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Lyn Marsh,PhD

Lyn Marsh, PhD

Lyn Marsh, PhD is the author of the blog, Conversations With An Old One.

After 15 years of private practice as a psychotherapist, Lyn expanded her sessions to include greater focus on dream work and visionary explorations.  She is a Future Vision Consultant, who inspires others to reach beyond the ordinary … to be embraced by future visions … to dream new dreams …

Lyn is also the author of the videos: Dreaming Yourself Happy. These are published by Rachel Love.TV.

Lyn is author of The Grand Tree, a book for children from ages 8-12, or for the magical child in adolescents or adults, at any age.

Lyn Marsh received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida. She  began her studies in neuropsychology and has published work on The Effects of MSG. Lyn then moved her studies to Counseling Psychology with an minor in Community Psychology.

Lyn attributes her success, and much of the influence in her writing, art, and dream work, to Lazaris’ teachings. Lazaris teaches about ‘creating success in your reality’. She feels deep gratitude for Lazaris and Lazaris’ immense love and unparalleled wisdom, as well as deep appreciation and thanks for Jach Pursel, and Concept:Synergy. Her writings do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Lazaris or Concept:Synergy.