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Einstein and Joe Biden Visit Pete Buttigieg in His Dream

Joe Biden is sitting at the edge of the ocean on a beach chair… wondering what he will do… He is in his dream… in the night of the new moon. 

I am more confused than ever. I am hurt that my natural ways of being affectionate and caring are offensive. Maybe the worst of the sting comes from my own political party. I feel that some of my female colleagues have turned on me… not because they really feel I am a predatory male. They know I’m not that. I have a sense they are trying to manipulate the potential women voters to see me as an unsafe man… to diminish my chances to win in the primaries.  

Maybe I am less sensitive to some women who have been damaged by men… so that now they cannot tolerate public affection. But I would appreciate if they would have let me know this so I could have responded. In Europe and some other countries, they kiss each other on the cheeks to say hello. They seem more natural with affection.  

I feel lost right now. I feel alone. I know I have my family. They know who I am.

I have wanted to run for president to protect our country from more horror with the man who calls himself president now. He has caused profound damage. I have felt desperate to get him out of the picture so that we still have a choice to say NO.  

If a woman kissed a man on the cheek or on his head to express sympathy or caring, would the man imply that she is a woman who men cannot trust? 


The women who are inferring directly or indirectly that you are not safe for a woman because you are naturally affectionate – are discrediting you. How are you not safe? You are not being sexually aggressive. And if a woman or man is uncomfortable with affection, they can let you know. 

The genuine woman (with all of her complexities) is ignored as having little or no value unless she fits in with the male chauvinistic model’s demands for her. Is she physically beautiful? Will she make a good mother? Will she agree to the covert or overt demands of the male superiority? Will she back him up, no matter what she really feels? Will she collude with his choices, his diminished principles and character – at her own expense? 

Male chauvinism dismisses and denigrates women by judging them to be valuable (or not)… according to whether or not they agree to the demands of men who intend to keep them under their control.

The women criticizing you, Joe, assume that you should figure out what they want, without telling you directly. It’s a reverse demand, isn’t it? They expect you to figure out whether being affectionate would nurture them or if it would ‘intrude’ into their space – without being responsible to tell you beforehand or at the time it is happening. You would have to end the natural greeting rituals of entire cultures with this demand. 

From what I can sense these women are being a disservice to the ‘me too’ movement, which is about supporting and protecting women who have been victims of sexual abuse. This demand could diminish the true value of ‘me too’ and its effectiveness. Male chauvinists are now pouncing with glee. Just look at how the man who calls himself your president is twisting it all now… and using this to crush you, Joe, before you announce whether you are running.


Can’t they see they have handed the president a weapon against me? Is that what they wanted all along? What has happened to the integrity and character of our people… of our congress… that they would support these accusations? Did Warren say she believes these women because that would give her an edge? Why don’t we all stand for what matters most to us and then let the people decide? We don’t need to find desperate ways to diminish one another. Do we live in a country with a government of and for the people or have we already lost what the founders of our country created and intended for us? Some times I feel like we have.

Einstein walks up behind Joe Biden and puts his hands on his shoulders… and kisses him on his head:

You are a tender person, Joe – with a heart that overflows. Trust yourself… not to be perfect or always right. You know you have made mistakes. But trust the essence of who you are… hold that trust in your heart.

You-the-people who make up your government, have lost so much of the dignity, character, vision, and vitality that is your truer nature – necessary for your country to succeed as a democracy of free people who would have ‘voice’ in a government that represents its people. 

You can not go back anymore. There is no way now to fix the damage… and it is in its culminating phase now – with a president completely compromised in almost every way imaginable.

I want to take you somewhere with me. I know you are in your dreams now, in your night. But I’m asking you to come with me into someone else’s dream. I want you to know him in a heartfelt and vulnerable way. 

Biden turns around, looks Einstein in the eyes, and responds:

Yes, I want to go with you.

Einstein becomes a ball of light and surrounds Biden and lifts him. Biden can not tell what direction he is going. The movement is unfamiliar.

Einstein moves Biden’s consciousness to absorb the awareness of a young politician… His name is Pete Buttigieg. He is a 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana and he is running for president.

Biden thinks to himself:

It seems like this man has stepped into the arena from out of the blue. What does Albert want me to know about him I haven’t already seen? What I know is that if Buttigieg would become president, he would be not only the youngest president that has ever served… but also the first gay president.

Pete Buttigieg senses the presence of Einstein and Biden, in his dream state. He is also sitting at the edge of the ocean. Biden wonders how Buttigieg’s dream could feel so similar to his own. They move close to Buttigieg as other chairs appear for Einstein and Biden.

Einstein turns to Buttigieg and asks him to talk about who he is and why he believes that he could win the nomination. Einstein knows that logic and reason would assume his winning the nomination to be impossible… even though Buttiigieg grew up as the son of Notre Dame professors, and that he is a Navy veteran who took leave from his civic day job to serve in Afghanistan, and he is a Harvard-educated Rhodes scholar.

Biden jumps in before Buttigieg can respond:

Pete, you remind me of Barack Obama. You have the courage to reach beyond where most people believe you are ‘entitled’. And you do this with humility and conviction. Though others may judge and even condemn you, you don’t turn against them… and you try to find a place in common with them. 

In this pause, I now realize that I have seen no one else running to become president who has this level of tenderness and integrity of heart, coupled with such perseverance and strength of vision. You are open and vulnerable enough to make room for future thinking.


Thank you for mentioning both my heart and my strength, Joe. I find it interesting that I have both my mother’s and my father’s last names as part of my name. This is important to me because it speaks of the balance of the masculine and feminine. I value my heart, my intuition as I also value the strength I have to take a stand for what I believe to be good and true. I believe that each of us has the potential for that balance.

Einstein turns to Biden:

Joe, I agree with you that Pete is making room for future thinking. There is something profound happening in your world. Those who have all the answers will not be part of the ‘future think’. The future is more about being willing to let go of what you know… and to receive the ‘unbelievable’… the ‘impossible’… to open to possibilities that seem to appear from out of nowhere… Pete, your ‘future think’ could initiate a new world of unimaginable possibilities… 

We need someone who has not associated with an old system. Joe, you could be a beautiful bridge… and in some futures, that happens. You become president and serve as that bridge to a new world… a new government that in time becomes a government of and for the people. 

Pete is now running for president. This seemed to come out of nowhere… And considering how your own party has quietly turned away from you and even tried to use your affection against your integrity as a man… I wonder if you can free yourself from having to serve as this bridge. 

Maybe Pete could initiate the new. If he can open to his own intuition and imagination… as I did in my lifetime… he also can be part of not only changing the direction of a world… but of helping to birth a new government which would come to seed new world governments not yet imagined in your world. There are futures where countries value and care to understand one another… to find common values for new ways of living/governing/being/doing together in a world that recognizes and respects all countries and every one of their citizens…


I believe that intuition and imagination as well as vulnerability and a gentle, tender approach to life… are integral to innovation… and to governing. When they are ignored or diminished, innovative ideas and unparalleled inventions – fizzle out. We need that balance. Logic and reason are very limited concepts and can prevent the ‘extraordinary’ from emerging. 

Einstein jumps in:

When people try to hold on to what they know… they lose these qualities and entropy takes over. Eventually, they will die out. You will either evolve or devolve and die out. Your country is now in the process of devolution and destruction. 

But this is not linear. Human beings are complex. You have hardly touched into who you Are… At the same time, the old is devolving and destroying itself, there is also an evolution unlike any that has ever occurred. People will try to compare it to history, but they will miss what is happening… They can not yet believe or imagine the evolution now at play… People do not yet have the measuring devices to… realize this…

That is why your intuition and your sense of what matters, Pete, is now pivotal… 


It is hard to describe, but I feel a sense of relief. I can let go. I felt so intensely committed to getting this president out of office I would do anything to have this happen. In some ways, though, I have also been part of the old paradigm because I am thinking of running – to keep that guy from destroying our country. But I could be a bridge for that future you are talking about, Albert.

As I hear you talk, Pete, I realize that I can support you. This is the way I can be that bridge.

I don’t really want to give up so many of my remaining years as I am approaching 80. I want to enjoy and celebrate my life with my family. Being a senator is enough to take part in this new upcoming government. And I feel you could win, Pete. I have not felt this with anyone else. I can let go of trying to save our country from that man who has been insulting our democracy… and instead, support something fresh and new… something being born out of a future I can not yet imagine.


Joe, I am honored. I hold great respect for you. Thank you.


I’ve also been observing the interviews you have given and what the news media is saying about you. Even conservatives are turning your way… Your integrity, understanding, and deep acceptance… draws them in… You know that everyone matters… and that no one has all the answers.


I believe that to end the Trump presidency, Democrats need to focus on the kinds of conditions that allowed President Trump to get into the Oval Office, and I fear – if we’re not paying attention to those causes, he may succeed in 2020.

Millennials will account for 30% of the voters in 2020 and GenZ will account for another 10%. That is 40% of the population. I am a millennial and we hunger for authenticity in politics. We also have a superb antenna for hypocrisy.

The hope we can pass laws through bipartisan compromise – is dead. We know that Congress has not been representing the ‘people’ for a long time. Obama did everything he could within a deeply flawed system. Congress does not represent the citizens of the US. Donald Trump was a consequence of the fact that people watched their government drift further and further away from them in terms of what it would deliver.

I want to restructure government so that the people’s choice translates more cleanly into governing majorities. I think we need to eliminate the Electoral College, scrap the filibuster, and remake the Supreme Court so each party nominates the same number of justices and vacancies become less “apocalyptic”… less political…

I think we also need to work to end mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses, to put an end to prolonged solitary confinement, which is torture. We need to end disparities that have deeply unfair racial consequences. Capital punishment has always been a discriminatory practice and we need to abolish it.

I also believe we are in a moment that calls for greater change than we’ve seen in a long time. We could end up with our future in a crisis if certain issues are not addressed now – notably cybersecurity and climate change.


In my lifetime, it has been illegal for gays to serve in the military, illegal for gays to marry, illegal for gays to adopt children, and even illegal for gays to have sex. Tim Cook… Rachel Maddow… among others… and now you, Pete Buttigieg – could open entire worlds for the LBGTQ community. You can also open entire worlds for people of all races, religions and for those who hold other means of honoring their sacred place in the universe… You can open new worlds for women and men who wish to move beyond oppressive and dominating ways of governing and being.


Play your harmonica… your guitar and piano, Pete! Speak Norwegian or any of the other six languages you speak! You inspire hope and you can bring your country – passion… for living more fully… in a more connected and peaceful world. You can initiate these things… 

Joe, you can help bridge Pete… from an intolerant political climate… to a compassionate and hopeful political climate of the diverse people who make up your beautiful country…

These are some of my dreams for you and for your world.

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