror. I have to help my sister find her baby.


It horrifies my soul… that you and your family would ever go through something like this in the United States of America. I am so deeply sorry.

Anais and the brown-eyed woman look into the blur of eyes before they hold each other as though the world has come to a stop.

Anais whispers:

Things will get better. Profound changes are coming for your country. And I feel strongly they will reunite your sister with her baby before too long. She will not be alone in this. There is a better government on its way. I want you to know this. You are not alone.

As Virginia Woolf moves through her portal, she sees Einstein standing on a bluff talking with an ugly old woman crouched under a tree… or is she coming out of the tree?  A black-hooded cape drapes her face, with eyes the color of pearl… Her nose hooks around the center of her face, into folds of extra skin puckering here and there.

As Virginia moves closer, she notices Einstein joining the old woman under the tree. They sit close together as though they are in love. She stops in silence as Einstein and the ugly old woman whisper as lovers do… Virginia turns away to give them privacy and looks out over the bluff.

Virginia remembers her death. She can feel her body sink to the bottom of the ocean with the weights in her pockets… as she gasps and water fills her lungs. The despair overcomes her as death approaches.

Virginia realizes that she is now standing beside a young man. ICE has separated him from his two young daughters and his wife… ICE would not tell him where they placed… It has been eight months. He fears that they are lost forever. In the night when others are asleep, he takes a piece of rope to hang himself.

Virginia walks over to him:

I know how you feel. I have felt that despair. And I once ended my own life. I want to help you before you end yours. I can see your probable futures. They find your wife and daughters. I know that it will devastate them if you take your own life. You are their world. They need you. You need them.

Instead of despair, hold them in your heart… Imagine that they return to you.  Dream this over and over until it happens. If you do this, many opportunities will open, that would have never been there… if you had not dreamed with your imagination…

The young man wrapped his arms around Virginia and shock in sobs… as his body released the lion’s share of despair into transmuting breezes of the evening… Virginia could see in her mind’s eye… the moment he reunites with his family… She can see a future beyond this… and the joy and beauty of their love…

Virginia hears faint calls from Einstein and the old ugly woman with eyes of pearl. She remembers the bluff… and joins them under the tree.

Old Ugly Woman/Old One Crone:

And here is a secret. The world is relying on America to make maps… There will be monumental changes in how Americans live their lives… and changes in the whole of life… You have witnessed hints of this with the future female president of 2029.

The evolution of human beings is now happening consciously… This has never occurred before. Their futures create what happens in their present lives… Their past experiences have much less influence. They will come to know this and it will empower them to let the past go… as they forgive …

We want you to know this so you can help this world in 2018 and beyond. There are those who are ready now… in the midst of the chaos… and what seems to be darkness… They are ready.

Einstein to Virginia:

People devalue imagination in the world. So we can dream them … bringing back their desire, their passion for life… their inspiration and compassion… They will also operate with logic and reason but it will not dominate.

I believe we are here in this Between of the Cosmos… to step beyond the boundaries into the unbelievable and inconceivable… into the Unknown… the Unknowable… reaching into the Unfathomable. Maybe this is why we are here… so we can help people believe – This is real…

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