Einstein, at the Edge of the Cosmos, Dreams Imaginative Adventures
to Inspire and Enchant

Lyn Marsh,PhD

About This Blog

Conversations With an Old One is a matrix of imaginative conversations where Einstein muses and adventures on the edge of the cosmos, in the between of his afterlife and the current world … He can enter worlds, past or future, including the current world … as well as other dimensions of reality.

In his early conversations he talked with other physicists who enchanted physics around the turn of the century and subsequently, with a mathematician who changed the course of mathematics, and with other innovators and enchanters who have changed the course of direction, throughout history … at the edge of the cosmos.

They explored, wondered, pondered, dreamed, and mused about new possibilities for physics, a universe that is connected and in union, and the fundamental question, “Who are you?” …  in these poignant, enchanting, and lively conversations of life and beyond.

Since these explorations, Einstein has been entering the dream states and beyond of others, such as President Barack Obama, Nassim Haramein, Robert Lanza, MD … He has also entered futures of future innovators to help them find their way.

Einstein now is beginning new adventures and conversations — with the Old One, and other multidimensional beings as he travels through the cosmos … into other mystical worlds and dimensions. He is looking to remember who he is. He is also looking for the deeper meanings, understandings, and uncertain knowing …  of life … of consciousness … of love …

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Lyn attributes her success, and much of the influence in her writing, art, and dream work, to Lazaris’ teachings. Lazaris teaches about ‘creating success in your reality’. She feels deep gratitude for Lazaris and Lazaris’ immense love and unparalleled wisdom, as well as deep appreciation and thanks for Jach Pursel, and Concept:Synergy. Her writings do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Lazaris or Concept:Synergy.