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A new beginning.

Conversations, adventures, and future visions of Einstein and his friends in their afterlife.
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Lyn Marsh,PhD

A Female President from the Future Visits Einstein

Wanderer, your footsteps are
 the road
and nothing more;
wanderer, there is no road,
the road is made by walking.
Walking makes the road,
and turning to look behind
you see the path
that you 
will never tread again.
Wanderer, there is no road,
only foam trails on the sea.

Antonio Machado
(from “Proverbios y cantares” in Campos de Castilla, 1912)

Einstein opens his eyes as he awakens from a deep pause. A breeze moves through a gathering of beings, sitting in a circle of chairs… on the Edge of the Cosmos… It whispers of acceptance… as they awaken together here in the Between.

Einstein remains quiet as he thinks to himself:

What happened? How could President Trump have ever been elected? How could the potentially dangerous and even deadly forms of chauvinism have been at play so prominently? Maybe something is happening that I have not yet understood. Perhaps a world is dying. If so, I suspect that there is also a new world that is beginning… beyond the rubble… And it is this new world that stirs my soul… 

Einstein notices that one stranger who sits in the circle of chairs, appears as a human woman in her late 40’s. He can sense that she has come from a future time on earth… and has found her way to this gathering, in her dream state.

This stranger stands and looks around the circle:

I am here to ask you for your support. I will soon give a speech as the new president for the United States of America. I sensed you from my dream state. I don’t know why but I feel it is important to have you with me. Will you follow my resonance with your mind and heart… to the time in my reality, when I am speaking to the people during my inauguration gathering on January 20th, 2029? I know that I will not remember or have any conscious awareness of my time with you here, but I feel that your presence could be part of a powerful and mysterious force I sense to be with me.

Einstein absorbs the awareness that the Old One has sent this new president here, in her dream body. He responds to her:

Yes, we will stand with you. We will be there. As you know, you are not alone.

The stranger smiles and fades from the circle.

Einstein looks around at his afterlife friends who are present:

I believe we are being asked to witness this inauguration speech so we can work together to help bring this future into reality. As we enter the moment and time in this new president’s world, we can be present with our grace… and with our hope…  to hold this future, along with the many powerful forces at play… for and with – the human world of 2029. There are other futures, some less positive, that are also possible, but the Old One has sent us this one, so we can help to realize it.

Those present in this circle on the edge of the Cosmos… change from their human-like appearances to become geometric forms of light. These light formations move together to become a cone of power… a cone of Oneness… and they enter as One into the reality hologram in which the new president is about to speak to her people.

The new president is approaching the podium surrounded by the millions of people who have just elected her.  The crowd overflows from the National Mall in front of the US capitol out into the city of Washington DC on a beautiful day filled with warmth even though a low temperature was recorded.

The new president opens her heart to those who have gathered and pauses with a hushed crowd… in silence. With a deep breath inhaled, she begins:

The past ways of governing are over. We can no longer find viable solutions for our concerns, from our history.  We will have to work together in new ways to find resolution. Our desires and hopes can not come to fruition if we look backwards to find fulfillment.

The past served us when we saw ourselves as islands… when we pretended as though we could do everything on our own… when we wanted to dominate others to get what we wanted, sometimes even at the expense of their welfare. We needed that past because our behaviors emerging from the arrogance and entitlement we held… and our expectations of disappointment and even betrayal we experienced… lived there.

That past can not serve us anymore. We are moving forward now. The light, love, and beauty of our past is a part of us now … in how we live our lives, and in our actions as individuals and as a country… But we need to let go of that past as our motivation to move forward. It will only lead us to a dead end of endless circles of the same …

About ten years ago, many women, along with some men, spoke up about their experiences of being sexually abused and harassed… on the job, at their doctor’s office, by our representatives in congress and even by the president of that time… And they would not back down. We stood with them.

Out of this, the people bore many other movements. More women and men ran for office, who held respect for the qualities of imagination, intuition, and perception, and who believed feelings have value and are not manipulative tools of disguise, deception, and betrayal…

More men and women with creativity and vision have begun to offer their powerful contributions for a successful and bountiful society.  Beauty and art have filled the hearts and minds of people and have inspired our country to celebrate and thrive beyond the old struggles for survival.

In those earlier years, gay men and women stood firm with many of us who supported them… to claim their rights to marry… to enter the military… to claim inalienable rights as citizens of their own country. And they would not back down.

As citizens, most of us stood with our immigrants to help them have a home here, in the midst of the horrible and violent actions of incarcerating innocent people and ripping up families…  creating nightmares for fathers and mothers who had to leave their children… for children who lost their parents and were at risk of never having the security of their family again… Let’s not forget the young women who were forced to keep their fetuses and have their babies conceived from being raped… all of this by the tyrannical governmental procedures of ICE, under Trump.

 As citizens of the United States… we are part of a country that began with a government – of and for an immigrant people. In fact, these immigrants walked onto a land populated by the native Americans …  We were the immigrants, not them. We began our country in a land filled with a range of color. And we can now see that our country has always been and will always be… a country of color. No matter how many immigrants that others in power have tried to kick out, we will always remain a country of color.

Isn’t that beautiful! We now have the whole spectrum of human color because as a country we have known what it feels like to be immigrants. We made many deadly mistakes ourselves in the beginning. It’s time to let go of the violent rejection of one another because of what color or nationality we are or because of who we love … or how we express our spirituality … or not … 

Those earlier times under Trump, were horrifying for most of the population.  Yet, we the people called forward the courage to respond by taking back our power.  We would not silence ourselves. We stood together and made our voices known… We had dreams and visions of our own… dreams and visions of a new world where human dignity and freedom are not a privilege, but an inalienable right.

And we can open our hearts and celebrate this… now and forevermore. We can celebrate the dignity, respect, and freedom of our colorful citizens… This is who we Are.

I want to recognize a light amid our past abomination with Trump. Robert Mueller and his team… served their ingenious, indisputable, and successful indictments to many corrupt officials in the administration, including the indictment of the compromised and unscrupulous president Trump.

We could not have imagined the empowering success that would come to be from this… for our country and its people.  I revel in the wonder of it all…

Yet we also acknowledge that the actions of this past president wounded our country beyond recognition… beyond reparation. I continue to feel sorrow and deep shame for allowing this man, who was painstakingly lacking in integrity, character, and morality… to have become a president of our United States. I continue to feel remorse that a President of the United States of America attempted to change our country from a democracy of freedom to an oligarchy run by himself and his billionaire mostly white good old boy cronies and the women who hold themselves at their service.  I imagine that this might also be true for some of you.

And I have a request… that we forgive ourselves. We have had a pause from the heat of it all. We have had time to vent our feelings with one another. And now, if we can forgive, then we can change in ways we can not yet believe. If we can change in these ways, we can move forward to receive the beautiful future that is becoming our new country… and our new world. We can celebrate with open hearts… a new beginning.

The chauvinism of Trump and his following… failed. We stood with our individual voices… and planted seeds for a new government … a government that truly represents its people… its citizens…

We are too connected with one another as well as with the rest of the world now to pretend that we can make insular decisions as a government of the people. We are a network of conscious human beings… of consciousness itself…  And my dream is that someday, we will hold compassion and respect for all people… in our hearts… and in our minds… I dream we will become even more conscious… that we will become more fully alive with vision, character, vitality and dignity…

I hold a vision we will join with other governments in our shared world… to help when we can… to inspire dignity and compassion… and that we will receive their help as they offer. We will listen not only to what matters to ourselves as an individual country, we will listen to what matters to other countries, knowing we are all a part of this world. We all matter. 

And speaking of mattering … we recognize that it is just as important…  to respect and honor the magnificent beauty… of our planet earth.

We are here today to celebrate a new way of  ‘we the people’ governing our country, the United States of America…  We are also here to celebrate our new emerging leaders who value dialogue to inspire and promote hope and understanding, instead of propagandizing their individual ideology.

 We are at the forefront of a new world seeded mysteriously from the uncharted of futures. It is only as we reach into those futures that we can ease and even transcend our concerns and our pain.

Thank you for allowing me to add my voice with your voice… to govern together as many voices becoming One Voice with a complexity and integrity… not before known in our world …

And I stand with our newly evolving Congress… a congress that is valuing dialogue… a congress that is valuing competition as an opportunity to become better individuals who come together to become a whole that is greater than the sum of all individuals that comprise this congress…  to become a better Congress for the people who share this land…

Thank you.  My heart and mind open to you…  I ask you to open your heart and mind with me.  As One Heart and One Mind… we can craft our government… in a new and evolving world… We do this together.  We will not pretend to be ‘first’ or the ‘best’.  We will Be… an inspiration – for more caring and compassion – for grander vision and new dreams – for  brighter hope and greater understanding…

I have a vision. Will you add your visions? With our open hearts and minds, let’s dream a world we can not yet believe… Let’s create a government we can not yet imagine. Let’s reach for the possible before it is possible… This is how the extraordinary ones became the grand innovators of their time. Let’s innovate together.

We can accept now… that we are enough and that we have enough of what we need to achieve this. We can accept this about who we are… We can accept that we are not alone. We can accept the possibility we are together to participate in this grand adventure. Yes, we can.

I will not offer you promises I will break because I am being paid off by certain lobbyists like the NRA, the banks, the oil, gas, coal, and pharmaceutical companies… I am not paid by them. I am not owned by them. You elected me to represent you. Let the adventure begin.

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